Saturday, May 10, 2014


Austin has shared another picture via Twitter and it made OMG think

Sunrise in Krabi, Thailand ---------->  AUS10

Have you noticed something about a lot of his pictures?

And it's not just Austin,  but people who've worked with Austin, they put him in the similar setting too.


prairiegirl said...

Did he spell Krabi right?


Methodical Muser said...

Amazing that Austin could spell the name of a small town on the west coast of southern Thailand, but couldn't for the life of him spell the word for one of the largest religions in the world with over 300 million people.

awwwwwww said...

Jake & Jay-Z

Jake bedding everyone said...

What is so special about Jake being photographed with Jay Z? It's just another example of repackaging him to a new audience. I have to laugh that a lot of posts are shipping Jake with Jay Z and sometimes with Beyonce. Talk about desperate and lame. Is there anyone Jake can be next too who he is not sleeping with? Duh! Austin Nichols.

And, by the way, where is the girlfriend? Great opportunity to roll her out to the world.

small detail said...

Is there anyone Jake can be next too who he is not sleeping with? Duh! Austin Nichols.

Jake is next to Austin Nichols twice per year.

Jake bedding everyone said...

Jake being at a basketball on a Saturday night proves nothing more than he was at a basketball game on a Saturday night. Did I mention he was without the girlfriend? Thought so.

Special K said...

Jake, Jay-Z, and Beyonce

Jay-Z: Can they please stop talking about potty training and how hard it is to find a good surrogate?

There's 24 hours in a day said...

I see this person who is obsessed with Austin, is still trying to suggest that Jake being seen in a staged photo op tells us anything about his personal life. Clue: It doesn't. Jake let's us see what he wants us to see. And, he is soooooo deep in the closet, he ain't going to let anyone see him with Austin. WME will make sure of that.

prairiegirl said...

The troll's deleted comment said it all.

The name on the comment? "New York". Clue #1

The message that was posted about "Austin who?", about Jake not proving he's a father by being with JayZ at a b-ball game was brought over here this morning repeatedly (most of which a lot of times you never saw because they were deleted).

There's your huge clue. That's what the NBA game photo op was mostly about. You have to watch when the paid troll appears. You have to watch the mantra he repeats because that is what WME wants to pitch. That is what they want you to buy. It's the oldest marketing strategy from Business 101.

It's all right there. You don't really have to look any further.

Watch the paid troll and you will see it all. He gives it away like a politician's 4th of July parade brochure and you really don't need to know anymore.

Methodical Muser said...

Great comment, Special. Kids are about all Jake and Beyonce have in common alright.

Agree with you about the troll, PG. The taunting, the emphasis on NY, the shipping Jake with anyone but Austin, promoting the idea that Austin has a new girlfriend...all of it is scripted.

Hard to miss what isn't there said...

I want to know why Jake is not seen with the "girlfriend" at the Nets/Miami Heat game. This was obviously a classic couple opportunity. Yet, Jake is not photographed front row and center with his chick of the month. Jake and WME are all about the "I'm straight" promotion. Here they had a chance to have Jake making out with his chick courtside and they dropped the ball. Ha, ha. Get it? Drop the ball.

If Jake Gyllenhaal is so heterosexual that really should be the only kind of pics we see of him. Not with his sister. Not with Jay Z. Not with mystery coeds. Not with bromatic "dates" with directors. Instead, all we get is a high profile, saturation rich photo op where posters are trying to put Jake and Jay Z together as a couple. If that isn't all you need to see to figure out how manufactured all this is.

I Forgot said...

I thought Jay Z was gay and in the closet too. Oh, that's right. That's what Jake has in common with him.

prairiegirl said...

blah blah blah blah
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Since when did Charlie Brown's school teacher take up residence here?

BWAH! You've got to watch this

Oh, I just killed myself. oh my dog, you've got to watch that.

Methodical Muser said...

LOL! That Charlie Brown video captures the blah, blah, blah of the troll all right.

prairiegirl said...

And of course, I am referring to the paid visitor's blather that he keeps trying to put up.

I'm sorry, folks, but he is not going to be allowed to take over this blog. He's got his own blog where he posts the same nonsense.

This is OMG and again -

OMG is not for sale.

This is a special day. I hope those who are able to, can see their mom today or call her. Or hey, call a friend or an aunt - someone else who is a mom.

Or just spend a moment and thank her through your memories.

There are and have been so, so, so many great moms out there. They have busted their butts for their children and us children have no idea everything that they ever did for us.

AUS10 said...

My new friends in Thailand. This made me think of my mom. Happy Mothers Day, Mom. Thanks for making sure I got food

prairiegirl said...

Netflix streaming rocks.

It's not meTV, but it still rocks.