Monday, November 8, 2010

Tread lightly and carry...

Jake and Anne will be making rounds for LaOD and kicked it off doing a press junket this past weekend in New York. Expect to see a rush of articles and each one doing different spins with the same type of answers. Sometimes junkets are like accidents. Everyone there sees it, the basic facts are there, but everyone's recollection and reporting is different than the others. And no doubt everyone is trying to get a different angle to get the most attention.

There has been a lot Jake has been asked about this time, and it seems like this time there's not a lot of opportunity to say no comment or no questions about "xyz". What a pricker bush this could be to get pass and not get some snags or scrapes.

Tread carefully Mr G. LaOD could turn into Love and Debate quick and don't mean the movie Austin did.

Maybe treading is what happened to the shoes?

Another clip from LaOD - LaOD : This is Nice

LaOD's not the only Jake movie in the news . There's more about Source Code's story.

Captain Colter Stevens wakes with a jolt to find himself on a commuter train heading into Chicago. Although the other passengers all seem to know him, he has absolutely no idea where - or even who - he is.

The last thing he remembers is flying a helicopter mission in Iraq, but now he's in someone else's body and living someone else's life. Before he can do anything an express train zooms by on the opposite track and a bomb explodes, seemingly killing Colter and all the other passengers.

When he comes to, he finds himself suit up in his flight gear, strapped his seat and in an isolation chamber, with mission control reciting a series of memory questions and shockingly he knows the answer too.

Colter finds out that he is a part of an operation called "Beleaguered Castle," and forced to relive the explosion over and over. He must find out the identity of the bomber, go back and stop the bombing from happening, and figure out what "Beleaguered Castle" is.

Jake's Love and Pocket Rockets Media Tour (Check back for updates)

November 17th, 2010

Late Show With David Letterman

November 17, 2010

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November 18th, 2010

Live With Regis & Kelly

Date: November 18, 2010
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November 19th, 2010

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

November 19, 2010

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Methodical Muser said...

Jake Gyllenhaal: Brokeback Was Just Acting!

Wow! Jake is being skewered over at Awful Truth today. I had no idea that he not only tried to distant himself from Brokeback Mountain, but that he actually implied that one of the reasons he did LaOD was to put the "rumors" to rest:

"I would hope that this could clear the air that it [Brokeback Mountain] was acting...."[Anne and I] have sex like 16 or 17 times in this one," laughed Jake to reporters about his and "Annie's" chemistry (which is real good)."

Really? You mean Jake and Anne actually had sex on camera just so Jake could prove he was a real man? Anne must be a real trooper, trying to help Jake out like that. My favorite AT comment thus far is this one:

"I would hope that this could clear the air that it was acting" WTF? Everyone knows that movies are about acting. And that Jake Gyllenhaal is gay because he beards and loves gay sex.

really? said...

That's your favorite comment, M&M? Isn't that pretty much the standard comment to all Jake posts on AT? So juvenile.

Methodical Muser said...

That's your favorite comment, M&M?

Thus far, yes. But, then there's still plenty of hours in the day.

Awful Truth's comments could never compete in the juvenile category with Jake's own pathetic attempt to distance himself from Brokeback Mountain. Sex with AH 16 or 17 times! That pile of manure is not only crude and childish, it's shameless.

heavy sigh said...

It's shameless.

Ain't that the truth. Jake sure played a different tune during that Denby interview. What a hypocrite. Sexy as hell. But, a hypocrite.

I liked this AT observation:

Hey, he [Jake] could get a Golden Globe for the acting in this interview! I wonder what Grey Goose thinks about his latest role.

Esquire UK said...

ESQ: Your real breakthrough came a short while after Jarhead with Brokeback Mountain.

JG: We struck gold with that film. That movie continues to last, and a large part of that has to do with how extraordinary Heath Ledger was, and what a extraordinary force he was as an actor. If he were still alive everybody would be clamouring to work with him. I just feel honoured to have worked with him and to have call him a friend. This movie that Annie and I made was spawned from that. Love and Other Drugs is the child of Brokeback Mountain. It really is. That's how it feels to me. I'm desperate to work with Michelle Williams again.

