Thursday, May 22, 2014

Walk and Roll

Jake was rolling rolling rolling

While there was a mysterious mention of him in Pittsburgh. (Perhaps getting the housing situation squared away) he was back in the city that never sleeps and rolling along.

After a quick good bye to Mama

Jake was back in the saddle

Kind of

Gotta get it started

There it is...

Wait where did all these people come from

You'd think it was New York City or something

And this was a sidewalk

Guess that means I can carry the helmet until I hit the street

But let's just talk a second....

How smooth are those gams?

Grrrl you don't get that smooth unless you wax on wax off

And the socks?  Who taught you to wear midcalfs with shorts?


prairiegirl said...

Funny post, Special.

I'm telling you, all Jake needs is those elastic garters to hold up his socks. Then he can star in a 2014-15 remake of Sixteen Candles as Samantha's Grandpa Butler.

My boys J & J are in Italy this weekend for another convention. Can you say Supernatural Superstar Sandwich!!!!!!!

I'm telling you, I would pay $249 to be in one of those. No question. I don't know what in the heck I would say when I stepped up to the plate, but I'd do it. I can't even believe they do so many of these - and they sandwich those girls. You are up close & smashed, crushed and squished. Incredible.

You know.....that Vegas Indie Film Festival, if indeed that's where Austin is headed......that thing doesn't actually start until the 28th.

congirl said...

I don't know what in the heck I would say when I stepped up to the plate

You don't get a chance to say much of anything since there's always a line of people right behind you waiting for their 20 seconds, too. Newbies usually mumble pleasantries and move on. I've worked a ton of cons in the past usually wrangling the queue for the photo ops.

Special K said...

Jake's sock just cracked me up. But you gotta say he's got some shapely pins.

I think its funny after all this time we've pointed out that Jake was out in NYC and there was never anyone around, suddenly he's on a busy sidewalk and riding his bike no less. (Which is a big no - no )

And why wouldn't he put his helmet on? Jake's always been about wearing a helmet. Was it just a ride around the block?

the real m said...

Jake on a sidewalk. Wasn't there a brouhaha about a similar incident once before. Fingers crossed that we see Jake and Austin together in a pic soon. They always seem to break the bearding curse to let everyone know they are still a team despite the PR hype. No further confirmation needed that this is all pr crap than that 10 best dressed election.

prairiegirl said...

Two very unsafe acts in one swoop, Special, just like you said. Can't let this opportunity pass without a caution regarding safety. A Safety Moment whether his actions were intentional or not.

I don't care if he is maybe just going around the block. Accidents only take one second to happen.

If he wants to ride his bike, ride it on the street. You don't ride it on a busy sidewalk, going against the grain of people who are walking.

Where's the helmet.

See, the thing is, what if he rounds a corner, boom! Here comes somebody, he swerves or falls over on the bike, head hits the concrete.

That's it. It could be over in a split second. Camilla lost her husband in a fall at a hotel. My little buddy lost her father-in-law in a simple trip in someone's yard as he was helping trim shrubs. One fall, head hits the ground, he goes into a coma, and it can be over just like that. He never regained consciousness.

Jake is a walking Safety Moment opportunity, I swear.

prairiegirl said...

You don't get a chance to say much of anything since there's always a line of people right behind you waiting for their 20 seconds,

Oh, I know, con girl. I have now read many accounts of Supernatural Superstar Sandwich encounters. They don't get hardly any time at all. But there are formalities.

I know that one girl said Jared greets everyone with a "Hi, I'm Jared."

LOLLL!!! Hi, I'm Jared. I love it.

Thanks for sharing your observances; it does confirm what I've been reading.

Still worth $249 to me - I'd pay it in a heartbeat.

ankle socks are Old now said...

the new colorful calf high socks are the new thing now with the guys, espcecially the bright color. I see all the time now in the gyms and on the streets.

prairiegirl said...

I don't see them around here where I live, although Kansas isn't necessarily the best standard to go by, lol.

I'm sure he's getting paid to wear those, notice the camera shot from behind. That's your ad right there. Jake is a walking billboard right now; everything he wears is advertisement. More money for the BT college funds, I guess.

The thing is, combining the socks with the long shorts, he's taken about 5 inches off his height. But whatever.

Twitter said...

Sergio Rodriguez ‏@SergioAlexiRod

I saw Austin Nichols I didn't even know what to say, he was wearing short shorts, had big sexy legs I'm like look away look away /.\

2:32 PM - 19 May 2014

Sergio Rodriguez (@SergioAlexiRod)
5/19/14, 21:54

@AUS10NICHOLS I'm a big fan of your work