Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Decade After Tomorrow

It's been a decade since TDAT's opening weekend.

It is interesting that ten years ago, they were the only ones of the cast that were not photographed together

 Yet Austin's eyes were on Jake and not his "date"

Just like on the set

And for two people who spent so much time together and who Austin gushed about

From YM magazine

Hardest part to film: His scenes with Jake. "He was always making faces at me, trying to crack me up," says Austin. "It usually worked too. I was trying to be all serious and I'd see him sticking his tongue out and I'd lose it."

Fave on-set pastime: Cooking with Jake. They usually make Mexican food, but Austin's most proud of their make-it-up-as-you-go-along chicken dish. "We put three full chickens in a huge pan with shallots, garlic, onions, radishes, and seasoning." Sounds tasty.

"Jake and I played tennis a few times when we were filming in London," said Austin Nichols, (filming Wimbledon)"I've learned a ton from Jake. He's a really sharp guy. He told me everything about acting, the business, girls, life.' " - Paper Magazine April 4 2006

"He's taking some time off," pal Austin Nichols tells Us. "He's just trying to relax. He just finished doing a movie." - US Weekly May 23, 2006

He makes really smart choices.
He knows what works for him. And the kid can sing!"
  People Magazine 2007

"I have had three incredible teachers along the way; Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Bettany, and Markus Flanagan."  - website No Bitter Actor

They are just as careful then as now

Hmmmm....wonder why?

Hello people... have you figured it out yet.


prairiegirl said...

Isn't it something. How obvious is it after all this time?

I'm telling you guys, M&M has nailed it on Jake and Austin's public photo op appearances together which have most likely nailed every single birth of one of their kids.

These are the times these two guys have been willingly seen together. Look at each photo op. Carefully coordinated and carried out. They've not been seen together any other times with the exception of the Sushi lunch and that seemed to be their big swan song before going into that big NYC closet which has cemented them firmly & forevermore into oblivion. Berlinale? Was by accident - not an official photo op.

It's been how long now? It's been another drought since that appearance together in NYC.

I watch Jensen and Jared together and those two guys are so in sync. Their bodies sometimes even move in tune to one another - they repeat the same phrases at the same time, they motion at the same time, it's incredible. They've gazed at one another almost to the point of having forgotten others around them. Fans love them together because they're so funny, their chemistry so vivid and electric, now just so familiar and they fit together like a hand and worn, soft glove, they've been together that long.

Jensen & Jared work together at their job; their people can do nothing about that. They work together, so they have to do conventions and some interviews together. Because there's nothing that can be done to avoid some giveaway signs, I think Misha Collins is being used to ship with Jensen and provide distraction away from Jensen with Jared. What happened at RIBCon last weekend was an atrocity and Jared seemed to have been pushed to the background while the convention became a Misha Collins/Jensen love boat cruise, or so the organizers/PTB tried to do anyway. Jensen and Jared had their own ways of fighting back a little.

But it all looked so familiar to me. A third party brought in because it's okay to ship Jensen with another guy - just so it's not with Jared. So Misha Collins is alllll too willing to step into the role as the new bright & shiny.

Sound familiar? Tony's hottie guy? Marcus Mumford? Hugh Jackman? Denis Villanueve? And now JayZ.

How about Harry Styles being linked with Nick Grimshaw? It was okay for Harry to be thought to be carrying on a torrid affair with Nick Grimshaw, just not with Louis Tomlinson.

This is how you know. But to get back to my original point, I see now. I get it. I see why Jake and Austin were never interviewed together. They have never talked about one another ever since TDAT promo. They act like the other doesn't even exist, professionally or personally, except for these carefully controlled photo ops that they have done. Probably because they had some pretty high-powered octane chemistry, particularly back in the early day. Just like Jensen and Jared do. Those two cannot hide it at times. It slips through. And that's what their people have never wanted to risk happening.

Oh, I get it now. I get it big time.

Special K said...

What wonderful supportive parents.

Why I finally let my son buy a dress: Father's moving story about coming to terms with his five-year-old's true identity

Special K said...

