Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wrecking Ball*

I didn't lose a shoe, but they are making it look like I have to find  the lady who did.

They said this is a friend

 But it's family

And the other?  The dogs and the cops have enough room to pass through.

*and just about as subtle


prairiegirl said...

You know what I like about these posts of yours lately, Special?

I like that Oh My Godot has become a wonderful archive. These pictures and the comments that go along with some of them are continuing to live on and on.

And on.

Tumblr pictures and Instagrams can be scrubbed, hyperlinks sent to a dead-end street, and unwanted stories or comments removed.

But Special, you are creating an active, Google 1st-Pager source. A daily updating, relevant archive for both of these guys at a time when neither man has too many.

**Salute**, Special. And salute to those of us sticking this thing out and keeping this blog going until the 12th of never.

'Scuse me while I dig my beach chair just a bit more deeper into the sand.

: )

prairiegirl said...

There is running with scissors going on today with a day of Vacay. Woohoo!! I'm sure somebody is sitting at my desk today as I type. We are so out of room and if you are gone even one or 1/2 day, your desk becomes a subject for coyote feasting. Pffft!! Gone to the first and most aggressive. lol

Nothing like listening to some easy Pandora vocal standards as loud as I want without the interference of 1001 different conversations going on around me and the stomp, stomp, stomp of big construction boots and clank of utility belts.

This is a lazy day and I am off. Off to try and get some writing done, for once. The afternoon lies before me with endless possibilities!!!!

shoud really give it up said...

The paid troll should stop posting their hate-filled allegations against OMG. Frankly, the charges hurled at this blog by an anonymous source day in and day out only increases the blog's street cred in my eyes. How odd that Waiting for Toothy is an absolute mess, practically having been turned into a Jake is straight and Austin and Chloe blog, yet no one posts allegations about it's authenticity over there. PR is all over that Internet site. Which used to be a great source for Jake is gay news.

?? said...

Here's a genuine question - how do you know the girl in the hoodie is a family member?

Special K said...

She's been seen with Jake before and his cousins on his mom's side live in NYC.

Special K said...


Are you going to make it through the overtime?

Seaweed said...

WoW !

What an incredible and exciting game tonight.

Congrats to Boston on tying the series.

I can see your smile from here Special !

Special K said...

You know it Seaweed!! :)

destiny said...

When you think about it, on some level it's kind of rotten not to take your model beard to one of the biggest fashion events of the year. Talk about a one-sided relationship.

I'm guessing that a lot of people found it strange he didn't take her, so that's probably why after all this time we got pictures of them together.

ay said...

No one told Jake that his husband is back in the US

the real m said...

Enty lawyer says a closet case was just spotted with his beard as his name is likely to be mentioned in the Bryan Singer case. Could be Jake given his age.

could be said...

Or Austin.