Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Out of The Woods and Up a Mountain?

From the chatter on Twitter it looks like Jake is heading out of The Woods and onto a couple of different projects.

So why no Woods?  Some outlets are saying it was a scheduling conflict with Jake's other project Nightcrawler

But how does that work if he's one of the co-producers?

Why would Jake to leave a project that is something he's always wanted to do (a musical) by one of his favorite Broadway composers (Steven Sondheim)?

With reports linking Jake with the movie Everest, the true life story of three teams ascent and drama while climbing Mt. Everest, could it be that the mountain moved him?

Everest is "based on the 1996 disastrous expedition to scale Mount Everest. Three different expeditions were hit by a sudden blinding storm and by the time it was all over, eight climbers died. The tale was first made famous by Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air, his first-person account of being among the lucky ones to make it back down the mountain."

Deadline is saying Jake is talks along with Josh Brolin, John Hawkes, and Jason Clarke and that shooting will start in November.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting as if Jake is confirmed to play Scott Fischer, the leader of another expedition team and that shooting will start to shoot in October in Iceland.

It's an interesting choice if he does take it.  Great story indeed. And Jake's a pro at digging snow caves in Iceland.  But does it mean that the adventure with Bear really did cure Jake of his fear of heights?

But which came first?

Jake leaving The Woods?  Or Jake signing on to climb the mountain?

And is Everest or Nightcrawler the real reason that Jake walked away? Or there be some other tall or small reasons why?

Time will tell.


the real m said...

Oh, no. I was really looking forward to Jake doing Into the Woods. Not that I've ever seen the play or know the story, but it had a solid cast and he would be singing. His voice is only so-so, in my opinion, so maybe differences of opinion re his role came up. Usually scheduling conflicts is the generic term for the inability to come to suitable terms on both sides. Like irreconcilable differences in a divorce.

Austin looks like he is having the time of his life. Ray Donovan got renewed for a 2nd term, and he is directing. A good year for him.

Yeah, no love signals in the bearding relationship. As with prior beards, Jake is just going through the motions. Couples in love have a distinctive look. Just look at Jake and Austin photos and its readily apparent.

The Wrap said...

Jake Gyllenhaal's indie movie "Nightcrawler" has just been greenlit, forcing the Oscar-nominated actor to drop out of Disney's Cinderella musical "Into the Woods" as a result of the scheduling conflict, TheWrap has learned.

Disney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Gyllenhaal had been in negotiations to play Rapunzel's Prince opposite Mackenzie Mauzy in Rob Marshall's highly-anticipated musical.

Also Read: Anna Kendrick in Talks to March 'Into the Woods' as Cinderella

"Nightcrawler," which marks the directorial debut of "The Bourne Legacy" co-writer Dan Gilroy, is being produced by Gyllenhaal, Tony Gilroy and Jennifer Fox, as well as Michel Litvak and David Lancaster of Bold Films, which is financing.

The edgy thriller is gearing up for a five-week shoot in early October and while Gyllenhaal wanted to make the dates work with "Into the Woods," it proved impossible, as Marshall's star-studded cast necessitates a complicated shooting schedule that would've required Gyllenhaal to be on set for several days in October and November.

Also Read: 'The Good Wife' Star Christine Baranski to Reteam With 'Chicago' Director on Disney's 'Into the Woods' (Exclusive)

Dan Gilroy wrote "Nightcrawler," which finds Gyllenhaal playing a small-time Los Angeles criminal who gets a little too swept up in the nocturnal world of the city's crime journalism community.

CAA packaged "Nightcrawler" and is co-repping North American distribution rights with WME. Sierra/Affinity is handling foreign sales.

Gyllenhaal, who next stars alongside Hugh Jackman in the kidnapping thriller "Prisoners," is also in early talks to star in "Everest" alongside Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin and John Hawkes. He's repped by WME and attorney Alan Hergott.

PR for dummies said...

