Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rhythm Method

Jake sat down for a interview with Esquire UK for LaOD. It is a good solid interview. And surprisingly doesn't focus on Jake's personal life and relationships for a movie that is all about relationships and sex. He does talk about women, but it is more about the women in his films and his sister.

It touches on his career, talks about Jarhead, Donnie Darko, and Brokeback. Jake mentions his Brokeback co-stars and talks about Heath's immense talent. He talks about where he is at ease in terms of acting, but it is his last quote that is very interesting:

"Now is the time in my life and my career to be able to make mistakes. I think, creatively, mistakes should be made, lessons should be learned. I like to go after things that maybe are a little bit less what people would expect from me. Love and Other Drugs feels like a turning point for me. Once you have an experience like we had on that movie, you long for it again and everything pales in comparison. I found that with Duncan on Source Code - he allows the actor to have that. I'm at a very wonderful transition right now - deciding what I want to do next, and I don't know what that is."

Jake also give his tips for Doing a Sex Scene.

1. Remember - a sex scene is still a scene.

"Audiences have a hard time in some sense, real; that you're not drawing on what you know. Believe me, it's acting. With certain women it has to be."

2. Know your partner. It helps a little.

"Annie and I had already had sex on film in 'Brokeback Mountain', so I wasn't too nervous. Look, it is uncomfortable - no matter what. There are people around, and the thing about any intimate relationship is that usually, in the majority of cases, there isn't a film crew involved. There's something about the way Annie and I both work which is inherently very musical. It's all about rhythm. There's a rhythm to writing, there's a rhythm to sports and there's a rhythm to sex."

"We talked about what we thought was sexy, about what were the things that interested us, and through the discussion became pretty intimate with each other."

3. Accept the fact that sex can be amusing.

"It is funny. Sex should be."

4.Have a decent lawyer on hand.

"When we first talked about it I remember Ed saying, 'I'm going to do anything contractually that you need contractually.' And then Annie came on and the discussion with all three of us was, 'Listen we need to able to trust you. We want to have approval over things that we don't feel comfortable about, and if we feel that way then we'll be able to be free.' "

5.Let it all hang out. It'll feel better than you expect.

"Ed was a little worried about it. He was like, 'You're not going to be all buff are you?' It felt good just to be myself, naked."

"Eventually there was a real intimacy among the crew, a real respect, particularly for Annie, because as a woman I think it's harder. She said at one point, 'Well, we're both topless and we both show our butts.' And I was like, 'Hmm, but it's a little different for you.'"

6.Don't bring your personal life to the office.

"There were days when I would be in a crap mood. I 'd come to the set and something had happened or I was dealing with normal life issues, and I 'd have to seduce some nurse in a scene. I would have loved to be doing a scene were I was smashing my head against the wall."

And who will be waiting for the director's cut on DVD/Blu-Ray now?

"By the end of it I was naked in a lot of the movie. I was naked in more of it than was even in the final cut. A director's cut? I don't even know how that would be rated."

An Important OMG Policy Note (effective November 2010)

We have had on occasion people who have misrepresented them as other people here on OMG. With the most recent being the past few days. Using the name of another blogger, contributor, commenter or person is identity theft.

This will not be tolerated and those comment will be removed in a timely fashion and the person or persons who do so will be reported.

A message to everyone who comes to OMG. We know that most people who come to OMG are those who are interested in Jake and Austin and/or want to be a part of the community here. But there are those who come to do nothing but to stir things up to, to create chaos, confusion and division. They come to take the attention away from the things we want to do on the blog. They feed on creating discord and stealing the attention from what is relevant at the moment. It can be hard to ignore their behavior, but giving them nothing but silence and going on to talk about what is important and relevant to you and others is the best way to silence them. I encourage everyone to speak, engage in conversations about topics, posts, news etc while letting those other who seek nothing but harm to be ignored.


manmademoon said...

Getting close to finishing Source Code now... Hopefully we are doing the last chunk of ADR with Jake today. Effects keep rolling in.
2:08 PM Nov 2nd via TweetDeck

ADR - dubbing

ted said...

The Couple That Licks Together Sticks Together!

It's a good thing Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal's relaysh is about as hot and steamy as a long-chilled latté (ya know, like the ones from his coffee dates with Reese Witherspoon, duh!) or they'd risk melting all the frozen treats they're so happily licking up together.

Oh, you hadn't heard about their romantic weekend away? Get ready to say "awww"! Or puke...

The whirlwind romance that seems to have come right out of a fairy tale sparked up last week in NYC, and the Gyllenswift train has shown no signs of stopping. First it was all backstage canoodling and apple picking, but things have quickly heated up to...

