Friday, November 26, 2010

What Not to Wear

Jake and Austin share clothes and have more clothes that are starting looking the same, but don't think that means that Austin's going to let go of all of his quirky style. And for that there is today's Top Ten.

Top Ten Things Austin would wear that Jake would never dare.

10.Shorty bib overalls

9. Hammer pants

8. Mesh tank top

7. Half shirts (yes Calvin Klein is bringing them back for 2011)
6. Saddle Shoes

5.Plus fours
4. Concho Belt

3. Berets

2. Baja Hoodies

and the #1 Austin would wear that Jake wouldn't dare

A Snuggie


Special K said...

Even people on JJ are pointing out how Jared took a tweet and turned it a story, and didn't bother to check anything else out to verify it was real. But what's more interesting is how his story is now gospel truth just by people tweeting it over and over. It is so totally the virtual version of the old school Telephone Game you just want to add "purple monkey dishwasher" to it. (shout out Simpson fans)

destiny said...

Snuggies, lol, I can see Austin in that.

sloppy but true said...

Sloppy and lazy. But that doesn't make the tweet untrue. There was another tweet by someone else at the same place, so that more or less corroborates the first one.

the real m said...

So cute today. I'd love to see Austin or Jake in the half shirts.

Not to worry music lover, this is exactly when a Meyer Lemon should be setting flowers for its next crop.

That tweet sounds very suspicious. Not worth the effort to worry about it.

LOAD tending very poorly so far. At #7 last I looked. Let's hope it picks up a bit as we move into the weekend.

destiny said...

The story is now on People--which only runs pr-approved stories.

dlisted said...

JAKEY PEEN TIP! JAKEY PEEN TIP! JAKEY PEEN TIP! Take your "PHOTOSHOPPED WANG!" comments elsewhere and just let me believe this time! - (NSFW) - Buzzfeed

ihj said...

Scans from Total Film magazine.

Jersey Tom said...

What tweet or story are you all talking about what did I miss.

Special K said...

I have not seen LaOD at #7 from the stuff on Boxoffice Mojo, it has not been that low and pulled in 2.2 million for a Wednesday opening, Thursday's numbers were not in yet when I looked.

It is the only R rated movie in the top five on Boxofficemojo.

the real m said...

Special, it was Nikke Finke that had LAOD at 7. She last updated Friday AM so the number will vary over time. Excuse me now, but I cant linger, as I need to get on over to Dlisted to check out best part of the movie.

Jake is straight said...

destiny, you are one bitter queen.

I can't believe you guys are still continuing this idiotic Jake-Austin fantasy. Do these two even see each other more than once a year or so? It's funny how you guys are so suspicious of a tweet, but believe - with no evidence at all, these two are barely ever in the same state - that Jake and Austin have been in a secret relationship for five or six years.

Both are currently in serious relationships with women. Jake is less than a year out of another serious relationship and Austin has been with his current girlfriend for years.

It's time to give up your fantasy.

Jake likes the poon, not peen said...

I just realized how the comments at this place have really dropped. So I guess most of you people are finally coming to your senses.

I can tell from the comments from the other mo's across the nets that this Taylor Swift thing is starting to make some of you crack up a little. Don't fret. You can always pretend it's a showmance too. After all, you guys survived the three whole years of Witherspoon trying to convince yourselves that it was all fake. Just transfer those ideas/opinions onto Taylor and you'll be good to go.

Zari said...

Both are currently in serious relationships with women

Apple picking and ice-cream runs constitute Jake being in a 'serious relationship? LOL!!

LOL said...

Jake likes the poon, not peen said...

LOL at one closet-case (4:17am #1) trying to defend another closet-case (Jakey-poo). How touching. But you are still both in denial. Self-loathing much? LOL!!

Cracking up from laughter said...

Apple picking and ice-cream runs constitute Jake being in a 'serious relationship? LOL!!

And, don't forget the Thanksgiving morning coffee bean run! Jake is gay. So is Austin. And these two are together. Most recently, Leadville proves that, as does all the Thanksgiving holiday hijinx this past week that worked to place Jake in New York while Austin was in Los Angeles. Nothing new. Make it seem like the guys are on separate coasts and the "problem" is solved. Voila.

It's really sad how much time and energy is spent creating a lie for the public to swallow. Maybe Jake should try a new tactic and direct some of that misspent energy in more positive directions. Like his career.

Like so many commenters have posted at various sites over the past several weeks, if I didn't believe Jake was gay before, the Swifty escapade has convinced me beyond all doubt. Jake needs to fire the whole lot of his people. Those who still believe that Jake is straight have a right to their opinion. They would just be wrong.

holiday fauxmance said...

And, don't forget the Thanksgiving morning coffee bean run!

LOL! Yeah, those "romantic" maple lattes, infused with Vermont syrup, were a really nice touch. I know the first thing I do when I want to keep a relationship private is go out to a high traffic, trendy shop like Gorilla Coffee on Thanksgiving morning. Guess Jake didn't want to be seen "working out" at the gym with his new blond bimbo just yet. Most likely, he'll be saving that stunt for New Year's Eve.

Jakey's Family "Outing" said...

You gotta love this finishing touch from JrGossip about The Swifter and Jakeypoo on T-day. *Barf Warning*

"Later in the day, the ‘Love Story’ singer tweeted “Why, at my family gatherings, do we always have to end up youtubing funny cat videos?” So she didn’t spend the whole day with Jake, but he is obviously special enough to her for her to spend some of a family holiday with him.

Awwww. Nice to know that Tay Tay already considers Jake part of the family. Sniff. Tissue please.

long way for lattes said...

Her family was in St. Louis.

Swift tells WENN she'll be heading to St. Louis, Missouri to spend the big day with her extended family. She explains, "I have a big family there and most of them are women so we'll all crowd in the kitchen and make things and tell stories and laugh. It's a good time."

Nostalgic said...

Looks like Yahoo Trending is indicating that Anne Hathaway is being considered for the role of Lois Lane in the upcoming film “Superman: The Man of Steel.”

Nice to know she still has a thriving career even though she attached herself to a mediocre film like Love and Other Drugs. Somehow, I don't Jake will be as fortunate. Too many underperforming movies for that.

Nostalgic said...

I meant, "Somehow, I don't think Jake will be as fortunate."

mr & mrs soapy at a car show in LA said...

pics said...

New pics from NY press conference

OwlGirl said...

Even if Jake is straight, this coffee bean outing with maple lattes, this whole "relationship," is for PR. Even straight celebrities do this -- all the time -- and this has every hallmark of it - an odd pairing, album and movie just out, helps capture cross audiences for both of them, guaranteed major press every time they make an arranged "appearance" together... And, people eat this sh*t up during the holidays.

The Gyllenhaals are probably part-owners of Gorilla Coffee!! No doubt the appearance was arranged by the manager beforehand. "You're our favorite coffee shop - you want some good press?" LOL.

And for those that don't think Taylor would fly into NYC just for a latte outing on Thanksgiving - get a clue. It's a most-read story on People, people. She can't buy press like that. Leno certainly won't get her press like that.

It's easy, cheap and successful PR. That's why it's the oldest trick in Hollywood, straight or gay.

That all said, Jake is gay.