Friday, May 2, 2014

Blue it again

It's not just dress blues when it comes to shorts for the big guy

He sports blue too.

With friends


 And of course Beau

No peeking - Austy you tease.
 Happy Austin Friday.


No cigar said...

Those shorts don't stay on too long while sexy chloe is around

prairiegirl said...

Boy, for having pictures from one of those crazy kids at the ocean, and for Austin being all about the ocean water to the point that I'm surprised he doesn't walk around permanently wrinkled & puckered......

uh.....he's awfully non-tan above those swimboard shorts.

Bangkok, Thailand
Saturday 7:00 PM
Scattered Clouds
Present Temperature: 88 degreesF
Feels like 94

High reached at 1300 today at 97 degrees F

Oh, and look. It hit 94 yesterday. 96 on Thursday, May 1.

Funny that. Looks like Austin must be sitting out the sun this time around. FauxChlo not so much - FauxChlo noticeably more tan than our fair-haired Grey Goose.

Here Austy, catch! **tosses the Coppertone**

Florida Tom said...

Austy is sporting the farmers tan. Looks just a bit budge also. Still cute though :-)

simple said...

Only you care where Austin spent his birthday - only you believe he's with Jake.

Father and husband wouldn't stay away from his family for weeks when he can beard in LA.

There is no reason for Austin to spend his birthday with Chloe and travel with her for weeks if they aren't dating.

Special K said...

Run along now, there are plenty of places for your simple logic.

Seaweed said...

Holy carbon copy Batman !

Hope you're watching the game Special... what a matchup these two teams are.