Friday, May 30, 2014

Tweety Tweet Tweet

Austin's been the quite the Texas Tweeter this week:

He's helped a friend sell a single:

My old buddy Jana Kramer has a new single. Get this quick------>

Showed the future:

 This is the future. Check it out.

Talked about the past:

THE SIXTIES on . Gather your family and friends. This is so cool.

And then got windy:

 On my way to Chicago. Where's the dirtiest sandwich in town?

Oh Austin, you know where that is - Priamanti's in Pittsburgh.  You even used the Terrible Towel to wipe your face.

Two hub airports (CHI and PIT) and a sandwich  You might say you're on your way - but there's a lot of ways to get there.

1 comment:

birdie said...

Wouldn't be surprise Austin's got new people who told him to tweet more.