Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pickin' a Pic

They say that a picture tells a story, but with pictures of Jake can make you ask questions.

Take this one from earlier this week.

This is a picture of Jake riding his bike earlier this week.

First up the weather

This has been the hottest week of year on the Eastern seaboard, and New York is part of that heat wave.   It was 93F for high that day in NYC but with the humidity the heat index felt like a 100+

Who would go for a bike ride in that heat? And why is he not sweating?

Then the time

This picture was taken between 11:30 -1:00 pm based on the shadow of the wheels of the bike and people on the sidewalk. Jake knows better than to go out and exercise midday in that kind of extreme heat and humidity.

But is the only person on the street Jake? It's noon. It's New York. The street looks wide enough for traffic in to go both directions but there is not one car. It's noon, on a weekday, in New York and not one car?!?

And New Yorkers are typically blase about celebrities, they're not gawkers.  So why is there a whole group of people stopped and looking toward the camera? New Yorkers don't stop and stare in groups, at noon, on a weekday, in New York.  They aren't looking at Jake, he has his head turned away from them.

And why is Jake looking straight into the camera rather than looking ahead to see what is ahead of him?  It's not like he's looking for traffic. Because there isn't any,  at noon, on a weekday, in New York.

And what's up with giant sun spots and streaks?

Things are lookin' a bit 'shoppy

Now what questions do you have?


prairiegirl said...

What questions do I have? None because you just covered them all.

BWAH !!! At noon. On a weekday. In New York.

That was great, Special.

destiny said...

It almost looks like a movie set (not that I think it is). No cars parked, clean street, no trash anywhere.

Special K said...

Exactly! It's too clean! It looks abnormal.

Jersey Tom said...

I was wondering if Jake's charade with this girl was PRs desperate attempt to keep Jake from losing his role in the musical. I doubt it will continue very long now. Maybe through the movie with Jackman.

Jersey Tom said...

That is def a photo op for sure SK.

Gossip: Disney's done with Jerry Bruckheimer said...

Could this have anything to do with Jake's departure from Into the Woods?

Ted C wrote in a blind and hinted out of a blind that Jake locked up his Prince of Persia role by providing some sort of service to Jerry Bruckheimer, no? Or am I mis-remembering?

Austin TX said...

Robyn Mayekawa ‏@robynmayekawa 9h
nice morning chit chat with a 2 year old and @AUS10NICHOLS the little girl was just too entertaining #juiceland

the real m said...

Wow, I looked at those pics again on IHJ and those sun spots are really weird. They moved with the photo too! Who knows what is up with Jake and photo shop anymore.

I'm sure Bruchheimer is pissed at Jake, no matter what happened. Didn't Ted say he blamed Jake for being too obsessed with Cavill for the poor results on POP . I blame the director. Any idiot could see that he was wrong for this type of film.