Incurable said...

Call me an incurable romantic, but I love this "This Is Nice" clip. You can see Anne holding back getting involved. Nice post, Spesh. :)

Stubborn TB said...

Yes, that whole comment couldn't possibly be about the comment Jake made right before it.
You know where he says "'It's different because this story is about us,' Jake told us on the carpet for his premiere at the AFI Fest presented by Audi. 'The other story was about how we were not into each other.'"

He couldn't possibly be joking (maybe it's being German, I thought that's what laughing means) about how he's setting the record straight about him and Anne not being into each other as characters.
Never. Never ever could that be.

Ramona-silly bandtz said...

Methodical Muser said...

(He couldn't possibly be joking maybe it's being German, I thought that's what laughing means) about how he's setting the record straight about him and Anne not being into each other as characters.

Hey, Stubborn. Yes, Jake laughed when he said the comment, but he laughs about a lot of things that he means. There is a phrase in English that I'm sure you're familiar with, "nervous laughter," and Jake is a well-honed practitioner of the art form. He'll say things and then laugh as if to downplay what he just said, but he gets his point across nonetheless. The mere fact that Jake said such a thing, indicates that the idea crossed his mind. He can always say, as you're suggesting, that he was just kidding, but laughter can be used as a way of deflecting criticism about something outrageous that has just been said. The truth is he led the observation with this contextual framework:

"I would hope that this [his hot heterosexual love scenes with Anne in LaOD) could clear the air that it (the scenes between him and Heath) was acting."

If the amused declaration were an isolated instance of this kind of blather, I wouldn't think much about it. But Jake's chortled remark reminds me too much of the Levine "advice" the public received back in September that we all need to stop thinking Jake is gay just because he did Brokeback Mountain. Jake's a bright guy. He knew what he was doing when he made the credibility gap distinction between his "performances" in both movies. Of course he laughed so he could feigned innocence if someone called him on his BS. Because, you see, Jake's good at that sincerity thing too.

My friends and fellow americans said...

Ramona-silly bandtz explanation,

Ah, a study in damage control. I wondered how long it would take for a "plausible explanation" to appear. How convenient for a one-minute no nothing interview to be considered worthy of a You Tube post. I've lived in Orange County my entire life. This, my friends, is how Hollywood perpetuates their homophobic caste system. Everyone protects and provides cover for each other.

Jersey Tom said...

It sure has become apparent that Jake has problems with people thinking he is gay. I totally think he is worried that Gay rumors are hurting his career.
I wouldn't be surprised if Jake does not soon address the rumors and states that he is 100% heterosexual. Jake is not a patient man. He wants to be a leading man ala Pitt, Depp and Leo.
At this point I don't see it and it has nothing to due with people thinking he is Gay. There are rumors about Leo and I believe he is now the hottest Actor in Hollywood. Grow up Jake your not in High School.

Jersey Tom said...

The truth is that BBM has nothing to do with the Gay rumors. Nothing. Jake wants the general public if they get a whiff of those rumlors to think that they exist because of Brokeback and not reality. I truly believe that is now what is going on. Adam Levine did not make the statement he did in the Advocate interview for no reason. Again Adam blamed Brokeback.

Sorry again I am really pissed but the Gay rumors have zero to do with Brokeback. That is a joke and Jake knows it. He knows what is going on with Ted and OMG and WFT. He also knows people are watching his every move. I hope this jerk is outed so bad. I can't stand him anymore and I hope LAOD flops.

destiny said...

Totally agree M and M. Jake would rather be known as straight and the star of a middling romcom than the gay or ambiguous star of an iconic masterpiece.

access hollywood said...

More comedies, no, no Viagra

Jersey Tom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jersey Tom said...

destiny said...
Totally agree M and M. Jake would rather be known as straight and the star of a middling romcom than the gay or ambiguous star of an iconic masterpiece.

So sad but so true. Jake should absolutely be ashamed of himself. The problem is Jake is unemployed right now and it has been a while since he has worked. His career since Brokeback has not been impressive. The embarassment of PoP and now the so so reviews of LAOD and his performance has got him in a panic.