Looking back at the pictures from TDAT, you can see it wasn't just Jake who was taken with Austin. Austin was taken with Jake.

Remember: "It was during casting of TDAT, Austin walked in and the rest was history. They couldn't take their eyes off each other. "

And you can see that in these pictures.

And another gem from the original Waiting for Toothy for TBT:

I should also mention that Jake has been really in love with Austin for a long time, I mean quite deeply. Austin is the one who runs the relationship. Trust.

What you don't know about that other one is that he is very seductive when he talks and smiles. He is also moody and off putting at times. He has went weeks without returning the main one's calls and whatnot. It's very much on the other one's terms. Lately things have gotten more even though.

For the record Austi Spumanti has it all wrong. The main one is the romantic one

The main one has expressed being honest about his love life but fears what it will do to K(irsten).

The other one doesn't want to come out at all.

The other one wants to be a big star. The main one is getting bored of it all.

The other one is definitely in love with the main one so don't think otherwise.

The main one is not gay, he is bisexual with a leaning toward men.

The main one likes to give and receive hickeys during personal time.

The other one likes long hugs and resting on each other.

The other one is a great kisser and sucks on the tongue alot.
Don't tell the main one."

prairiegirl said...

Wheweeeeeeeee! Special, you let go of some of that old stuff!!!!

I'm blown away!!!

prairiegirl said...

#TheMainOne. #TheOtherOne

And the canary-singer said it was Austin who didn't want to come out at all. Isn't that what Ted said as well?

Special K said...

It's been a long time since we've talked about it on OMG, but I thought it would be a good day to bring it back up again.

destiny said...

Ten years, wow. On the other hand, it feels like eons since Ted ran all those TT tidbits.

Methodical Muser said...

They act like the other doesn't even exist, professionally or personally, except for these carefully controlled photo ops that they have done

Looking back now, my theory about the birth of their kids explaining Austin and Jake's photo ops/public appearances together becomes even more telling. Between, 2007-2012, the two guys were photographed every year EXCEPT 2008. Almost like a 5 year plan. After 2012, it's back to business as usual. Beards, beards and more beards. No pics together and certainly no public acknowledgement that the other even exists.

Special K said...

While it has been a long time since Ted did his Toothy and Goose mentions, the tidbits I brought back weren't from Ted but amazingly someone who came on WFT to share what they knew.

prairiegirl said...

Yes, a talker...a spill-er....

Once in a blue moon, you get one or two of those. People who breeze through and share a little bit. Remember that person on WFT2 who spilled beans about J & A and their children? That was a huge spill.

Thanks for sharing pieces of old WFT thread, Special. That was awesome.

Methodical Muser said...

And, throughout that five year period of controlled photo ops with Jake and Austin, the only year there were two planned outings was in 2009. One in March and another in April. That's where the speculation about the possibility of them having twins that year came from...along with Ted's Toothy Blind Item about the plural "Pigs in a Blanket" and the reference to a manger from January 2009.

Along with this letter that Ted published in January 9, 2010:

Dear Ted:

Is there a second Baby Tile in the Tile-Goose family?
—Little Sibling

Dear Bundle of Joy:

Their family is constantly expanding, in many ways.

prairiegirl said...

Oh, and let me dig into my stuffed email files and there's this interesting little nugget:

He wants to be able to spend more time with Austin and the twins. What is it about gay men adopting twins? Bomer, Harris, Jakie...

by: Anonymous reply 36 07/21/2013 @ 11:46PM

Unfortunately I didn't keep the thread link but there you go. It's in DataLounge somewhere in a thread on Jake and/or Austin.

Another DataLounge Gem said...

"Jake can beard as much as he wants, but his ass is owned by a tall Texan."

by: Austin Nichols

07/18/2013 @ 12:18AM

the real m said...

Ah, the start of it all. Look how happy jake looks in those premiere photos. I dont think he's ever looked happier than in those early years. Back when he thought there was a chance that he could be himself one day.