Sunday, November 14, 2010

Out Spotlight

Today's Out Spotlight is activist and politician. He is the first openly gay politician in Nepal. Today's Out Spotlight is Sunil Babu Pant

Born in Nepal in 1972, Sunil Babu Pant, Pant received a scholarship to study in Belarus to train as a computer engineer. It was there where that he first heard the word "homosexual" and identified himself as a gay man. It was also there, where he was first exposed to entrenched homophobia, inspiring him to return home and fight for equality in his own country.

In 2001, Pant founded the Blue Diamond Society and are the only gay rights group in Nepal. The group consists of more than 20 organizations and 120,000 members representing the interests of the country’s GLBT and HIV/AIDS communities. Leaders and members of the society have continued their advocacy in the face of threats of arrest and violence. They work for sexual minorities where Hindu conservative religion and society based on Hinduism which condemns sexual behavior other than heterosexual and therefore people who are homosexual were condemned. Their first challenge was registering as an NGO for sexual minorities with a government that doesn’t recognize sexual minorities so BDS registered as a sexual health program. Based in Kathmandu, they work with local communities as well as on a national level with the mission to improve the sexual health, human rights and well being of sexual minorities in Nepal.

BDS was party to a 2007 case that led Nepal’s highest court to declare that GLBT individuals were “natural persons” who deserve protection and civil rights. The court also ordered the establishment of a commission to study same-sex marriage as well as the addition of a third gender option on official government documents.

As a result of the court decision and founding BDS, Pant was elected on April 10, 2008, winning one of five seats secured by The Communist Party of Nepal(United) in the new constituent 601 seat assembly. "We have chosen Sunil Babu Pant as our candidate to ensure the rights of gay and other minority groups," Ganesh Shah, general secretary of the Communist Party of Nepal (United), said.

Pant's legislative goals include equal justice and economic rights. He also serves on a committee charged with rewriting Nepal’s constitution. "Representing a sexual minority I will make sure the new constitution protects sexual groups, people with disabilities, small indigenous castes and others."

In 2005, Pant and the Blue Diamond Society were awarded the Utopia Award, Asia’s leading GLBT honor. In 2007, the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission bestowed the group with its Felippa de Souza Award.

In spite of his many accomplishments, Pant insists that his work is far from complete: "With our progress, however, is the awareness that so many more need to be served."

He also recently founded Pink Mountain, a company that offers GLBT-geared travel packages to Nepal.

Pant lives in Nepal's capital city, Kathmandu, and continues to represent the GLBT community both in the government and through his organization.

"People in general do not wish to discriminate against their fellow neighbors."


Seaweed said...

Another truly wonderful Out Spotlight ! There are lessons to be learned in all of these stories for one and all.

It truly does rest with us all, the choices we make, and how we act ourselves, will determine how quickly the cause of equal rights for all LGBT individuals around the world will be achieved.

I wish I could be a more brave and outspoken advocate.

destiny said...

Well said Seaweed.

Beautiful music today.

Jersey Tom said...

We wish we all could be Advocates Seaweed. Unlike Jake we don't have the podium to be heard as he does. It is certainly his right to come out or not. I just think he would grow so much as a person and an actor if he would. I am sure he would be proud and finally happy. I don't think Jake is a happy man at all. Just my sense.

I hate seeing his face on the cover of rag mags. It's not where he should be. He should be working. Obviously the PR plan is not working

Seaweed said...

I agree with you Tom. He is in an excellent position to be an advocate... but ultimately it is his decision and I guess he's just not that strong. It's a shame, but it takes a very brave person to stand up and be counted they way we'd like to see.

And the worst thing is feeling so strongly that we have watched and have such a good "read" on his true nature, to then see him play such stupid games or allow himself to be be putting out this fake persona is sad and gauling.

There is no answer in it for us, it's like watching an accident in slow motion. It hurts but I will not let it absorb me. I have enough of my own challenges.

Who knows how long this will continue to play out?! In the meantime, the view is pretty good most of the time with these two guys, the discussion and learning is great, and the friends and aquaintances made online have been a joy.

AUS10 said...

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the real m said...

Quiet here today. Between errands and football people are busy I guess. The music is very relaxing. Almost mournful, but not that sad.