Jake's fame right now revolves around who he dates not his talent. Jake has certainly become a famewhore. It is all he has right now.

so... said...

And you're attracted to jerks and famewhores, Tom? You must be, you're certainly passionate about your feelings for Jake.

Jersey Tom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jersey Tom said...

so... said...
And you're attracted to jerks and famewhores, Tom? You must be, you're certainly passionate about your feelings for Jake.

It has been a long time since I have been passionate about Jake. My anger lies in how he is using a historic iconic movie that I will always love and blaming it for his Gay rumors. Those Gay rumors have nothing to do with BBM. My passion for that movie towers over my passion for Jake. If there is any passion toward Jake it would be to see him outed.

Methodical Muser said...

I thought it would be timely to mention a recent interview with Annie Proulx, in which it is more than evident that she has lost considerable respect for Jake Gyllenhaal over the past five years. Notice that even though she’s commenting on Jake’s performance in Brokeback Mountain, her personal assessment of Jake has taken a 360 degree turnaround from her admiration back in 2005. Since Jake’s performance as Jack Twist has not been altered in the intervening years, I would think her change of heart has something more to do with Jake, the man. I respect Annie for her candor and unwillingness to give Jake a free ride like so many enablers have done…including Anne Hathaway:

Proulx’s assessment of Jake’s performance as Jack Twist - 2005

Associated Press: What did you think of the performances by Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal?

Annie Proulx: I thought they were magnificent, both of them. Jake Gyllenhaal's Jack Twist...wasn't the Jack Twist that I had in mind when I wrote this story. The Jack that I saw was jumpier, homely. But, Gyllenhaal's sensitivity and subtleness in this role is just huge. The scenes he's in have a kind of quicksilver feel to them. Heath Ledger is just almost really beyond description as far as I'm concerned. He got inside the story more deeply than I did. All that thinking about the character of Ennis that was so hard for me to get, Ledger just was there. He did indeed move inside the skin of the character, not just in the shirt but inside the person. It was remarkable.

Q&A with Annie Proulx Oct 25 2010 - 11:55pm | Jordan Gass-Poore'

Proulx’s assessment of Jake’s performance as Jack Twist - 2010

AP: Before the Academy Awards, I was going to write a piece for the Guardian about the Academy Awards and I expected, and they expected, it was going to be about the gowns. I was very disappointed that Heath Ledger did not receive the much-deserved award and I know that he had pulled the characterization of Ennis Del Mar out of his gut. I think he had called on his gay uncle to help him with a lot of his scenes. I felt very highly of Heath. It was a great tragedy when we lost him.

JG: What did you think of Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance in Brokeback Mountain?

Annie Proulx: I think he’s a sweet boy.

TWEET!!!! said...

MadisonLewis1: @DHardie spotted: t swift and jake gyllenhal at the greenwich hotel eating on the patio with jakes mom!!!!
about 3 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

not nice said...

If there is any passion toward Jake it would be to see him outed.

There's a mean-spiritednedness about you.

Jersey Tom said...

access hollywood said...
More comedies, no, no Viagra

We all know Jake does not need Viagra. His obvious erection in the photo where he was standing close to Heath ledger is certain proof to that.

Jersey Tom said...

not nice said...
If there is any passion toward Jake it would be to see him outed.

There's a mean-spiritednedness about you.

What Jake said in that interview was mean spirited and devoius. I am very very dissappointed and am reacting with sorrow in my heart.

tom of olay said...

I har you need viagra Tom!

ihj said...

Love and Other Drugs B-Roll

Interview Jake Gyllenhaal

prairiegirl said...

Troll Alert at 21:42. She just can't help herself, Tom. We know who it is.

prairiegirl said...

Time to call this meeting to order and get down to business.

You know, the guys really have killed in me something that was special but now? Not so much. Because they treat it with so much disrespect. How can I love and appreciate it when they sure don't?

So while there are no longer any glowing remarks or LOL's at "funny" twitters, those days are going to be hard to come by now, a new agenda has been created and that is to let them and their enablers know that Repression is so Un-American. It's so 1950's Blacklist-ish.

prairiegirl said...