Ice cream dates!

If this pace keeps up, we'll be going on Pottery Barn outings before you know it! Slow down, you crazy kids, we're not ready to make that sort of commitment yet!

Following a romantic weekend at the posh Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, Calif., the twosome were spotted at McConnell's Ice Cream Parlor in Santa Barbara.

"They came in [Monday]," says an employee of McConnell's Ice Cream. "There were young customers in here, and our girls who worked here are young and they recognized them right away. Everyone was excited and asked to take pictures with them, which they obliged to do."

Trust, we didn't expect the newest It couple to protest being recognized too much—especially when Us Weekly reports Tay couldn't keep her trap shut, laughing at everything oh-so-hilarious Jake said. Plus a little hand-holding is always a good test of the gag reflex.

The employee says the famous duo seemed like they were in a great mood...except for the fact that they couldn't make up their minds as to what type of ice cream to order. Can you handle this much drama?

"[Taylor] got a suggestion from one of our workers; she ordered chocolate burnt almond, and he got custard vanilla yogurt. They were very nice and seemed comfortable around each other," adds the worker bee.

"They weren't lovey-dovey though."

OK, now we are kind of surprised.

Special K said...

I Heart Jake has scans of the entire Esquire UK article. If you want to check it out you can here.

IHJ - Esquire UK December 2010

destiny said...

Plus a little hand-holding is always a good test of the gag reflex.


Sadly I think Jake and his people have deluded themselves into believing all this bearding is working for his career and making people see him as straight.

One of the things that really struck me in Ricky Martin's interview with Oprah yesterday was that he said even with all Barbara Walters asking him if he was gay ten years ago and all the rumors swirling around him, he thought people would just "forget" them.

Similarly, I think J&A's bearding and avoidance of being seen with each other is meant to make us "forget" the rumors about them, and make people believe they are straight. It probably works with Austin because nobody knows who he is, but people are never going to forget the rumors about Jake.

destiny said...

The tidbits about Jake filming sex scenes is kind of fun, but the rest of the interview just seems like the same old things we've read a million times.

I don't know which is worse, saying outrageous things to prove he's straight, or boring us to death to avoid really saying anything about himself.

destiny said...

The picture Michael K. ran with his latest post on Swyll is priceless.


Jersey Tom said...

PG don't call me till around 4:30 am ok. I need to get some sleep.
Lots to talk about though.

lol said...
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lol said...

Hey Olay Tom, maybe you can give her a ring as you said you know her. I wonder who she is??

Confused said...

I wonder if Ted called the place himself because his details do not match Lainey's story that has been recylced around the internet.

Jersey Tom said...

I love when idiots makes fools of themselves and doesn't even know it..

et tu? said...


Special K said...

"when I meet him for a beer in the garden of The Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca. He is wearing jeans, a checked shirt and a month's growth of bear and is sat slouched in his chair, his shirt open to reveal a delicate gold chain across his chest. He give off an almost childlike level of self-contentment."

Great description of Jake.

It is interesting this is the second interview that is Jake has made sure that his chain is visible. As well as he fingered it during the Denby interview at the New Yorker Festival.

AUS10 said...

# RipCurlPro What an epic memorial paddle-out for Andy this AM in Puerto Rico....
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Last day to donate for the ipad. Hurry Hurry.
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Andy Irons has died. What a loss. A great guy.
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Wow thanks. I deserve no such thing!!
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hmmmmmmmmmm said...
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Also Content said...

"He give off an almost childlike level of self-contentment."

"Great description of Jake."

Doesn't self contentment means happy with who he is and with his life? Doesn't that statement pretty much contradict this blog's purpose. Self contented people don't hide their sexuality if they are gay. Self contented people don't lie like this blogs accuses Jake of doing.

By agreeing with description of Jake you pretty much negate every argument that he's in the closet.

Also Content said...

Or maybe he met Taylor that day.

Special K said...

Jake does have a childlike quality to him and you have seen pictures of him having that look that write described on his face before.

Or maybe he met Taylor that day.

Nice try but falls so short.

1)Read the article he had a month growth of beard, and the Swiffing he has been defuzzed down to a managable three day scruff

2)This story was written at least 6 weeks to even 2 months ago, for a monthly magazine timeline.

ROFL said...
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Special K said...

I think Jake answer to why he got the acting but was interest and bit more revealing of him.

JG: "When I was much younger I definitely enjoyed the attention that came from it - if I think about the psychological aspect. And then I love, I love the act of story telling, the feeling of making words your own, having something move through you. It brings me great joy. It's a wonderful wonderful feeling.

