Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wheel of Wisdom

Sitting on a bike - Helmet on

 Riding a bike - Helmet off

Hand are for turns

But not for phones

Streets are for strolling

Sidewalks are for rolling


Special K said...

Let's try this again.

Mumbai boy Nishad Choughule will be looking to brush shoulders with the likes of Christopher Nolan, Wes Anderson and Jake Gyllenhaal when he lands in Los Angeles on June 1. After getting a chance to meet his movie-gods over week-long activities of networking, the 26-year-old will walk into the Directors Guild of America (DGA) theatre complex of Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard to receive an award once given to contemporary Hollywood biggies such as Spike Lee and Robert Zemeckis.


Does that mean we might be seeing Jake at a DGA event?

And hey who do we know that has a DGA card? Hmmm Tall guy, short shorts, big sexy legs...

Keep pushing his name out there said...

I see what you guys have been saying about the aggressive marketing campaign when it comes to pushing Jake's name out there, and how he is suddenly all about the global market.

Also, did anyone notice that Jake is the only actor mentioned? Come on, now. Of all the actors in Hollywood, this Mumbai student wants to meet Jake Gyllenhaal? I'm sorry. But, why do I find that very hard to believe?

Methodical Muser said...

Looks like FauxChloe must be taking lessons from Jake's current beard when it comes to exposing as much skin as possible in her photo shoots. Evidently, Austin got a GQ shout out and she got a spread in the upcoming June/July 2014 issue of Esquire Magazine. Got to show off that bod if people are going to think Austie is straight. At least, that's how PR's misogynistic brain works.

prairiegirl said...

Well, well, that didn't take long for the paid troll to awaken from his slumber. Awww and he thought he had the holiday weekend off. Pfshawwww!

So how is it that Jake gets to attend that event anyway? He needs an excuse to go to L.A., doesn't he?

Jack, #FauxChlo is an embarrassment to the Beard Union Local 0514. She makes Marjorie Main look like Grace Kelly.

prairiegirl said...

Boy, I have got to tell you guys. lol.

I feel like I'm lounging in the beach waters of Hawaii over here, Cheez Its at hand, Sonic cherry limeade at the ready sip.

That Supernatural fandom is NUTS!!!! Those girls are insane. That entire world is beyond belief. This weekend has been the most tumultuous, the most estrogen-spitting & sweating dark hole you could imagine yourself being in.

Jake and Austin seem like Spanky and Alfalfa compared to that nuthouse. I think I've lost 5 years this weekend. No. Joke.

prairiegirl said...

I mean, let me break it down into this little nutshell. Leadville, Fishing Ticket Licenses, Q7's, Club Lounges and Mirrorgate are stinkin' Pffft! Splinters! compared to the clawing, PR-bungling, Destiel Melting, Hot House that the world of Jared, Jensen and Misha is.

Oh. My. Dog.

I guess the only thing which trumps Supernatural would w/o a doubt be the OneD fandom, which is, hands down, the hugest. But Jake and Austin, lol, man.....they've got nothing on these 2 guys. This is chump change compared to Supernatural.

prairiegirl said...

I forgot about the nutshell. Real quick and then it'll be dropped.

You had a Con over in Rome Italy this holiday weekend. And Jensen lowered the boom on the ship of Destiel. That started the girls all in a tizzy. Then you had some kind of panel where Misha Collins kissed Jensen on the temple; that got the Destiel shippers back into a frothing frenzy. Then you had Jensen & Misha fake making out on stage and everything exploded.

Then suddenly Jared Padalecki cancelled his solo panel out of the blue. No one knew why except that "something came up" and his panel was rescheduled for the next morning (today). Then you found out that Jared "slipped and fell" on his elbow, somehow dislocating his shoulder.

This later became "slipped on a piece of paper". "Doctor came, shoulder popped into place and pain meds administered."

By morning, we found out that oh no, Jared had been "wrestling" with a co-star and dislocated his shoulder, the bodyguard Clif and someone else helped to pop it back into place.

And in the middle of all this, you had a video of what looked like Jared taking a swipe at Misha Collins in the hotel and administering a choke/neck hold on Misha as they took a walk amongst the fans.

This morning, Jared upset the fans by also lowering the boom on Destiel, you had fans all upset again, distress all over Tumblr, fans quitting the fandom, yelling at each other and gnashing of teeth, pulling out of hair, madness ensuing.

lol. Well, there was no pulling out of hair that I know of, I mean......that is just cracked what's going on over there.

The world of Jake and Austin is like the neighborhood of Mr. Rogers....♫♪won't you be my neighbor today?♪♫ la, la, la, la....♥♥♥♥♥

Can't make cishet people uncomfortable said...

Whereas, Jake and Austin are mostly about the closet and Harry and Louis are primarily about establishing a heteronormative bias for everything they do, the Supernatural world is, without a doubt, all about Queerbaiting and the superior, sniggering gay innuendo that goes along with it. In fact, I have never seen such a blatant demonstration of the baiting of a fandom with obvious queer subtexts and PR stunts than the SN gang.

What is queerbaiting?

prairiegirl said...

Oh, I fully agree, 2100. You'll get no argument from me. My humor was really about the extreme drama going on right now in that fandom. And I do mean, full out volcano erupting PR nightmare.

Tumblr is amass with upset girls and I was just checking Jensen Ackle's Twitter search and man, he is taking it on the chin big time.

That fandom has taken a huge step backwards today. They've got some serious making up to do or something. I don't know what they'll do but they have lost fans this weekend.

The entire Con over in Rome was a humongous black eye on everyone associated with the show - the writers, the boys' management, and all 3 actors themselves.

I fully agree 100%. They misled those girls and then tried to tell them "Forget it. You saw nothing."

They toyed with their entire fandom like they were yo-yo's during the entire length of that convention.

prairiegirl said...

I include the 3 guys because what they did this weekend ranked right up there with what Jake and Austin have done. And considering that WME represents Jensen Ackles, I'm not surprised at what happened this weekend. They pulled a Jake w/Tony's Hottie, that's what they did. I firmly believe it.

I believe Jared and Jensen are gay and they are together. But to try and divert attention away from them, Misha Collins is being used to ship with Jensen. Just like Jake can be with any guy other than Austin? Jensen can make out with Misha and those 2 boys can be all over each other; Jensen just can't make googly eye with Jared.

Because that is who he really is with, just like Jake can't be seen with Austin because that's who he really is with.

It really is a travesty what happened this weekend and it was pretty sad to watch.

And now, because of all the drama carried out this weekend, their fandom is in turmoil. All absolutely unnecessary because of the Hollywood Closet.

Can't make cishet people uncomfortable said...

Because that is who he really is with, just like Jake can't be seen with Austin because that's who he really is with.

Like Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw, or Gryles, as it's sometimes called in the slash fandom community. Lots of similarities when you think about it.

Methodical Muser said...

Exactly right.