JG: What did you think of Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance in Brokeback Mountain?

Annie Proulx: I think he’s a sweet boy.

What an insult. After such glowing, respectful words for Heath and his acting and all Jake gets is I think he's a sweet boy.

If anyone doesn't think that statement wasn't intentionally short and devoid of depth, their eyes are somewhere else.

That's a slap if I ever saw one.

A sweet boy. Jake, you have fallen even in Annie P.'s eyes. How disappointing is that.

That statement by her is striking after the Brokeback promo days when you know Annie P. spent time with both of those guys. And this is the best she can say about Jake now?

So few words speak such a large volume. And it's not good.

Thanks for posting that, M&M.

Wake Up, Jake.

prairiegirl said...

I mean, not even one single word about his acting.

Just "sweet boy". Man.

Need to vent said...

Jake's the one who is not only mean-spirited, but cowardly. The man continues to try to distance himself from the only memorable role he's ever had. He's turned his back on the gay community. He perpetuates homophobia by allowing himself to be cast in "traditional" Middle American relationships with girls next door who must be blond and blue-eyed. I was looking forward to going to see Love and Other Drugs, but I refuse to put my money down for someone who represents everything I loathe. I truly thought that Jake was finally going to stop all this nonsense, but it's as if he is doubling down. If he is a father, he is one of the most selfish creatures there can be. Teaching your child that you are more concerned about your fame than the life you have brought into the world is reprehensible.

prairiegirl said...

Now it's time to bring out something kept out in the old woodpile.

Before which, I want to remind a certain primetime, TV soap opera Spain visiting couple that one of us is still tapping their foot waiting for that big, civilian smooch pic. Just to add that stamp of validity. You know, like a legitimate camera date stamp.. Oh, don't know what that is, huh? Right, see, the camera dates it, not the blogger. Not PhotoShop. The camera itself. I'm sure it's in the settings, might have to consult the manual.

Back on that weekend of September 9, I think everyone remembers that one. Austin City Limits? Jake tweeted in Austin TX? Then he was tweeted in 565 different places in two days all over NYC. And Austin tweeted himself in L.A. and even put up a Twitpic at this "An Evening Affair" presented by Night Vision at the home of Seth McFarlane. Sounds legit. Frank Sinatra Jr was indeed performing at this An Evening Affair. Funny thing, though.

prairiegirl said...

ITA, vent. Well said.

I just need to finish my thing on An Evening Affair. lol.

Okay, so here's the guest list which was complete with pictures of every possible celebrity who was at this Evening Affair, I kid you not:

The card dealer, Cigarette Girls, Dancers, Drink Girls, Aaron Paul, Rumer Willis, Luke Adams, Zachary Levi, Sam Trammell, Mark Salling, Logan Huffman, John Cho, Jerry Ferrara, Jeremy Piven, David Spade, James Preston, Cuba Gooding Jr, Ben Feldman, Isiah Mustafa, Chord Overstreet, Marlee Matlin, Kim Porter, Kelly Brook, Kate Walsh, Neil Adrea, Jessica Barth, Jenna Devan (sp? There's a big Ol' food stain on this name now the piece of paper has been on my dining room table for so long and well, 100 meals later, there's bound to be casualties, lol), Cat Deeley, Phil Laak, Jennifer Tilly, Ryan Robbins, Jeff Beacher, David Arquette, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Stephen Dorf,


prairiegirl said...

cont. Guest List of which there was a corresponding photo (I think WireImage) for each person:

Kat Von Dita T, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Bill Maher, Rose McGowan, Whitney Cummings, Stacy Kiebler, Shenae Grimes, Sanaa Lathan, Rashida Jones, TV personality Brittny Gastineau, Stylist Brad Gaeski, Macy Gray, Model Nicky Hilton, Rembrandt Flores, Paris Hilton, and Photographer Ellen Von Unworth.

Hmmmm, who's missing?

Stacy Kiebler for crying out loud gets mentioned, she of DWTS and World Wrestling Federation notriety. A hair Stylist. A photographer. The card dealer for pete's sake gets his picture on the internet!!!!!

