Thursday, May 1, 2014

Book Club

Jake at the James Baldwin Discussion at Columbia University.

Jake and Colm Toibin lead a discussion on James Baldwin's book Another Country, as part of  Columbia University's year long celebration of James Baldwin.

Who hasn't seen this look during a lecture

I'm not going up there unless you're going up there.
 Colin and Jake discussing the book.

 A tweet said that one of the passages Jake read was a sex scene.  But knowing Baldwin - was it gay, straight, or all comers?

Yup!  I know the answer to that.

Jake doing what he does best when making a point

 Did you think you would get just scholar discussion?  Think again !  The funny expressions are free.

Jake is sporting some new hardware - a new bracelet.

He'd have to lose the beard, but there something about picture makes him look like he's back in school (elementary, my dear Jakeson)

 It could be a show - Two Guys and a Table!


prairiegirl said...

This has got to be one of the biggest moments in "unofficial" OMG history.

I rank this find right up there with Leadville.

Austin was able to spend his birthday with Jake and the kids in 2014. You bet he did.

You all missed it happening in real time last night but now you see the Austin/FauxChlo stuff being brought over? That's the reaction to what was posted last night about Kiera Knightley being in Everest.

This is incredible. I know most of you probably don't see it, but this is awesome.

prairiegirl said...

lol, how Mgmnt must be hacked at us.

Doesn't matter about the Thailand stuff. Doesn't matter about China. Those were paid business trips and not done in real time. Doesn't matter about L.A.

They knocked themselves out to set this up, probably been working on it for most of the year, ever since M & M exposed the Marcus Mumford/Austin birthday partnership.

And that Kiera Knightley story has confirmed their plan to me, and now all that work they did, the money spent.....out the window.

happy said...

Austin and Chloe in Thailand

prairiegirl said...

Someone's whistling in the dark. The lights have gone out on that whole trip.

They messed up when they stopped tweeting/FB/Tumblr'ing after Friday. They soooo screwed up.

Never should have stopped.

Now this is all nothing but reaction to our realization last night. Nothing but reaction.
And that's the best position to be in.

6 months ago said...

Austin and Chloe with friends, LA, October 2013

prairiegirl said...

^^^ And that is what the paid visitor was busy with last night after he left the blog. All of that.

The troll got no sleep last night because he was busy.

Well, too bad it was all for naught.Sell it somewhere else. Those are some crappy quality hayride photos too, let me tell you.

There is nothing anymore now that touches Jake or Austin, that isn't tainted. Everything has WME's fluorescent dye on it.

Is there no end? said...


PG give a rest will you.

What on earth are YOU scared of??

Everytime Jake or Austin is "near" a female you go into damage control.

Everytime Jake or Austin go on a international trip/vacation, in your eyes, the two just have to be together and someone just have to be pulling the wool over "your" eyes. What on earth is wrong with you.

Give it a rest and stop acting as if your assumptions are the exact truth, because you don't know and most likely you are stretching things tremendously.

Is there no end said...

and, what's it to you?

Are you trying to keep your story as you see it going strong to the few believers of PG's truth?

prairiegirl said...

lol. Paid visitor is hacked.

Here's a news flash for you, Jack.

This is OMG. This is where I hang out. You've got your own blog, WFT2 where you have free rein to post everything you want.

I can't help it you don't like what I'm saying. Too bad.

what a joke said...

You all missed it happening in real time last night but now you see the Austin/FauxChlo stuff being brought over?

Huh??? Did you forget that this is blog about Austin, too? Posting photos of Austin is part of being blog about Austin.

Will it end said...

^^ what does relentless pursecution of Jake's character have to do with the fact that this is an OMG blog. I thought this was a place for fans of "Jake".

You are relentless as if you're scared of something.

If things don't happen as you want, you go on attack, then "claim" it's all PR and managment or whatever for whatever whenever.

Paying no attention to your over-the-top assessment of someone else life who you happen to attack daily.

Special K said...

Who knew it had so much power?

Breaking Brad

At a talk with Jake Gyllenhaal and I am paralyzed by the power of #manbun

Special K said...

But the eyes still got it too.

Top 22 Most Breathtaking Blue Eyes Hollywood's Ever Seen

destiny said...

I really hate that bun. I sure hope he loses it after he's done filming.

This blog must be awfully powerful in the eyes of Hollywood and the Jake and Austin are gay naysayers or they would leave us alone. Although I really don't understand why you think we're going to pack and run after all these years. It's like thinking that a couple of annoying flies are going to ruin a good meal with friends--not happening.

norwegian girl said...

i am sorry to be annoying about my thoughts, but i mentioned viggo mortensen here the other day, well,if you serarch him up, he`s there with hiis beard. i don`t mind if it`s real, like jake and austin! but i do not care much for liers. everyone has to lie to some degree. jake does. viggo does too much....
i do not believe a wrd he says anymore, all his words depends on his neewest film. suck actors!or at least, dont tust them

To Destiny said...

Destiny, not many come here saying Jake and Austin are not gay. I don't know where that's comin from, but some including myself are mystified at every turn of those two guys life made out to look as if 99% of their time on earth is to jump thru hoops and high wires to fool regulars at this blog. Surely they have a better life than that. I believe they do, you may not. And that's even if they are gay, OR bi. And fyi, some don't believe they have children. I believe most don't. Some regulars here also. But, it's a subject that's off limits unless you tow the lines of some who "think" they know it all and Everything.

prairiegirl said...

lol. Man oh man, somebody is still pitching a huge hissy fit. .

"OR bi".

LOL. Seriously? I wonder if they were typing that with a straight face?

;) said...

eliza parrett ‏@lizaparrett 3h
Het and han just met Austin Nichols in an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, extremely jealous #austinnichols #julianbaker #OneTreeHill