I happened to see this on Perez Hilton. "New Mormon guidelines to be used worldwide by church leaders have been published and there have been some small, but significant changes in their attitude toward homosexuality. The new handbook has eliminated the suggestion that same-sex relationships 'distort loving relationships' and that gays should be ashamed and atone for their 'homosexual thoughts or feelings'. It also says that celibate gay Mormons who are 'worthy and qualified in every other way' should be allowed to go on church assignments, participate fully in temple rituals, and even have 'callings'. Openly gay and active Mormon Mitch Mayne says that the changes are 'baby steps in the right direction'. At least the handbook takes the damning terminology out of it." Considering the big impact they had on defeating the right to marry in CA not that long ago, I was really surprised to see this.

Music Lover said...

Interesting post today - how wonderful that LGTB rights have been acknowledged in Nepal and will now be represented by Sunil, and that he will be working to change their country's constitution. :)

It's curious how people interpret religions - I was always under the impression that Hinduism was one of the more accepting of same sex relationships. In the ancient texts, there is acknowledgement and tolerance, if not acceptance, and it is depicted in Hindu art, as well as written in the Kama Sutra, maybe not as prominently as opposite sex relations, but it is there.

I've always loved Bill Evans. :)

truth lies and ted said...

Truth, Lies, & Ted

Ted says the crew on LaOD are making jokes about Jake's romance with Taylor behind his back, his lawyers threaten about personal questions, and Ted taunts Jake if he knows what to do with a feather wand.

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
I'm bummed because my boy-toy ditched me for a relationship—I'm happy for him, but slightly annoyed I've got to look elsewhere. Would you mind cheering me up with Grey Goose gossip?
—Ms. Murph

Dear Goose on the Loose:
G2 has been playing it (impossibly) low-key with his bearded lover lately. Nothing unusually interesting with him and Toothy either, since T2 is up to his awful antics around town. I'm much more interested in your love story saga, no matter how sad it ends.

Dear Ted:
Instead of "Jaylor," how about "Swyllenhaal"? The latter nickname rolls off the tongue nicely, makes me chuckle and of course, leaves no doubt who the celebs are! Thanks.

Dear Name Game:
Ick, can we just not give them a name at all? Though, I don't mind Swyllenhaal—bizarro but I guess it does kind of roll of the tongue. Maybe. Plus, I guess "Jaylor" is officially Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene.

Bitch Back

What crew?. said...

LaOD wrapped last year.

Ouch said... is predicting a 12 million opening weekend and 40 million total domestic run for LAOD. It’s a very average performance for a movie like this.

I read on the BoxOfficeMojo forum that from the movies that come out on Nov 24, Tangled, Faster and Burlesque are gaining momentum and buzz but not LAOD. With the competition and movies holdings from previous weeks (Harry Potter, Megamind, Unstoppable, 127 hours, etc), they predict a sixth or seventh place for LAOD during Thanksgiving weekend

This would be a disaster for Jake. Not so good for Anne either. I don't think the movie or actors will receive any Oscar nominations at this point.

Jake, poster boy for bad choices said...

Dating Taylor Swift only benefits Taylor not Jake, so you know what who cares how his movie does. And this story about Taylor and the $100,000 private jet is not helping although the story may be false. Its like Jake is purposedly tanking his career, I do believe he is dating Taylor gay or not. Why lawyers about your personal life unless he has gotten himself into a bad spot with a very predictable young lady who uses her music for vindictive reasons and admits to it. Jake is just as predictable with his lady choices, blonde, blue eyed who has never seen the sun.

I do believe Jake enjoys the attention and when you date another high profile person, in my opinion you are asking for the attention. So you reap what you sow, bad choices equals failure.

the real m said...

Jake is getting skewered again on the web. Talk of extravagant spending, even if the story is false, during a recession, and this ridiculous Taylor romance are driving fans away. It seemed like he was building some momentum for LAOD before the Taylor thing, but now that is gone. If his career tanks, he can follow Taylor around the world like a groupie hanging around her dressing room.

LAOD may have wrapped last year, but the cast and crew got to know him and most live in HW. We are gabbing about the latest ridiculous bearding. What makes you think they don't gab and gossip as well. It's human nature and Ted is in town to hear it all.

That is an estimated 40 mil vs 36 mil in reported costs. Lots of movies opening that day. They should have picked another date to open.

Hoping said...

Jake is obbsessed with trying to show everyone that he is straight. He proved that when he mentioned that one of the reasons he took the role in LAOD was to prove that. That and to show that Brokeback was acting. What an utterly ridiculous thing to say and do. His paranoia is is making him make some very bad decisions.