But no Austin to be seen, mentioned or photo'd.

You know what I think? I think he had someone send him that twitpic.

Unless, **snap, snap**, someone can produce a legit pic proving he was there. Of which I know I would be most grateful and it would enable me to begin sleeping at night again.

the real m said...

Waylaid by a local power outage but I am back on line. How did we ever live without power?

Poor Jake. He needs to sign his next film before 11/24 when LAOD opens. If that film under-performs, he is going to have to open a restaurant or cook somewhere for awhile. Make it look like it is his idea to take a break for a few years. I think he is planting all kinds of seeds for what may happen. This misfire by PR with this Taylor stuff is continuing the laughing stock label he earned during POP.

I notice that Ted backs off when Jake has a movie opening. He did it around POP, now around LAOD. I'm not complaining. Just noticing. It's actually nice that he cuts Toothy some slack once in a while.

Everyone here is pretty upset with Jake right now. I am not as upset over it. Money and a film is at stake at the moment, so PR etal is going a bit overboard in an effort to make the film successful. I understand that from a business perspective, particularly since Jake is just one element of the film. I don't like it, but I understand it and think it is temporary.

I've watched some more interviews and another thing I noticed this time is that Jake's efforts at humor and jokes are less successful this time around. He is being pressured into bearding and looking straight, but his heart and soul are just not into it.

Methodical Muser said...

Just "sweet boy". Man.

Exactly! When asked about Jake's performance in Brokeback Mountain, Annie makes sure to emphasize Jake's immaturity and lack of mettle as a man. Given the fact that Jake seems unable to face the world on his own terms, I'm not surprised by Proulx's subtle swipe. Imagine calling someone, who is almost 30 years old, "a boy." Hardly a ringing endorsement of Jacob B. Gyllenhaal. Sweet or not, Proulx is pretty darn clear: Jake is still underdeveloped and by inference, a disappointment.

prairiegirl said...

All I can say is this. If indeed Austin & Jake are still together, they better be pumpng on all four cylinders.

Because we're the Home of the Leadville Discovery. Home of the Purple SnapBandz Investigation.

Sometimes, obstinacy & deceit only make people dig their heels in deeper for the long haul.

Purple Snapbandz. You know, when so much focus and even a brand new video is put up on YouTube to address Purple Snapbandz-Gate, you know that a big old nerve was hit. Bulls-eye!!!!

So much overreaction over one single plastic band.

That's how you can tell. The over-the-top over-reaction. Just like Jake and his people have over-compensated, over-corrected and over-reacted to 100 things in the past since the Reeke ERA.

Purple Snapbandz Gate. "And I'm telling you, I did not receive that Snapbandz from anyone other than my niece."

Stubborn TB said...

I would just like to point out that Jake did not say:
"I would hope that my hot heterosexual love scenes with Anne in LaOD could clear the air that the scenes between me and Heath were just acting."

Instead what he said was:
"I would hope that this could clear the air that it was acting."
Again, right after he talked about the relationship he and Anne had in BBM and how their characters were not into each other.
I guess you could still make it be all about Heath, after all it makes much more sense to sandwich a mention about how he and Heath weren't actually having sex between two mentions of his scenes with his current co-star.

And I know what nervous laughter is and I'm sure Ted does too. Since he is the one that added the parentheses to Jakes quote to make it be about Heath, I'd think he would have made sure to mention that Jake seemed nervous.

Now back to regular programming where it is Jakes fault that videos of his interviews end up on youtube.

prairiegirl said...

To use the lyrics of Art Alexakis:

I don't believe you when you say
Everything will be wonderful someday

Promises mean everything when you're little
And the world is so big
I just don't understand how
You can smile with all those tears in your eyes
When you tell me everything is wonderful now

No, I don't wanna hear you tell me everything is wonderful now
No, I don't wanna hear you tell me everything is wonderful now

M&M has a right to interpret and believe what she does. As does Tom. As does Destiny. As do myself.

Funny how you weren't around all spring and summer long, Stubborn, to join in any positive discussion that we all had about Jake and Austin. We were all here, for the most part, day in & day out.