Gabi Wuhl ‏ @gwuhl23 3h
Showed Jake Gyllenhal a townhouse today so yea you could say I rock

The doctors pic on her instagram, Jake looking for a townhouse… PR definitely wants the rumor out there. This bearding is on the fast track!

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, I would agree. Combined with the ob/gym comment on her doctor's office selfie, I would agree. But wow, lol, at this rate, they should be married by the end of this week!

I think he and Austin have just sunk to a new grade A low, if that's possible. Hard to imagine but well, if Austin can allow himself to be put in the corner while idiots run rampant with his twitter account and while his guy looks like he is shopping for a mother, what else can you say?

These 2 guys have totally lost their way.

;) said...

Who are YOU to judge what these guys do.

PR said...

I think the info Jake dropped out of “Into the woods” is a PR spin and in reality he lost the part. I also think that “Everest” is put out there for damage control to show he has options, but it’ll fizzle out and he’ll never do it. I think he lost Mississippi Grind to Ryan Reynolds too. I believe this is part of why Jake started such a high profile bearding. Part Prisoners-Hugh Jackman, but part is to have his name out there in the public eye with something positive (a romance) and see if by bearding big he gets the work he wants. Let’s see if Nightcrawler is a done deal. I hope so. I love Jake and I want him to do well.

prediction said...

About this bearding, I hope I am totally wrong but my hunch tells me that they’ll have a similar deal than Miranda Kerr/Orly Bloom, but accelerated in high speed. This bearding will be different than the previous ones and he’ll be more public and explicit about this relationship and putting a fake family front with the beard. I hope if it happens it goes better for him than Orlando. When he started dating Miranda, she was a nobody, and now she runs the show and Orly is a C-list. The only reason he is still in the public eye are the photo ops with her, their beautiful kid and the cute dog.

prairiegirl said...

Ha! Sounds like Jake is at 6:05.

You know what I found interesting? Here's a blind for 06:05. Guess what blog went totally silent from 15:00 until past midnight yesterday while all the Into The Woods/Everest news exploded?

Biggest news going on for awhile and suddenly, the Paid Troll was nowhere to be seen.

Makes me conclude, as has happened before, that all hands were needed on deck.

The Huffington Post said...

Alyssa Miller's IMG Contract Shows She Has Another New Relationship
Posted: 07/18/2013 8:13 am EDT
We've noticed a dating trend: When it rains, it pours.
The same can be said for Alyssa Miller's relationship pattern, since she just went public with her new boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal. So what other new courtship is on the horizon for the Sports Illustrated model? A brand new contract with IMG Models.
There's been speculation that the 24-year-old made the switch from Elite Model Management to IMG, but we finally received official confirmation via Twitter yesterday:
Alyssa joins fellow Sports Illustrated beauty Kate Upton as well as top models like Gisele Bundchen, Miranda Kerr and Kate Moss at IMG, so we expect to be seeing plenty more of Ms. Miller in the pages of fashion magazines (not to mention, on the arm of Mr. Gyllenhaal). But since her body of work already includes major covers for Harper's Bazaar and ad campaigns for Blumarine, we think she's more than ready to take the modeling world by storm.
Congrats, Alyssa!

She's not the only model who can balance work and play: 'Models with famous boyfriends' (gallery)

The Huffington Post

Kismet said...

Where might Jake be filming that he needs a whole townhouse?

I assume Nightcrawler will film in LA and Jake must still have a house there (where his car and Austin's truck reside - a house that, like Jake's apartment in NYC, the exact location is strangely unknown).

This tweeter also spends time in DC, and there are lots of townhouses in DC, if Jake were going to be filming there for awhile, but I don't see that in his schedule.

No NYC realtor that deals with celebs would ever tweet about it, no way in hell. Nor would an NYC rental management company.

So I assume this tweet is a fake / plant.

Jill said...

"Showed Jake Gyllenhal a townhouse today so yea you could say I rock"

Alyssa just moved out of her boyfriends place a couple of weeks ago, maybe she was the one looking for a place and the realtor ignored her as maybe someone that work for him.

