Tuesday, November 30, 2010

For His Protection

Do you think the reason they keep putting Austin in helmets is because he keeps banging his head against the wall there?

Can you say Spaceballs?

Think mom in law to be Victoria approves?

Ok maybe not.

Tonight on the Crazy Tree.
Not a Triumph but a Vespa

“Lists, Plans” BrookeDavis(TM) and Julian play dress up ride scooters and go skydiving. The Real Housewife of Tree Hills sets up a concert at Tric featuring Kid Cudi in another musical stunt casting and to make up a story line to with her support hot line newest find Erin. Bikini Quinn sneaks out of town to do some shopping. Everybody else, they're own on their own.

OTH's take on convenience. And look who's watching the store.

And get your rice and old shoes ready. There's gonna be a hitchin' next week on OTH.

"Hitch your wagon to a star."

Austin's fundraiser for the Gulf drops today. Gasoline Rainbow (Roark Records) is now available on Itunes. A hundred percent of the proceeds go to Global Green's efforts in the Gulf.Just before the holiday Austin did an interview with Extra at The Grove, either about the fundraiser and/or what's coming up on OTH. It hasn't aired yet, but might tonight.


destiny said...

Ted actually said he only "assumes" Taylor is pushing a seriopus fauxmance. But it does not matter, my real point is that Jake is a partner in all of this.

Same with Austin. The fact that Sophia is doing the talking does not change his WILLING participation in a fauxmance.

Also, my point was not that Austin is not using Sophia, but that Jake takes it to a whole different level.

At least Austin is using it to promote the environment, and getting experience putting together a CD, instead of promoting coffee spots and Whole Foods.

Special K said...

Taylor's marketing machine makes Reese look like a rookie. So don't say they don't have anything to do with this. Because let's review what she and her people have done before with John Mayer, Taylor Lautner and Joe Jonas. They've all been tied to her records, movies or projects. And when did this start? Days before HER album debut and the day after HER CMA nominations.

If this was just Jake's people it would have been built more around his schedule which it looks like was secondary to her. Being officially seen after the movie opens really doesn't really help you.

Yes both of the guys are involved. But these woman are not innocent in this , they are fully aware and fully involved and participating. And both are going to get something out of it too.

I do give Austin credit for using it to bring something good out of it. It was a smart thing to do and a good way to avoid the red carpet rodeo Sophia needs for her attention fix and way better alternative to the engagement story she alluded to on the red carpet early this past summer.

austin's twitter said...

# #GasolineRainbows is currently #16 on iTUNES. Help us get to #1. Go buy it now!! All money goes to the Gulf!! 27 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

# Go to iTUNES right now and get #GasolineRainbows. All proceeds go to the Gulf. Incredible bands all gave their music for free!! about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

another day another cup said...

Jake and Taylor out for coffee in Nashville. TMZ

destiny said...

Not saying Taylor isn't involved, just that Ted makes it sound like Jake is really pushing it, and that especially after this past weekend, I think Jake is no innocent bystander at the mercy of a scheming woman.

Jersey Tom said...

More like Jake is a desperate man on the prowl for anything that can give him fame. Nobody is buying tixs to see Jake's movies. He has to try everything he can. He knows Talyor is a huge celeb. Jake may feel it slipping away. That's how I feel right now.

prairiegirl said...

I hear you, Tom. I hear you, Special. I hear you, Destiny. I hear everyone.

I hear you, M&M. Grainy pictures. Real "authentic" touch.

PR seems to be trying new tricks this time around. Because we know there aren't paps hanging around these coffee houses in Nashville. Come on!! Grainy pictures, to what? Make it look like they're cell phone pictures? Make it seem more authentic?

LOL! Don't make me laugh.

And check out Jake's Grandpa Sweater!! It's Mister Rogers out with one of the Mouseketeers. Oooh. Wait. That sounds really nasty. PR - you almost had it. You need to work on Jake's wardrobe. He looks like Grandpa Walton in this one.

I'd call him a Sugar Daddy but TayTay's pulling in way more bucks than he is.

prairiegirl said...

Jake is a Daddy. Just not a Sugar one. Gee, I wonder if Tay Tay's been clued in on this part of Jake's life?

