Saturday, November 27, 2010

Travel Tales

Austin seems to be tweeting about his flying adventures again. (Interesting how that happens, but the question is...... what airport?)

And this morning it's the TSA.

I was just violated at the airport. They wore latex gloves. God Bless the TCA.

Sorry yes, TSA. The frisked me so hard, I have gone into shock. I am at the gate, in fetal position, sucking my thumb.

You mean like this?

Poor baby. And after all that gas on Wednesday.

Well.... it's a biofuel.


destiny said...

It's really sad how much time and energy is spent creating a lie for the public to swallow. Maybe Jake should try a new tactic and direct some of that misspent energy in more positive directions. Like his career.


the real m said...

Poor Jake. I think this recent bearding effort finished him off. And to the person who keeps hanging their entire Jake is straight argument on Jake and Austin not being seen together, anytime stories appear on Just Jared and People we know they are planned PR moves. They do not change a thing, including that Jake remains gay.

I watched the video clip posted on ONTD and a GIF was even made of it, but I can't recall which site had it now. Pretty obvious that is not his peen, just some miscellaneous something that looks like peen for a second. Too bad. By the way, whoever posted the clip on ONTD did not do the movie any favors. It makes the performances look wooden and flat.

tr said...

it is even more sad how much energy you spend over the life of someone you know NOTHING about, you will never meet (thankfully), and does not owe you anything. Maybe you should try a new tactic and direct some of that misspent energy in more positive directions. Like, getting a life? Finding a job? Jake's career is doing fine, still make way more money you'll ever see in your whole life.

TWEET!!!! said...

looks like they are in Nashville pic LOL!!!

tr for real said...

Hey I haven't posted here in a while. That wasn't me.

tr for real said...

Since I'm here I may as well take the opportunity to roll my eyes at the emboldened jackass berating people for celebrity obsession when they are obsessed with people who are obsessed with celebrities which is much much stranger in my opinion. Ugh and doing it under my nickname. So annoying.

Jake and Taylor Swift is delicious holiday PR candy. Jake is a fake. He's from a family that is obsessed with appearances and desperate for A list status. I'm not at all surprised by his behavior.

lol said...

^ I think the poster called "Quote Me" is impersonating other posters again.

destiny said...

Hi TR. Couldn't agree more, I've been saying for years that Jake would sell his soul and or marry a woman if the devil guaranteed it'd make him a big star.

Jersey Tom said...

I knew that wasn't TR either. Glad you checked in TR.

Wow these two are going at it big time. Been checking in on some blogs LAOD is a huge disaster.

the real m said...

Looks like it did not take Michael long to sum things up nicely. "Looking like a brother and sister trying to decide if mom would rather have the caramel cinnamon latte or the spicy hot chocolate, Taylor Swift and Jakey Gyllenhaal continued to brew their new love (Taylor can use that shit for her song about Jakey) at Fido in Nashville, TN this weekend. AND this was after they spent their Thanksgiving morning sipping on maple lattes at Gorilla Coffee in Park Slope. What the fuck is with them and lattes? Jakey obviously gets the giggles when the foam tickles his top lip and nothing makes him happier than watching the hard wand steam the cream (wink wink). And sipping on a latte makes Taylor feel like a warm cloud of puppy fur is hugging her soul from the back. She probably wrote that same sentence in her Precious Moments journal. You know, these two make the opposite of sense, but I'm just going to go with it. I'll even ignore Jakey making a "The fuck is with my life choices?" face in the picture above".

Is anyone else creeped out by the fact that she has her hair in pigtails. And he is looking just as spruced up as in the Reeke days.

Special K said...

Went and saw LaOD. Jake really looks good in the movie. Beautiful. Beautiful. (hey even the coffee guy in the movie thought he was looking good)

Looking at him in B&W video, makes me wish for him to do something in B&W. He has a luminescence quality in B&W even more so in video form. Note to budding cinematographer Nichols.

Jake as the stereo guy - him with the customers really wasn't that much acting but more just really being himself on screen. You just grinned through the whole thing.

Mr Gyllenhaal, you had jeans that fit, and you can give Mr Nichols a run in the "wearing Levis well" dept.

They nailed the whole thing about drug reps, pharma culture, the Docs, and the med convention. Spot on. And if you don't think there are doc like Azaria think again. The preceptorship thing is not scriptwriter license, that used to happen. Pharma is highly competitive and Jake captured Jamie's place in the game very well.

Watching it you see the influence of Ed Anne and Jake's chats about what was sexy and what turned them on and how it came into play in the scenes. The kitchen klatch, in the back of the coffee shop, and the grin when his beeper would go off letting him think about another round as he heads off to meet her. You could see some real life influences in that.

Don't think the nudity is gratuitous it is in keeping with two people who are attracted and falling in love. And again symbolic of vulnerability and baring all between two people.

You can also see that there were probably moment from Jake's own relationship that came into his character. Laying on the couch together reading, the scene of him kissing Maggie in the coffee shop after she put her painting up stood out to me too for some reason. What was really interesting was how Maggie would hold him and he would ask to be held too. Not just the first time, but also them taking a bath together and later in the movie. Seeing the dynamic between him and Austin in pictures you can see that translating into those kind of moments on screen.

