Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pulling some more punches

There are more castings happening for Southpaw over the next few weekends.  They are still looking for more people to play the fight crowds and background extras. It looks like they are filming from mid June through mid August - so it will be a PA Summer for Jake.  (Look out for the Pirates pics - no no Austin as pirate but Jake at the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game)

One more thing the cast call sheets have given is more information about the movie.

"Cocky, aggressive, volatile middleweight champion Billy Hope (Jake) fully expects to ride out his career with his massive winnings, adoring fans, beloved wife, Maureen, and their 10-year-old daughter, Leila. 

When Billy’s temper triggers a fight and then a shootout that leaves Maureen dead, Billy finds his life spiraling out of control. After he loses his house, money and then, Leila, to a group foster home, he begins to find his way back to some kind of balance with the help of amateur trainer Titus “Tick” Willis.  

Tick has his own demons but he proves to be the perfect trainer to make Billy a better fighter, man and father." 

We have heard Forest Whitaker has been rumored for Tick but nothing has been confirmed as of late.


Florida Tom said...

the real m said...

Ah, the start of it all. Look how happy jake looks in those premiere photos. I dont think he's ever looked happier than in those early years. Back when he thought there was a chance that he could be himself one day.

We were all happy back in those days when we thought he could be himself.n Seems like forever ago.

mr. buffer said...

nice pic of Jake and the boxers.

mr. buffer said...

nice pic of Jake and the boxers.