Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Elephant in the Tweet

Austin shared another elephant picture via twitter today.

My new buddy. ------>  AUS10

Two elephant tweets can't go unnoticed and the best way OMG can think of is with a Top Ten List.

The Top Ten List of Austin's deal with elephants

10. Management told him to put up a picture of the cutest girl on the trip.

9. He knows a little comedian who's on their elephant joke phase

8.   He's got a new twitter sponsor - Residence Inn

7.  The trip was irrelephant

6.  An Elephant never forgets - and neither does OMG

5.This is what happens when you've been watching too much Dumbo, The Jungle Book, and Horton Hears a Hoo.  

4. Going for Twitter Trifecta.  First it was TwoWheel Tuesday, then Tommy Wheeler Tweet Tuesday, and Trunk Tweet Tuesday.

3. He found a kinship with someone with as much junk in the trunk.

2. Tired of Jake getting all the fun with his My Little Pony,  Austin thought he'd try My Buddy L. E. Phant

And the number one reason for Austin's deal with elephants

There's been an elephant in the room for this long why not take a picture of it.


Special K said...

Ok so let's talk about the latest elephant in the room then.

Austin with Chloe at the ABC upfronts in New York.

1) Is he going to be Agents of Shield again this season? Why else would he go?

2) Why hasn't he really worked since the beginning of the year?

3) Who brings their bf to the upfronts - unless it's you that needs the publicity? Is it Chloe that needs coverage? And for what?

4) Since it was pilot season - why wasn't Austin working to get a pilot or on a pilot that could get picked up? Is he that set for work? How does he afford not working this much?

5) Is he trying to network the network?

6) And did management really just let Austin and Jake be in the same city at the same time? Uh oh. Someone's gonna have answer for that one.

Special K said...

Wow I must have struck at something since I put my comment up an hour ago. Why because I've deleted at least 5 comments already. So who's madder than a wet hen about some innocuous questions from a little blog?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Special K said...

And that's why there's delete and moderation.

Run along now. No more fun for you.

AUS10 said...

Shanghai. Sundown. The night comes alive. Watch this------> whosay.com/l/hLq8mHg

Methodical Muser said...

And, we all know why Austin was seen with Chloe in NY. It's Jake and Austin's 12 anniversary since they met during the TDAT auditions. We can't have another slip up like back in November 2012 when Austin was hiding on that subway train that Jake was on. He had to do a photo op with Jake the next day to show himself as a result.

I believe that was the photo op with Jake and the Iranian looking young woman. Probably, one of their nannies.

More of the same said...

I had to laugh jut now as I was looking at my Google search. Evidently, Olivia Munn is "dating" Aaron Rodgers. Another beard. Another coward.

Special K said...

Thanks for reminding everyone of that special anniversary for the guys M&M.

I have one more question.

Why is it that Austin tweets all these pictures from his trip and from the looks of his twitter he was there alone. Now why would that be? Perhaps that was a negotiating point? 'No pictures of the faux on twitter'

Maybe that's the real reason he did that radio silence tweet.

Seaweed said...

Never get tired of the topic of all the subterfuge... these two guys and their so called handlers are providing lot's of grist for the mill. Thanks to all the regular gang for the reminders that just freshen up the resolve.

Special, I just got home and popped on the TV for one of the greatest match-ups in Hockey. First thing I saw was a sold out crowd at the Bell Centre in Montreal just to watch the proceeding in Boston. Was treated to the first goal shortly after, and the rest of the game will be move than riveting. We'll be cheering from different corners so may the best team win.


Special K said...

I'm going to edit my comment a little because some small brained under the bridge people need it spelled out.

'No pictures of the faux on HIS twitter'

sick of beards said...

10. Management told him to put up a picture of the cutest girl on the trip.

That's funny. And with Chloe Bennet as his traveling companion, definitely true.

Special K said...

Congrats Seaweed!

Seaweed said...

It was a hellish great series because both teams are exceptional. Made the other match-ups look kinda soft in comparison. Boston played an incredible 7 game stretch. Thanks for your words of congrats Special, you're a good sport too!

Now I'm off to blanket harbour, visions of Jake and Austin sugarplums dancing in my head. LOL


destiny said...

I think there's been talk of some spin-off to Chloe's show or another comic-book related show, maybe Austin is hoping to get a part.

And yeah, how strange that he's tweeting about elephants and not NY or the upfronts.