Now I've been as hard as anyone on both Jake & Austin in the past several weeks. And I'm not giving Austin any slack for compiling a green cd. The cd may have never happened if he wasn't hooked up with Soap. It's tainted as far as I'm concerned. Anything these guys touch while they're bearding is tainted, to me.

But that's beside the point and not as important.

Special K said...

I never said that he wasn't involved, but it is not all him. But I do think Taylor still the one on top of the situation look where they are, and that she is now see out walking around Nashville getting pictures by herself looking all shy, after the coffee thing. The same thing she did after the other coffee thing in Nashville.

prairiegirl said...

Back to the Leadville avatar. And it's not because I'm all aglow over these 2 guys and whatever's going on right now with them because whatever's going on, it's not good. Neither one is in a good place and they're both showing it. They both look awful.

Austin, buddy? You were weathering it well there for quite awhile. You were keeping the chin up and you were still looking chipper through all of your photo ops, even through the Spain deal. I'm not sure what has happened since then, but something certainly seems to have.

It is wearing you down. You're looking like hell. Someone needs to tell you that.

Why the families or close, non-Hollywood friends of these 2 guys aren't sounding an alarm is beyond me because these 2 are literally chopping years off of their lifespan by way of stress & distress.

Their managers/agents sure aren't going to step in and they never will. They could care less about their clients.

prairiegirl said...

Man, I had two coffees today and my heart is doing a thud-thud thing. Too much caffeine!!

I've got to get back to comment replying. These 2 guys depress me, lol. And TayTay just icks me. That lil' gal is scary.

I'll tell you what, though.

Yes, both guys agreed to do these bearding things. I fully agree with this.

But I'll tell you what doesn't jive and there is no denying this.

Both guys are looking like HELL. They look awful and they look rough. They look lousy when they're with their beards. That last picture of Austin at the car show? I've not seen Austin look so lifeless. Even Soap isn't shining for the camera. And Jake in Nashville in the weekend pic? Reminds me of the Cabo pictures. And that's just from behind!

If these guys were doing this solely for the $$$, the fame, and the glory, they would not be looking like this. I am sorry, but they wouldn't be looking like they've been living out of their cars and getting by on 3 hours of sleep a night.

If it was all about the parties, the rag covers, the headlines and the money, they would be finding themselves a female that they at least could have fun with. Austin & Soap? No longer having fun. They used to - but after the Breakthrough Week, that pretty much went by way of the highway.

Why would someone look like these 2 are if all they're wanting is attention and fame? Wouldn't you at least put some chutzpah into it? Wouldn't you try to look good for the rag cover? Wouldn't you be into it at least?

Why do you look like someone's pulling splinters out of your eye?

Giving Jake even less credit... said...

Awe, shucks.
We know Jake is capable of swinging both ways, or at least trying. I have no doubt this is 100% PR-driven, but I also think jersey tom is right - Jake is the desperate one in this arrangement, and is likely doing a decent job of pretending to be into Swifty, and she's not totally on to it just being pretend. Remember, she's just turned 20.

destiny said...

Given this is her third boyfriend, no way she's not on to it. I could however believe she thinks she can change him, which is what Ted said, especially if Jake leads her on.

Special K said...

Actually the hitchin' was a daydream that BrookeDavis(TM)had or more like her nightmare. But don't miss the first 5 minutes of OTH tonight. It's a hell of hitchin'

Ted said...

Sophia Austin: Do-Gooders or Totally Doable?

If there's one couple activity that Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols love, it's saving the world (as long as no nudity is required, duh!). So we weren't too shocked to find out that Soph and her One Tree Hill costar slash BF were up to their do-gooding again, this time making a compilation CD to aid gulf rescues.

So do you totally heart this charitable couple? Or are you finally sick of their saintly sweetness?

Listen, we're tres thrilled that celebs are still drumming up attention for the gulf (cause things aren't just magically fixed down there now that the telethons have ended). It's totally cool that Sophia and her guy would rather go green than wild but...

Why the heck do they have to be so boring?

Kudos galore to the twosome for their environmentalism, but where the heck is the spice in their relaysh? We know S. and A. aren't into the whole H'wood scene but would a sexy tweet back and forth or playful smooch in public kill them?

Hiking and picking out indie rock songs is nice and all, but they might as well be double-dating on ice cream runs or apple picking outings with BFF Jake Gyllenhaal and his new (gag) GF Taylor Swift.