As the for the ob-gyn, like i said before she just moved out from the ex, if she is pregnant can he be sure it's his. Besides she seems just as calculating as Reese, she did that pic on purpose to start pregnancy rumors for more PR for herself. She should have held out for George Clooney.

Star Magazine said...

from the new Star magazine:

Gyllenhaal has been dating model Alyssa Miller for at least a month. "He couldn't be happier. She's a great girl." He was spotted introducing Alyssa to his mother, screenwriter Naomi Foner. "He couldn't wait to introduce her to his mom. He thinks she could be The One."

SuckAPuck said...

Now Jake is out of the Woods, I envisage he will be out of Jalyssa by the time the European press tour for prisoners is over. Watch this space!

Prairiegirl - A BIG THANK YOU for taking the time to post all the encounters. It has taken me a while to digest. I mean, wow! I'm speechless that he made that fan cry, jeez, is it so difficult to sign a piece of paper for a girl in tears?

SuckAPuck said...

Also RE: ITW.

A lot of people are saying that he dropped out because of fear. But what if Jake wants to move onto being a "Kevin Spacey" type of actor? You know, the kind that doesn't necessarily talk about his sexuality even though we all know, and yes we know but we don't care because he doesn't sell his private life to magazines and of course, he's an amazing actor. So maybe he wants to move away from the young fan base onto a more mature one.

Maybe it is wishful thinking but I think Jalyssa has been the last straw. Somebody mentioned that he looks uncomfortable with her and I agree. At least with Reese and Kirsten he had a friendship. He looks so miserable when he is with her.

Vine at Prune said...

Oh, but Star magazine, Alyssa already met Jake's mom a month ago at brunch at Prune. Perhaps this was the entrance interview.

prairiegirl said...

Add me to the list who thinks he was let go.

No way you're going to turn Into The Woods down. That's an all star cast. A huge project.

And if you look at the change in phrasing on alot of tweets today, they aren't as much about Jake being in control as they were yesterday.

And all of a sudden, the story has changed to him being Rapunzel's prince. That is not how they pushed it up until this time. Chris Pine was going to be Rapunzel's prince and Jake was to be Cinderella's. Now, practically every single story out there says Jake was going to be Rapunzel's.

Not only that, they say Chris Pine will be Prince to Anna Kendrick's Cinderella. What a huge switch!

Something sudden went down and now all kinds of spinning and memory lapses are going on. People on Twitter are totally scratching their heads over this one.

Funny, all is quiet on the Gyllenichols front.

prairiegirl said...

You're welcome, SuckaPuck!! I'm still weeding through my Sent file but I wanted to make good on my word within a reasonable amount of time.

Methodical Muser said...

If you look at articles from April 25th, Jake already had the green light for Nightcrawler and the articles indicated that they were going to start filming in late October. That's why I was surprised when only three weeks later, the Internet exploded with speculation and later confirmation of Jake being selected for one of the princes for Into the Woods, which was going to begin filming in London in September. One of the articles even stated that since Gyllenhaal is also starring and producing the indie crime drama Nightcrawler in the fall, it remains to be seen how all the late 2013 filming schedule will be arranged. As a producer, Jake could push back the schedule of Nightcrawler with no problem at all. In fact, it's done all the time.

The fact that the articles are already spinning off their axis with the tale about how Jake just found out that Nightcrawler was green lit is a big time indication that something unexpected happen this week and PR is trying to put the best spin possible on Jake being removed from such a high profile and coveted project.

Jake Gyllenhaal to Star as Crime Reporter in 'Nightcrawler'April 25, 2013 announcement by THR

Jake Gyllenhaal Set to star in Nightcrawler April 30, 2013 Variety

Jake Gyllenhaal will be Into the Woods May 15, 2013

Curious what other's think said...

