Monday, May 26, 2014

Manga.... Manga?

When Jake's Prisoner co-star (and Austin's Beautiful Boy co-star) Mario Bello visted the show The Chew she talked about having the cast over to her apartment during filming for family dinner.

Bello a great cook, talked about making chicken and her mom's pasta for everyone. She mentioned that Hugh could eat anything he wanted and as much as he wanted for 8 straight hours.  When Mario asked about Jake, she mentioned that he was on a diet for another role.

Was Jake working to slimming down for Nightcrawler during production for Prisoners?  If so the dramatic weight loss was not as much of a crash plan but a long range one.

Remembering the sacrifices of some for the rights and freedoms of all.


prairiegirl said...

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh has attracted another feature film with a big-name actor.

“Southpaw,” starring Jake Gyllenhaal, will be shot around Western Pennsylvania this summer, according to Hope Films Inc., which is seeking extras for the film.

Filming will take place in Indiana County from mid- to late June and from early July to early August in Pittsburgh.

“Southpaw” is about a boxer who fights his way to the top, only to find his life falling apart around him, according to the Internet Movie Database.

Casting calls for extras to portray boxing spectators will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Saturday in Indiana Mall, 2334 Oakland Ave. in Indiana. Anyone interested in Pittsburgh-area scenes can find a casting form at

Filmmakers are seeking all types of men and women, 18 and older preferred.

The extras casting director told Channel 11 the production team is looking for 1,500 to 2,000 people for boxing scenes that will be shot over the course of eight days in Indiana.

The casting director also told Channel 11 that on the following Saturday, May 31, an open casting call will be held in Pittsburgh. Those chosen at the Pittsburgh casting could be in street scenes, gala scenes and other scenes.

The director of “Southpaw” Antoine Fuqua is from Pittsburgh. He graduated from Taylor Allderdice High School and attended West Virginia University.

The film is the latest Western Pennsylvania project to earn a state tax credit, a representative of The Weinstein Co. film studio confirmed. The amount was not available.

The tax credit program started in 2004 and was expanded in 2007. It allows filmmakers who spend at least 60 percent of production budgets in Pennsylvania to apply 25 percent of expenses spent here to offset state taxes. Using qualified production facilities can add another5 percent in tax credits.

Pittsburgh has attracted movies ranging from the blockbuster “The Dark Knight Rises” to the lower-budget “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”

In 2010, Gyllenhaal worked in Pittsburgh to film “Love and Other Drugs,” which also starred Anne Hathaway.

Jake Gyllenhaal movie to be shot around Western Pa.; How you can be in film

lol - I like how the article calls Jake a "big-name" actor. I'm going to start calling him "Big Name" for short.

prairiegirl said...

Well, the guys' EKG has gone back to its normal rhythm, hasn't it? Notice that? Beep!......Beep!......Beep!......Beep!......Beep!
Yup. Status quo. Same old, same old. "I'll have the usual".

Isn't that something. You had this series of heart attacks and blood pressure spikes starting about the week prior to April 24 and those went all the way through to the boys' anniversary in May (M&M, did I hear you give a shoutout that the PowerPoint Arrow could possibly point to May 14???? hmmm????)

The patient survived and now everyone's back in a regular room for now. LOL.

Isn't that something.

smh. I mean, that was just an onslaught. It was a tsunami of pictures, tweets, Tumblr's (apparently PR sees the need now to really utilize Tumblr **eye roll**), and television and printed media. Tsunami complete with accompanying mudslides. Because there was a lot of sledge involved, wasn't there.

And now......hammock swingin'. Paramedics be on the alert for any moment of reoccurrence, though. Pacemakers aren't going to be of any benefit.

prairiegirl said...

Sledge? Sludge? I might have a typeo in there.

Well, gotta run. Gotta go see what's going on with my boys, J2. Boy, the fallout continues in that whole deal.

Talk about a PR nightmare at that RIBCon. When you have actors in the closet, it's amazing how much uproar you can have and usually it originates because studios are trying to keep that closet out of sight and buried 10 feet deep.

I'd love to drop-kick those old gramps into their own playpen along with their orange cones, Detour signs and ancient paper maps. The rest of us are using GPS devices and Scout systems and those old buzzards are doing nothing but holding us back.

Florida Tom said...

They truly believe str8 woman will not go to a movie whose leading man is openly Gay. I know many woman who love and are very sexually attracted to gay men. I agree though that a lot of str8 men will not go to a movie if one of the leading men are Gay,

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

I don't know how I feel about that. I believe it sometimes, and yet I'll tell you what.

I can buy NPH as a straight lover.

I couldn't buy Colleen Dewhurst in a real feminine role.

I could forget Lance Bass' sexual orientation when he danced a hot number with his female partner on DWTS

Knowing Katherine Hepburn's sexuality doesn't alter at all my ability to buy her as Spencer Tracy's wife in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.