I'm not a sheep who blindly follows other sheep over a hill.

I'm not a Stepford Wife.

I've got my own mind and my own beliefs and thoughts.

And I know when I'm being lied to and being fed a pile of garbage. I will continue to voice that opinion and if it all turns out that Jake's a saint and is really publicly and lovingly talking about/including the LGBT community, Austin, and/or his kid(s)throughout his LAOD promo and bearding with TayTay, then hey!

I'll gladly eat my words.

Until then, don't tell me everything's wonderful now.

prairiegirl said...

And I'm not 100% positive that Jake & Austin are together right now.

They were together in Leadville - we have proof.

But if that BV that m put up yesterday is about JG and TayTay, then Jake's looking & shopping for a new man.

And Austin's out of the picture.

Blind following applies to both sides of the fence. And I'm not convinced anymore that these 2 are together.

I may have to start darkroom work for the perfect Sophin avatar. Got a Brulian wedding coming up - I should be able to get a great one.

I'm done for the day. I can only take so much of these 2 guys in a 24 hr period anymore.

Stubborn TB said...

Thanks PG, I didn't know I had moved from Babbler to a sheep or alternatively a Stepford wife.
I guess the right to interpret only applies to certain people.

Yes, I wonder why I don't bother trying to argue with people here anymore for most parts. Afterall, it's awesome to be told that you're stupid everytime you do.
But just for the record, it has nothing to do with Jake and Austin and everything with the tone OMG has taken. You know, that same tone the original WFT used to have in the end which was the reason to start OMG to begin with.

Arthur Miller said...

a new agenda has been created and that is to let them and their enablers know that Repression is so Un-American. It's so 1950's Blacklist-ish.

So is standing up and pointing fingers at anyone whose opinion is different from your own and shouting "Troll!" and trying to put down what you see as a J&A believers rebellion.

As has been repeated many times, ad nauseam, a polite and respectful disagreement shouldn't be discouraged.

Special K said...

So I read Ted yesterday, looked at the other interviews that Jake's done for LaOD, read Ted again, thought about it for long time, read it again, looked again at other quotes, and then slept on it.

I am taking everything with a grain a of salt and still think I want to read more and see how the interviews to come for the movie are. The comparison of Jake & Anne's relationships in the two movies is inevitable before the movie opens so this will come up again.

My thinking is that this was about the differences between he and Anne in BBM and he and Anne in LaOD. It appears that was the line of questioning on the red carpet. (You don't get too much time to ask questions in that situation. So it is a usually a main question and a follow up or two.) Is is too bad that Ted and Taryn did not include the questions they asked him as direct quotes.

It appears to me that the answer was about how in BBM they were a couple not into each other, and how in LaOD they are way into each other. How in BBM it was acting that created the dynamic between them as this distanced couple, while in LaOD they used their love as friends off screen to create a couple in love on screen.

Think the comment about the sex like 16 or 17 times is about the difference of Jamie & Maggie's (LaOD) relationship onscreen vs. Jack & Lureen's, which you only see them one moment of intimacy when they first meet.

Looking at the other interviews and Q&A so far for LaOD, Jake has been careful in his answers, speaking almost in the third person, deferring to Anne who answered questions, and distinguishing the character and the role vs. himself when questions of love sex and intimacy come up.

That makes me want to see more comments and interviews to understand where everything fits in context. I am keeping myself open to look at each interview but also remaining open to look at the big pictures on the whole too.

Special K said...

And yes everyone has the right and opportunity to put their opinion here. Not all of us, agree on everything or anything, and that's ok. Just ask that you respect that right to share with others.

Special K said...

Though some will say I wear rose colored glasses, still think that Jake and Austin are together.

Jake would not have been talking about love they way he was just a couple of weeks ago, wistfully playing with his chain, if he had been thinking about breaking up, had broken up or moved on to find something/one new.

Nope sorry think it still all about them together.

Heretic said...

I'm not entirely convinced it's over either - :)

I'm sure we would have heard more if they were.