Again I am reminded of his mother screenplay for Running on Empty and the younger brother and how he worked so hard to get the attention of his parents, trying to be funny and entertain them. There is a lot of Jake seeping into that character.

Think he craved attention when he was younger and acting gave him those moments.

He and Austin both relate to storytelling.

Methodical Muser said...

Being self-satisfied (contented) and complacent about one’s life, is often the mark of someone who is not overly reflective or courageous when it comes to bucking the system. Going with the flow, instead of forging his own path, probably describes Jake pretty well. No doubt, the man has a gentle, fun-loving and open quality that is pleasing to the eye and the heart, but he also can be docile and submissive, overly content with what is and, often times, presumptuous about the future. Smugness with one’s choices can lead to not only a complete misread of what is actually happening, but a tendency to neither challenge the status quo nor appreciate the value of true self awareness. Yeah, Jake has a secret all right, although it’s neither benign nor encouraging.

duh said...

Honey, all actors relate to storytelling. ITS THEIR JOB. If they can't relate then they can't act.

Special K said...

Both have mentioned storytelling when they were young. Now Austin talks about storytelling in terms of writing, Jake speaks of it in terms of acting.

PR Amy said...
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?? said...
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the real m said...

I like this line especially "It felt good just to be myself, naked." Jake has said many times that he likes to be naked. And it's nice to see his natural body back, though I think he looks too thin lately. Not crazy about the pictures in that photo shoot. He looks good in the LAOD trailer though.

ihj said...

Jake Dr's Office

destiny said...

Fabulous post M and M. I think you've really captured in one paragraph all the things I've observed about Jake and the possible reasons he does things like beard. From things he said during POP and, if my memory is right, when I saw him at the New Yorker program, he seems to have talked himself into accepting the HW system. Like you, I wouldn't call that true contentment.

I will never ever get why Jake doesn't do the things so many other stars do to get publicity, like attending charitable parties and showing up at premieres of other films, plays, etc (and why he ran from the cameras at the ballet), and seems to rely almost entirely on bearding and tabloids.

Methodical Muser said...

It is interesting this is the second interview that is Jake has made sure that his chain is visible. As well as he fingered it during the Denby interview at the New Yorker Festival.

Combined with the writer's "impression" of Jake looking like a man "buoyed, by an immense benign secret," I would say that Jake continues to hint and tease, revealing just enough to intrigue. He enjoys inspiring any kind of attention, even the speculative kind.

Ted said...

Jake Gyllenhaal Pals Delighted by Taylor Swift "Romance"

Just because it's taking us some time to hop onboard the Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift apple-pickin', ice-cream lickin' train, doesn't mean the same can be said for their friends.

A good pal and career confidant of Jake's has come forward saying how "delighted" he is about the new blonde Gyllenhaal seems to have picked up.

"Everyone around him is thrilled about this," our source says of the Jake and Taylor pairing.

Swift, 20, and Gyllenhaal, 29, have been "hanging out" for a few weeks now, doing all sorts of cutesy stuff including a quick getaway to Big Sur, Calif., this past weekend.

Jake is currently in Los Angeles for the premiere of his new, and as we've gushed, truly fab flick Love and Other Drugs tonight.

It's only natural that the heartthrob generates some buzz then about his own love life as this possible Oscar campaign gears up.

Or are we being overly jaded?

Just saying, Taylor brings in a whole new audience of people who may be intrigued by their idol's new man.

The blond babe broke records last week for her new album, Speak Now, selling more than a million copies. And we doubt it hurt that her name was in the headlines attached to a lovable, legit good guy like Jakey rather than a smelly douche like John Mayer.

We're more than happy to be proven wrong, though. As long as they steer clear of coffee shops and give us some real PDAs we could maybe, maybe come around.


destiny said...

I'd sure like to see some of this "love" for this romance. I don't think I saw one positive comment on ONTD, and people seemed more hostile than they were even to Reese, including a number of "he's dead to me now" sentiments.

Looks to me like another case of a campaign designed to meet the needs of the A-list woman in the "relationship", not Jake.

the real m said...

Not only is Jake's PR inept but they are unimaginative as well. The dreck they are drudging up is almost an exact replica of the Reeke chronology. I'm not gonna stress over it though since it will all be over after LAOD opens. Over that is until about 30 days before Source Code.

destiny said...

I wouldn't be surprised if this doesn't last until after Source Code comes out next spring. Swifty is going to be looking to promote herself at least through the holiday (the big sale season for music) and possibly beyond if she does a tour. Oh boy, I guess we're going to get puppy dog Jake showing up at her concerts all over the country in lieu of all those Reeke set visits.