When I hear Michael Jackson singing "girl" so often in his song lyrics, I remember that he wasn't straight, but it does not take away at all my enjoyment of the lyrics. I forget for those 3 minutes and it doesn't matter that the lyrics were singing about a girl.

Jake does 'angry' very well. Since October Sky, he has done angry very well and who's thinking about his sexuality then?

But I'm weary beyond words of him slamming heads onto tables, stabbing people into a pool of blood and posing like a rapper and wearing big Nikes shoes with Big "NIKE"'s plastered over the front of his shirt to try and look like some kind of hip, super serious actor of only 23 years.

He's become Greg Brady in that episode of The Brady Bunch when Greg wanted so badly to impress an older girl and he wore "cool" clothes with fringe and the "cool" shades.

Not sunglasses, as Greg told his siblings. Noooo, they were shaaaaades. And he called Mr. and Mrs. Brady "Mike" and "Carol" to prove how cool he was.

Jake could be cool if he would just be whoever he is anymore. Yes, he has to have changed. But no one sees how. Instead all people get to see is "NIKE" and now that he's campaigning for an Oscar, he's smiling again, shaking hands and kissing babies.

Who knows who it is that we're seeing now. And this facade totally affects me being able to buy whatever it is he's selling.

Advocate said...

Stormé DeLarverie, a longtime member of the Stonewall Veteran’s Association and pioneer LGBT activist, died Saturday morning. DeLaverie was 93 years old.

The Bronx LGBTQ Center called DeLarverie the “Rosa Parks” of the gay rights movement in a statement Tuesday.

DeLarverie was born in New Orleans on December 24, 1920, and is best known for having a role in the popular drag performance group, Jewel Box Revue. The group was comprised of a dozen drag queens and DeLarverie, as King Stormé, the sole drag king.

DeLarverie’s most renowned activist work was at the Stonewall uprising, the 1969 riot following a police raid on a New York City LGBT bar that is often credited as launching the modern day fight for LGBT equality.

At a Stonewall Veterans event, DeLarverie recalled, “A cop said to me, ‘Move faggot’, thinking that I was a gay guy. I said, ‘I will not! And, don’t you dare touch me.’ With that, the cop shoved me and I instinctively punched him right in his face. He bled! He was then dropping to the ground — not me!” Two weeks after the rebellion, DeLarverie was a part of the official formation of the Stonewall Veteran’s Association on July 11, 1969.

DeLarverie was a vital member of the Stonewall Veteran’s Association, rising through the ranks to eventually become the organization’s vice president. The Imperial Kings and Queens of Greater New York, a sister organization to the Stonewall Veteran’s Association, also recognized DeLaverie’s work in the early drag scene.

The New York Times ran a piece on DeLarverie in 2010, detailing the activist’s years struggling with evictions, and hospitalization after being found “disoriented and dehydrated” at the Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan, DeLarverie's longtime home. Despite these hardships, DeLarverie still reminisced the days of being one of the first advocates for gay rights.

A memorial service will be held this Thursday, May 29 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., at the Greenwich Village Funeral Home in New York City.

prairiegirl said...

Holy cow! Wow, she sure talked back to that cop, didn't she?

93 years old. Now that's a good, long life. That's awesome.

You know, I'm trying not to talk too much about J2 because this is, after all a Jake & Austin blog and I'm sure people are sick & tired of my slobbering.

But it's so interesting to compare Jared & Jensen to Jake and Austin as I watch all of this in real time. Their differences in bearding are worlds apart and I have formed an opinion on which method I prefer now. But that's not what my comment is about - I'll save that one for another day.

Look at Jared in this picture. This guy is so flamboyant it isn't funny. He is loaded down with so much sass, it pours from the soles of his shoes.

And you know what? He's not afraid to show it. He thrusts his hips & ass out more than some girls do. He's got the bitch face and the pout and scarves up the ying yang. He ties a scarf better than I do on myself. lol.

He cries and he's emotional and he tosses his hair like he's in a Glamour Shot more times than you can shake a stick at.

He is himself (except for the closet he lives in). He is so full of love and he's a huge hugger and he is full of concern and caring. The stories to back this up are profuse in the fandom. But he is still very much a man. A beautiful, lovely, goofy man.

All I ever wanted to do was love on Jake and Austin. But they just shoved people away because of what they're hiding.

Well - Jared and Jensen are hiding their sexuality too. And although they have wives to cover up their secret, they don't push their fans away and they hug and touch in public and they share some stories that some guys wouldn't be caught telling if they valued their image.

What a contrast in study, that's all I can say. A huge contrast.

prairiegirl said...

But that's all neither here nor there. Jake and Austin believe they are taking the correct road, the only road they can so hey - I'm just on the sidelines watching.

Don't let me go on so. I'll get off before I overextend my stay on the soapbox. lol

In the meantime, Special, that is a gorgeous shot of the American flags. Just beautiful!!

Special K said...

Thanks PG, the picture is from the flags that covered the Boston Common. Volunteers placed over 35,000 flags to represent those from Massachusetts who lost their lives in service since the Revolutionary War.