I really, really doubt that Jake is using his role in BBM to do anything for his image or distance himself from it - I will never believe that he doesn't hold that film and the time spent making of it in the highest regard. The role in LaOD is a role, I don't think he's trying to do anything about his image for that either. It's the storyline. :)

Seaweed said...

I'll choose to stick with you on this for now Special. For me personally I've learned to maintain a bit of distance when it comes to some of these 'events' that can cause such diverse reactions. This detachment helps me maintain some perspective and smooths out some of the rough patches.

It seems to work for me, but everyone has a different way of dealing with it. An old friend used to always tell me to focus more on what people do and what you SEE rather than on what people say. Actions are louder than words kind of advice.

destiny said...

I agree with everything M and M, PG and Vent have said about Jake, Austin, Annie P.and BBM.

Jake acts like a boy, not a man, and that includes dragging mom along to a "date" with Swifty.

Jake is running so hard from the gay and BBM he even feels the need to explain why he wore a Bandz and tout how many times he had sex with a woman--even if it was for a movie.

Methodical Muser said...

That makes me want to see more comments and interviews to understand where everything fits in context. I am keeping myself open to look at each interview but also remaining open to look at the big pictures on the whole too.

I'm always open to other possibilities and welcome a different POV. Some of us just disagree. I'm certainly not basing my current opinion (which is open to change) on this one isolated, on the fly interview. There's a long history with Jake when it comes to the topic of his sexuality, and we certainly have years of his behavior and comments as he continually manufactures an image that he is straight. The most significant part of this AFI quote was this:

"It's different because this story is about us," Jake told us on the carpet for his premiere at the AFI Fest presented by Audi. "The other story was about how we were not into each other."

In other words, Jake is definitely trying to imply that the movie (story) is about who he and Anne really are...namely straight and really into each other.

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
My question is about the star of B.V.s everywhere, Toothy Tile. Back in May, you confirmed that Toothy and Grey Goose were still an item, but have since hinted that things have cooled off considerably. Are they still seeing each other sometimes, or has there been an actual breakup?

Dear Toothalicious:
Does any couple that's in love ever really break up? Nope.

Dear Ted:
Would you please finally "And It Ain't" Jake Gyllenhaal as Toothy Tile? I get so sick of these people running around being so certain he's T.T. Can you shut them up once and for all and sic them all on a new suspect?

Dear And It Ain't:
It doesn't really matter what you care or think because according to Jake, it ain't him.

Dear Ted:
Wanna help a volunteer fanatic overcome the Monday blues? Really? Thanks! Rank the following according to how emotionally close (like BFFs) the following closeted stars are to their respective current beards, from besties to enemies in it for the PR: Toothy Tile, Seymour Plow-Me-More, Harland Fuss and Jackie Bouffant. Sending some hungover kisses your way!

Dear Rhetorical:
Jackie the closest, by far. Seymour a distant second, and Toothy and Harland? Don't even ask!

Dear Ted:
Is there any truth that Toothy Tile and Grey Goose may be working on a movie project together.
—Rocky Mountain High

Dear Mountains of Wrong:
Nope. One half of the once PR love buzz is making cinematic waves, but the other...not so much! One can dream, though. How hot would that be? I wouldn't put it past, Toothy, actually.


destiny said...

I take it Ted has no idea what is going on with TT and GG right now.

I am bothered by the blonde blue-eyed beards too. It is one thing if someone is just realky attracted to that type. But with fauxmances that are so clearly designed to sell a certain image, it is hard not to think that someone not fitting that stereotype of America's sweetheart, including Jewish women, apparently, is not good enough.

I feel like Jake has donwplayed being Jewish since his Reeke days.

BitchBack said...

Ted said:"Does any couple that's in love ever really break up? Nope."

I believe that Ted is saying that TT and GG are still together and in love. There is no break up.

OwlGirl said...

I'm just happy Ted answered a question of mine! Finally.

No one here ever answered my question about Lainey and her probable commission checks from a certain PR firm for every documented insistence that Jake is straight. She's even purporting that the Swifty thing isn't for PR, because Jake's people are way smarter than that. (Were they way smarter than Gyllenspoon, too?)