His dating Talyor Swift is another sign that Jake is certainly not thinking clearly. Jake needs to somehow deal with the notion that the public thinks he is Gay. I think he is now more into being famous no matter what it takes. Jake is a troubled individual who needs to find people who care about him and not his fame or money making capabilities. Got to admit for the first time that Austin may not be that person. Or if he is then Jake's needs to be with him and not his beloved family and advisors. Austin's immaturity is not helping Jake at all. Jake needs someone strong who he trusts and will fianally give him good advice. I am hoping he finds that person.

fact said...

crew got to know him and most live in HW

Most of the crew are local Pittsburgh union and don't live in LA.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Special K said...

Although the story may be false?


Taylor was schedule to play in London for the BBC show, so they already have her coming to London and someone already picking up the tab for the trip. It's an easy write up and will get readers to read The Sun too.

The only time the cost of anything Jake supposed spent on anything, was the story of the cost of the antique dishes for Reese. Which was also a first sourced in a tabloid. And The Sun newspaper in the UK I have always heard is a tab kind of paper.

If you look at the cost of this supposed weekend it has gone up by 75,000 additional dollars from the original story and fluctuates according to the audience of that particular outlet reporting it.

Something else to think about since Thursday there has not been one peep or sightings from Jake. So the story about locked away in a hotel covers the whole, where was the world in Jakey G. who seemed to disappeared.

Yes he might have been in London, his sister and family are there while she is shooting her newest movie, he took a private plane to London and some have wondered if there were tiny travelers aboard too, and if family is already there, it would work for everyone.

You just don't know where exactly he was for sure. There could be a lot places/people/things that he was actually doing.

Special K said...

Hey 11:50, you need to get a name on your comment. That's one thing we ask here at OMG, no anonymous posts. Any post that is anonymous gets deleted.

Sorry said...

Maybe by crew he means Anne, Ed and assistants travelling with them. Ted can't say names. Technically Anne and Ed are part of the LAOD crew. Although she came to his rescue during that infamous question I do believe Anne was embarassed for Jake.
She was probably going WTF as well?

Its not the fact that she is 19, its her maturity level. There are lots of mature 19 years walking around male and female.

Doesn't Taylor remind you of a younger version of KiKI in that cheerleader movie? Its the same proto type.

Where is Sophin said...

Yes he might have been in London, his sister and family are there while she is shooting her newest movie, he took a private plane to London and some have wondered if there were tiny travelers aboard too, and if family is already there, it would work for everyone.

Maybe a tall Texan was also on board. Just a few silly tweets form Austin this weekend. No pictures though. There have been very few pictures of Sophin together lately. Maybe since OTH has been extended for a full season the pressure is off. I think the reason behind Sophin has more to do with OTH than helping Jake stay in the closet.

destiny said...

The story is clearly made up, butv Jake's people do nothing to deny it.

At a time when so many people are hurting, do they really think people like stories like that?

Contrast that say with Gosling taking a bunch of kids to Disneyland, a story that makes you go awwww. He's not afraid to be seen without a woman in the runnup to BV(unless I have missed it).

Although I agree that with Jake it is much about the attention as the gay. I do think he had that in common with Reese. I am beginning to rhink laying low over the summer was partly to get a bigger bang for the. Buck with Taylor and LAOD, ala what Swifty did.

Watch the video said...

What crew?. said...
LaOD wrapped last year.

Watch the vid. What he says is that some of his collegaues and people who worked on the film are laughing at him behind his back. He doesn't say the crew was doing it during filming.

destiny said...

Yikes, hate typing on my phone.

Special K said...

Thanks 11:50/Sorry just wanted to let you know in case you had seen you comment deleted.

next week it will be back to women snorting coke of his dick! said...

Jake didn't take a private plane to London, he took one from L.A. to NY for the press junket.

Jake, Anne and Ed Zwick took a commercial flight to London, there are pics of them arriving at Heathrow.

I'm sure Anne, ed and Co gives 2 shits about Jake and Taylor and I doubt any chatter is getting back to Ted. Ted makes up crap just like the rags like TT fooling around with female strippers even though there has been no sightings of him in strip clubs .

Ted must have forgotten about that chapter when he wrote the latest

destiny said...

Can't watch Ted now, what did he say people are laughing at?

laughing behind his back said...

Can't watch Ted now, what did he say people are laughing at?

He said they're laughing at the fact that he's "dating" Taylor Swift. I believe it. Why would they be any different than everyone else.

1:22PM, He's not talking about Ed Zwick and Anne H and you know it. Jake worked with a lot of people on that film - some famous and some not, very easy to believe they're talking about it. HW is no different than any small town, people love to gossip.