Monday, May 19, 2014


Jake made some news over the weekend and Monday in the long and short of it.

Jake's one of the many Hollywood stars who appear in Jay-Z and Beyonce's trailer not for a movie but for their Run Tour.

Sunday Jake turned up all cleaned up taking in  the Broadway hit Newsies on with Ramona and took pictures backstage.

And while they say lights are bright on Broadway

not sure if that's what they say about Hollywood's


Dim bulb - or just gaslighting ?  Check out the guy in the left hand corner!

You set yourself up for that one Austy.  But you do win something

And while Austin futzed with faux lights Jake went back to Bloomies for some shopping (wonder if it was an undies run again) complete with his blue green cosmo combo, beanie and backpack. 


prairiegirl said...

Is it okay to laugh at that last picture? Does he know how utterly ridiculous that thing is? Or is that some kind of sign language for fight or flight?

You know, this kills me. I just saw a tweet of an old interview with Jake and I recall when I first saw it, I knew instantly that his people stole this analogy from something I had posted on OMG. You better believe they did.

You know, there's always that snake. The snake doesn't go away, you know what I mean? It's always in the corner of the woods, you just need to know where it is, so you don't step on it again. You can walk around it. And I think that's the idea of the movie to me. There's a lot of other sh** there too.

Snake - Hole - it's all the same

They stole that material from a quote I had made on the blog which was not mine. I brought it to OMG from William Crawford, who in turn credited Portia Nelson. It's her story.

But did Jake's people tell Jake to credit anybody?

No. He changed the hole to a snake and acted like that little analogy was all his.

Don't tell me that's not what they did because they sure as hell did. We all borrow from each other, other websites, other tweets, etc.

But you know what you do? You give credit. You don't act like you came up with that all on your own.

That interview came out shortly after this happened on the blog awhile back and I let it go then, then forgot about it.

But now here that interview comes around again on Twitter and I'm calling him and his publicity people out on what occurred in that interview. Quit stealing from here. We are not on your payroll. If you're going to borrow something I say on the blog then you give credit. I don't care how it ended up on his people's desk, but it did somehow, some way.

prairiegirl said...

Here is a link to the great written work by Portia Nelson which I had reprinted on OMG prior to the publication of that interview which had been done fairly recently.

Portia Nelson There's a Hole in My Sidewalk: The Romance of Self-Discovery

grrrrr. All right, I'm done. I have like 5 minutes left in my lunch hour.

wond'ring aloud said...

And while they say brights are light on Broadway


Who says that?

Special K said...

George Benson

Look it up.

One More said...

"A federal judge in Pennsylvania — one appointed by George W. Bush, no less — has struck down the state's ban on same-sex marriage, joining the rest of the region in modern times. Pennsylvania becomes the 19th state in the U.S., and the last in the northeast, to allow gay marriage, and the ruling marks the 19th consecutive victory in state and federal court for marriage equality since last year's Supreme Court decision in Windsor v. United States. It's also the second time in two days that a ban has been struck down following yesterday's decision in Oregon."

prairiegirl said...

I must correct myself on something I was wrong on.


You know what? lol. I thought Jake was making a rapper's pose in that last picture. He's not. I think the left hand is holding that mic thingy and with the other hand he's probably gesturing at the paps.

LOLLLL!!! It did seem crazy that he would be making a rapper's pose in the middle of the street but that's what it looked like.

So I apologize for that false, mean tease about the pose. It was unfounded.

It makes me kind of chuckle now that I thought he was doing that in the middle of the street.

Methodical Muser said...

I like your first version better, PG. Much more colorful and entertaining. Jake is Jay Z's bro, after all. :-)

prairiegirl said...

testing 1*2*3
testing 1*2*3

Ah yes, perfectamundo!

Methodical Muser said...

testing 1*2*3
testing 1*2*3

Ah yes, beyond perfectamundo!

prairiegirl said...

Stop it!!!!

No way, Jose.

Larry does not beat Jensen's feet.

#NoContest #PerfectToes

Methodical Muser said...


prairiegirl said...

Sorry folks, excuse us. We were just having some fun on here.

It's really us.

I feel bad now.

prairiegirl said...

Well, well, well...isn't this interesting. Remember this? Remember this from the fight in Vegas?

Blogger prairiegirl said...

Okay, so what is up with this? That little kid in the picture with Jake? Is in a few other pictures with celebs from other times.

John Samuel ‏@Jsam1982 Apr 3
@KingCrab15 thx for the pic u made our night #goniners
Michael Crabtree with the kid

John Samuel ‏@Jsam1982 12h
Jack Jack Nicholson with the kid

John Samuel ‏@Jsam1982 4h
@andreward Andre Ward with the kid

And then there's you know who.