At least we can thank S. and A. for not forcing their lovey dovey adorableness down our throats à la Gyllenswift (Or is it Jaylor 2.0? Swiftenhall? Are we even going to bother naming 'em?). Just wait until J. and T. release their mix CD of songs that get them all hot 'n' bothered between coffee dates.

Yuck. Oh well, thanks again for helping out the oil-soaked birdies, ya love birds!

the real m said...

Clever of Ted to find a way to link all 4 names. I would like to see that double date. The guys side by side on one side of the table, the women - I mean beards, on the other.

Off topic but there is the cutest clip on ONTD of Jesse Tyler Ferguson on Nate Berkus. The shtick was that Jesse was supposed to put a check mark on the 5 essential things out of 20 that should be in a home. He leaned over and put a check on Nate. They both beamed like Jake and Austin. It was so cute. Is Nate in a relationship? They would make a cute couple.

Just cruising around the web, Jake and Taylor are still getting major negative reaction everywhere. I'm sure PR was expecting them to be the next Brad and Angie. Since we cant even see Jakes face in the photo I doubt he looked happy to be there. Agree PG, Austin looks like crap and he and Sophia lost it a while back. The fastest way to lose a friendship is to do business with a friend. Something always comes up.

I said it the other day, the whole thing is a train wreck. Its going to take Jake a long time to recover from this one. Look for Source Code to suffer the after effect.

destiny said...

Ditto everything M said about Ted, Jake, Austin, Sophia and Taylor.

Austin didn't even look good in OTH tonight.

Jake better wake up and get some new management.

For starters, why in the heck was he playing faux footsie with Swifty instead of attending the Gotham Independent Film awards, where James Shamus was honored? I'm beginning to wonder if things have fallen so far that he isn't even being invited to these things.

Jersey Tom said...

After watching the news tonight I am very hopeful that TADT will be a thing of the past before the end of this Conressional lame duck session. Hopefully if it does the military carrries out the order in an appropiate way and in reasonable time. There is some fear that Gays and Straights may be seperated when it comes to lodging and the showers. Kinda like when Black people served but were kept seperate. I sure hope not.

It will be sweet to see Daniel Choi
be able to reenlist. I think Daniel made people think about how stupid it is to discharge a good soldier with skills that are needed right now in communcations around the Arab world. Got my fingers crossed.

Thanks so much for your help and support in these matters JAKE. Mr. panty waist is only worried about himself.

Let OMG follow Daniel Choi's example. Don't give up. Jake is Toothy and we will celebrate when he comes out. Of course if we are still alive:-)

prairiegirl said...

If we are still alive, lol. Yeah, really. Who knows, Tom?

I don't know what's going on with Austin but you're right, Destiny. I saw two bits of him on OTH tonight and he didn't even look good on there.

LOLLL! I love how Ted asks for a smooch from Sophin. Hear! Hear!! That's what I've been askin' for, not that it's getting anywhere.

We got the dates on the pictures. We're getting people's names now instead of "a source". Don't you just love that, too? At the coffeehouse in Nashville, we get the actual name of the person who took the cameraphone shot.

LOLLLLL!!! Now that's a stamp of validity right there, I'm telling you! That'll make me slap a twenty on the table to buy that crap.

Yeah, right. Geez. Tell someone who's stupid, why dontcha, PR?

prairiegirl said...

LOLLLLL!!! Lookit my little Santa. That's mine!

That's my little Santa guy in the car. I bought him years and years ago. He's real cool, too. He'll spin wheelies and go real fast. I found him at an antique shop down in Osage Beach one year. That's my desk that he's sitting on.

Speaking of LOL'ing. Another funny.

Check out the picture of Jake that they're using on People.com right now next to Taylor Slick. It's an older one of Jake where he looks a lot younger.

That kind of cracks me up. Not a thing People.com can do, though, about the Old Man sweater with the suede elbow pads. How're you going to disguise that one, People?

Attaboy, Jake. Dress down for her, at least. If you & Tay Tay go to California, might I suggest something from the Jim Toth fashion line? You know, the big Daddy shorts with the dark crew socks and dark tennis shoes. Big, baggy T-shirt.

This latest sweater from Nashville Kills me. It's better than the grey grandpa sweater. It's even way better than Gossip! Oh, no, wait, wrong blog. LOLLLL!!