Does anyone find it odd that Jake was always listed as Cinderella's Prince and Pine was going to be Rapunzel's suitor? Now, several posts are writing that Jake was going to play the Rapunzel Prince. That's also really strange. Another oddity was that the Into the Woods cast was just updated yesterday and it's funny that Jake's name is still listed.

From IMdB:

IMDb: Into the Woods.
Production Notes from IMDbPro
Status: Pre-production | See complete list of in-production titles »

Updated: 17 May 2013

Credited cast:

Anna Kendrick...Cinderella (rumored)

Johnny Depp...The Wolf

Chris Pine... Rapunzel's Prince

Jake Gyllenhaal...Cinderella's Prince

Curious what other's think said...

And why is it that we have never heard one peep about who is being rumored to play Rapunzel?

Weird said...

PR is trying to put the best spin possible on Jake being removed from such a high profile and coveted project.

In late June, Jake was also replaced by Ryan Reynolds for Mississippi Grind. Ever since he started this ridiculous bearding campaign, Jake's professional prospects have dwindled considerably. I thought bearding was supposed to help him? Man oh man, something's off.

Kismet said...

You know, it could be that filming three projects before year's end just didn't work with Jake's family obligations.

Perhaps Austin's role of Tommy Wheeler is beefed up for Season 2 of Ray Donovan, which was just renewed. Or maybe Austin's indie film project will involve some heavy post-production and marketing work.

Jake can't have all the fun.

Special K said...

It might be even more than a Season 2 on Ray Donovan, it could a series for Austin. I think he has more than charmed not only the Donovan crew, but Showtime themselves. For a guy who's only in three episodes in the whole season, they loved him front and center out in Vegas and at the premiere.

Mark Gordon (who produced TDAT) could also have a project planned that Austin might be good for too.

norwegian girl said...

if i am correct, a footballplayer named Robbie rogers who played on leeds United, retired from his job because he thought he couldnt be a homosexual and play Professional football. he now play in La Galaxy. so.. it did work out after all. Orlando Bloom, like someone mentioned, doesn`t have much of a career going on anymore, but what`s always struck me is that he seems so unhappy. i always hoped jake would lead "the way", i`m not so sure anymore, but times are tough, and while i doubt he will lead the way anytime soon, he still is the only contestant in this Field i think. i still don`t think he will take the marriage-route. i dont think he will go that far. Hollywood=dissappointment if you want the real thing. there isnt anything truly real we see (as you all know). not neil and David are that Perfect. i still just wish and hope jake one day will dare to at least be a bit more real than he is now. i still have my hopes. at least he isnt engaged yet ;)

norwegian girl said...

the actors need jobs to get paid. the actors have to follow the rules. the rules are strict. the actors have to agree yes or no, and in the meantime, we are stupid enough to buy anything they sell, like a tv-show, a Movie or a hair-product. we see them. they are prefect(With make-up, of course). we buy because of that. and the funny thing is as we all know, is that actors ain`t allowed to be queer...but look who chosed drama School... bullying People never has stopped, has it? Guess it wont for a time either...

Jersey Tom said...

Good one ng. It is a form of bullying. Sad that actual Gay men are probably taking the lead.

norwegian girl said...

as long as we buy... a bad circle :(

the real m said...

Politics and who you know and who owes favors plays a huge part of the Hollywood game. And it has not looked like Jake fits Hollywood anymore for some time now. I bet Disney holds a grudge over POP and its poor domestic box office. Even the Everest movie is still in talks and not a done deal. His folks might have been power players at one time, but they have no clout now.

I sure hope Austin's role continues on Donovan. Great show so far but he does not show up again till episode 9. That is a long time to wait.

norwegian girl said...

love to see you again, the real m :) to me, sadly jake seems to fit more and more hoollywood. like i said, he`s not the worst and i hope for the best. i think he really tries for Hollywood in these days, but more like Clooney-style.

PR said...

Shamelessly linking Alyssa's future fame potential with her "relationship." At least they're being honest, because that is exactly how this works.

Yes, bearding most certainly has its perks.