Boy, that sure takes the spontaneity and genuineness out of the picture.

May 4, 2014 at 3:24 PM

Remember that?

prairiegirl said...

What is it with these adults taking pictures of these children with celebrities?

See those two little boys with Jake? Well, guess what?

Here you go. Same thing.
(pardon the FisherPrice and the lack of proper tweet date/time stamp)

Vanessa Brown ‏@heynessie Apr 22 @zach_elijah and @MoreOrLesLuca, flirting shamelessly with their favorite #bcefabonnets judge, @carlyraejepsen

Vanessa Brown ‏@heynessie May 17 Thanks @Rosie for being so awesome to @MoreOrLesLuca and @zach_elijah Break a leg Vivie and #Godspell kids!

Vanessa Brown ‏@heynessie May 12 Abigail Breslin stopped by #newsies tonight and chatted with @MoreOrLesLuca and @zach_elijah

So who is this Vanessa Brown and why is she too like the Vegas dad, having these kids take pictures with celebrities?

And why are there two different instances of Jake being photo'd with little boys wearing Brooklyn Net T shirts? Two little boys who are Twitter subject matter of adults peddling them in pictures?

What are the odds of that? What is going on because that is too much of a coincidence.

prairiegirl said...

No doubt, these pictures Jake is doing on purpose to try and prove that he is not a father.

Because he wants his fans to say, "No way Jake would take pictures with other children who are not his own! No decent father would ever do that to his kids! That's sick."

Yeah, well you know what? Jake's doing it. He is.

And while Jake is posing with these little boys and his niece, his own kids are at home, or they're in a taxi with the nanny being sent on ahead (Papa will be along very soon!), or they're waiting somewhere else.

I always thought there had to be a cut-off point with Jake. That there would be some places he wouldn't go, that he still had some kind of integrity or loyalty to his kids and/or Austin.

But he doesn't. He has hit rock bottom in my eyes, he and Austin both. They're paying the highest disrespect to their own kids all in the name of Jake getting an Academy nomination/award.

prairiegirl said...

All I can say is, he better watch it because if he keeps doing this, he's going to start looking a little too closely like Michael Jackson.

Unless...what Jake really needs to do is get himself engaged to Alyssa. Hey, go for it. Pull a Marcus Mumford. Go into a fake marriage with Alyssa, consult with BFF Beyonce on how to go along with the fake baby bump and voila! Then he doesn't have to do these photo ops with little boys in Brooklyn Net T shirts. He can have his own kid with Alyssa in a Nets onesie.

That should really help get a nomination/award. It would be the turbo-engine route.

We should be prepared for Jake to get engaged. Or Austin. Either one. Maybe even fake marriage because neither man has a limit any longer.

For the first time, I can honestly say I fully anticipate either one happening.

Methodical Muser said...

In addition, what I also find odd is why didn't he get pictured with the older guys from the cast who would be much more savvy to who Jake is? No doubt that was the excuse of having Ramona in the pic. Gives him a reason to be photographed with young kids, even though he's 33 and officially unmarried with no children. Where's Maggie? Where's Peter?

Florida Tom said...

I got to tell everyone. It has been a long time since I posted on OMG because I am a fan of Austin or Jake. They are both frauds. I still very much think they are Gay. I really don't care if they are a couple and hope they are not parents cause if they are they make me sick to my stomach. I come because I still like the posters and following what is going on. I love that the blog is following what is going on in the world when it comes to how much views are changing when it come to sexuality.
I know there is still hate in peoples hearts because what has been passed down through generations. But the laws are changing and younger folks views are certainly changing. Great to see in my lifetime.

destiny said...

I find it very strange that parents would pose their kids with Jake. I doubt they have any clue who he is, or care. It's not like a female fan posing with someone from One Direction.

Special K said...

I think that the boy from the cast from Newsies might just be a Nets fan. He's a kid living in the NYC area and the Nets are the cool team right now. So I don't see it as a big thing.

But that being said I have seen parents use their kids as a way to get celebrities. They either want to make their child famous or they want part of their fifteen minutes by association. Many times the little kids doesn't know who the celeb is and then the child is uncomfortable, the celeb is uncomfortable and the situation is awkward. The celebrity makes the best of the situation.

Jake would never put himself in situations that people would allude to equating him to Mr. Jackson. As a celebrity he is mindful of what impression and speculation that could happen and as a parent he would be as conscientious and careful as he would want people to be with his own children.