Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stroke ....Stroke.... Stroke

Austin tweeted that his film Stroker is being shown at it's first film festival

My short film has a festival and a world premiere!! I'm excited. Who wants to see it? - AUS10

"Phil Stroker wakes up in a world of cubicles and florescent lights. His co-workers shout at him for being too slow. He can no longer connect to his wife in a meaningful way. No one treats him with any respect. One day after work, Phil walks into the water and swims home. For the first time in his life, he finds something that he is good at. And as he explores deeper and deeper into this new world, Phil may find out that the world he has been living in, for so long, is not his rightful place."

Written and directed by Austin it also stars Virginia Williams,
Marisa Quinn, Sonny Carl Davis and Julie Holland. Austin's friend Dan Keyes provided the music.

His co-star and fellow Texan  Quinn recently spoke about the movie, and that it said it will be out on the festival circuit.

No word what festival it is, but OMG will keep on the look out for it. 


New Yorker said...

I think that the boy from the cast from Newsies might just be a Nets fan. He's a kid living in the NYC area and the Nets are the cool team right now. So I don't see it as a big thing.

But that being said I have seen parents use their kids as a way to get celebrities. They either want to make their child famous or they want part of their fifteen minutes by association. Many times the little kids doesn't know who the celeb is and then the child is uncomfortable, the celeb is uncomfortable and the situation is awkward. The celebrity makes the best of the situation.

^^ I totally Agree! Well Said.

The opposing comment about Jake taking pictures with someone's kids made no sense to me.

Special K said...

Is anyone else curious to see Stroker? I know I am.

Projects like this are incredibly personal and the story seems like a metaphor of Austin's own life.

prairiegirl said...

I want to explain further where I was going with what I said last night because my view hasn't changed. Even the morning after, it hasn't changed.

One of the goals of Jake and his people are trying to accomplish, have been trying to accomplish is to get us to come on this blog and squee over Jake being "brave enough" to be photo'd with one or more of his own kids.

It's BT baiting.

And what I'm saying about the Michael Jackson thing is this. I'm not saying Jake doesn't ever think. He's shrewd. Many times, though he does ride that short bus, especially when he and Austin think that what they do is going to close down OMG by "disgusting" us off. They're the lone riders on that bus.

But what I'm saying is what is different with Jake is 1) he's 33 years old 2) he's single 3) he's mentioned before numerous times about "finding the right woman" and wanting a family with 4 or whatever kids.

His age and his marital status is what makes this not a good idea should he continue this trend. Not only that, but he also did that play where he played an uncle and it was widely written that there were incestuous overtones to the relationship between his character and the niece. I'm not sure what makes one decide to do a play with that kind of story sub-plot line, but maybe that's just me.

Regardless, if he's going to continue this trend of being seen with small children without showing any signs that he's interested in searching for a mate so that he can have his own children, as a single, 33 year old man, it's going to start to look very odd.

destiny said...

I have to say Chloe looks very butch in that lamp photo, I really get strong lesbian vibes from her.

prairiegirl said...

After the photo with the kid in the Brooklyn Nets T shirt over in Vegas, then seeing the accompanying photos with other celebs, I thought Oh wow, Jake got taken on that one. Odd about the Nets T shirt but hey, looks like that dad knew he was going to be there and he put the shirt on his kid to try and catch Jake's eye. And it worked!

Okay, so I dismissed that one.

But this is the second time. This is the second time now. Jake gets photo'd with a kid in a Nets shirt and these 2 boys are the subject of this woman's Twitter diary. The 2 boys with other celebrities, the 2 boys playing, watching videos, etc. etc. It's kind of unsettling after you look at her twitter account for awhile.

Just who is that woman? And why is she running an account based on these 2 still-rather-small boys? If you look at the one on Jake's right, after all, he still has baby's hands, that's how young he still is.

And how is it Jake gets "taken advantage of" twice? Twice within 2 months?

I don't buy it. Jake is very careful when and how often he gets photo'd now. Now he's on an Oscar campaign so we're going to be seeing him a lot more often, but these photo ops are still carefully planned and under controlled circumstances.

There's a method to his madness.

It doesn't mean that Vanessa Brown isn't using these boys for her own thrill-seeking or benefit. It doesn't mean that there isn't ill-intent on her part. She's an equal partner.

But I think Jake and Austin have definitely tipped over that edge. They've tipped over that edge because they're now using Ramona when they didn't before. They're now using children for an ulterior purpose. I say "they" because even though it's Jake, Austin has to agree to this as well.

And that's when you've really lost a grip on reality when you start doing that kind of thing.

I think it's important to pay attention to what these guys are doing behind the scenes "for" their careers. It's as important as their projects themselves and all a part of the timeline.

prairiegirl said...

destiny said...

I have to say Chloe looks very butch in that lamp photo, I really get strong lesbian vibes from her.

She comes across very strong and rough to me.

Well, time for some lunch on this, my unexpected day of Vacay! Got to take some time off while we're still fully staffed, if you know what I mean. Unfortunately, I really haven't accomplished a darn thing thus far, lol.

Florida Tom said...

Alright now I am confused. Why would some lady with a twitter account want Ramona in the picture with Jake and her kids. Did I read that right ????

Special K said...

There were rumors that Jessica Chastain might be on Season 2 of True Detective, but it confirms she won't be according to ENews.

I still wonder about the rumor about Jake doing the show. It is a good way to keep him out in front of audiences.


prairiegirl said...

Tom, the two boys aren't hers. One of the boys calls Vanessa Brown their "wrangler", someone who looks after a child in a Broadway production.

But if you look at her Twitter account, you will see that she has photo'd these 2 boys with other celebrities.

And yes, she took a photo of Jake with the two boys, and Ramona was in the photo.