This new sweater with the elbow pads? It WIPES. THE. FLOOR.

prairiegirl said...

**sigh**. All one can do is try to laugh.

Let's talk about something happy. Another great Christmas cd recommendation: John Denver - A Christmas Concert.

Awesome and Most Enjoyable.
The first song is called Christmas for Cowboys. Great song!

What is it about John Denver that just makes you happy? His voice is so soothing. So happy. So restful and peaceful. I could just listen to him forever. He just takes me to this place that's a happy musical place. Not that I'm in a bad place or anything like that. But when I listen to him sing, I know that he loves to sing. I think John Denver would've sang if he only had a flutaphone in his hands. The man loved music. That love came out through his music and his lyrics.

This cd has 24 songs on it, most of them Christmas songs but it has a few of his other hits like Country Roads, Annie's Song and Calypso. To hear him sing Calypso "live" is to be electrified by his joy for singing. A man and his guitar. Tony Bennett and his voice. These are two people who just love/loved to sing.

Do I get that from many of today's musicians? Not hardly. I think Rob Thomas is like that. Rob Thomas writes and he sings. Elton John was like that. I think Annie Lennox and Sheryl Crowe are like that.

I better get to bed. lol.

Methodical Muser said...

FRANKLIN, TN - NOVEMBER 30: Honoree Taylor Swift at the CMT Artists of the Year at The Factory on November 30, 2010 in Franklin, Tennessee.

"Swift stood and sang along when Maroon 5 offered a surprisingly speedy version of her latest hit, "Mine...." At the podium, Swift excitedly said, "First, I want to thank Maroon 5 for coming out and taking on such a wordy, girly song. I know you had to change so many of the pronouns in that song to make it work."

Looks like Adam's rant about Jake not being gay worked on Swifty. Nice to know Adam and Tay Tay are such good friends now.

prairiegirl said...

Isn't that amazing?

All things connect, don't they?

They give themselves away.

destiny said...

Awwww, Swyll made the cover of US, with a new photo and proclamation of their love.

Special K said...

It didn't take long this time for Ted to set up the double latte double date for Jake and Austin this time. To me that is another way of Ted saying they are still together. And Ted also adds in the bird references to this one.

Austin as the Redneck Groom for the Hillbilly hitchin' was too much fun. That whole part was good. He's using that Texas twang that you knew he can pull out at a moments notice.

prairiegirl said...

You know, Jake has got to have some kind of an ironclad agreement already with Slick. He has to; no matter how long this charade goes on.

He has too many secrets and what a financial $$$ coup it would be for her to spill secrets in a Jake song.

He's not stupid in this way. I bet she's already signed something saying she won't write a song about whatever happens.

In return, wouldn't you think Jake would be paying a hefty price.

Methodical Muser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

And now we have Rome.

The return of the Dumb Donald cap - official wear of bearding.

I cannot believe him.

LOL!!! said...

What happened to the Reese had her tubes tied troll that used to post here when she feared that Jake was going to deposit his sperm into Reese and make babies!!!!

what? said...

Links please

LOL!! said...

When Jake and Reese started and speculation in the rags about them getting married and having babies, the Reese got her tubes tied after Deacon troll went on a tear posting hear, WTF2, GB, IHJ, JJ, DL, etc claiming they had inside info that she tied her tubes.

LOL!! Did Reese's GYN spill the beans??

The notion that someoen in her position would have her tubes tied for birth control with so many other options was ridiculous.

When it was pointed out that it could be reverded she disappeared!!

LOL!! She was a fangirl that is sure Jake takes it up the ass 24/7 but was still freaking out over the rag fanfic about them getting married.

Poor thing must have worried herself into the looney bin spreading that lie around

Ted said...

Poll: Who is Hollywood's Hottest New Couple?

Jaylor and Tily: The newest romances to hit Hollywood (BTW, totally open for other couple name suggestions).

Seeing as celeb dating in this raunchy town has a pretty terrible success rate, we gotta ask:

Who has a better shot at love, Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift or her ex Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins?

Awful’s Battle of the Exes Poll
Which couple do you think will last?

* 22.6% Jake and Taylor
* 18.7% Taylor and Lily
* 5.9% Both!
* 52.8% Get real, neither!