The conversation Jamie and Maggie have after Jamie talks to him mom on the phone, you see again more of real Jake coming through in Jamie.

The voice over of Jamie talking about finding that one person, makes me wonder if that was the clincher for Jake to want to do the movie.

The movie was chugging along and then started to wander in the last third. It seems like it jumped on a new track in the middle of the trip, and the became more about the illness.

One line Jake delivered was a little too Jerry McGuire, it was very prominent in the trailer the way it was cut. Looking at the whole scene it doesn't stick out so much but made me think WTH a little. Think that was the direction he was given for the line. It really look like Jake, for that split second I couldn't even see him in it was like it was another actor jumped in there, and then jumped back out and Jake finished the scene up.

Favorite musical moment - The Kinks A Well Respected Man. That whole montage was done really well.

The movie was good. It was a very solid B+. For Jake in the buff - that is definitely a 10 in extra credit points.

One more thing Jakey G. First it was the Old Bay, then the rubber tread boots in PoP, and now front of Mass General Hospital. LOL

There was definitely more shot for the movie, wonder if it will show up on the DVD. Remember him jogging with the walkman on? It never made it into the movie.

Sad truth said...

Jake is a fake

He is. That's so hard for a lot of people to accept or believe because of his outgoing personality and charm. But he is.

OwlGirl said...

Love that Kinks sing.
Thanks for the impressions, Special.

Another Review said...

Don't think the nudity is gratuitous it is in keeping with two people who are attracted and falling in love. And again symbolic of vulnerability and baring all between two people.

The problem is there is no real sustained vulnerability when it comes to either of these two characters. The biggest thing they have in common is a love of sex and shallowness. The love story simply doesn't work. As a result, the sex seems more like a voyeuristic excuse to not write complex dialogue. Rolling around in the sheets does not a relationship make.

Jake + Taylor = true love said...


What's sad is all the time and effort that YOU spend trying to pretend that Jake and Austin are gay (and a couple no less) when it's obvious to everyone how ridiculous that is.

Both Jake and Austin are in relationships with women.

Jake loves Taylor said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
LOL said...

Save your breath 2:05am. We heard it all when Jake hooked up with his previous beard Chinnyspoon.

Jake still loves the poon said...

LOL, can't you even come up with something remotely original?

"We've heard it all before..." Ya, that's usually how the truth works.

I guess you'd rather believe in fairy tales. Have at it.

Jake's Shills Are Idiots said...

Right now you guys just remind me of the Nazis at the end of World War 2."

You're bringing up NAZIS when discussing an actor who may be closeted or whatever. Granted, I don't visit this board as much as I used to because my interest in Jake is waning excessively but as someone whose father was a child survivor of the Holocaust (and who recently passed away--RIP sweet dad), I do take offense to your ridiculous over the top analogy. Seriously, WHY is this SO IMPORTANT TO YOU to prove that Jake is straight and in love with these A-list blondes he likes to date? Why? Do you work for him? So the people on the blog think he's gay (personally the more I read about him, the more I think he's closeted and truly a fake) and he's bearding, why do you care? Does he know you? Does he care that you exist? Is he going to give you a special present because you've come onto this board to reprimand the BAD BAD PEOPLE who think he's gay because being gay is so awful?

You don't like it--don't come to the blog. And don't make asinine analogies. There are people (like my beloved father) who really were brutalized by them and whose lives were forever destroyed by what they did during WWII.

Special K said...

That's it.

Take this as being notified.

Calling ANYONE a Nazi in comments will result in getting DELETED.

It has been used by someone in the past in comments about Jake and now used to describe fans. There is no place for this kind comment. This is HIGHLY OFFENSIVE and it will stop.

There is no reason for anyone to use this word on a blog like this.

From now on, if this word is used you will be deleted.

Music Lover said...

The problem is there is no real sustained vulnerability when it comes to either of these two characters.

I found this to be just the opposite - she is a beautiful young woman of 26, coming to terms with having been given a diagnosis that she has an illness that will eventually ruin her, both physically and mentally, in a world that is largely shallow and superficial when it comes to women and sex. That's about as vulnerable as you can get. She bares her body freely, but not what she perceives as her own personal weakness, and uses sex as a defense, almost. Jamie has vulnerability too - which I wasn't expecting and was surprised by.

I was actually surprised by how little nudity and sex there was, after all the brouhaha over it. I found it to be a fairly realistic portrayal of a couple in the beginnings of an intensely physical relationship that develops into more. The comedy for the most part was quite funny. I was pleasantly surprised. Jake and Anne are beautiful in it, especially Jake. Anne's eyes are quite expressive of her situation.

There were a lot of good points made about the pharma industry, and the state of our health system in general. I wish they could have been explored more, but it's only a two hours+ movie. All the characters seemed all too human, even Dr. Knight, eventually. Oliver Platt was wonderful, as always. :)

The soundtrack was great - I wish I could find a listing of the songs. There were some I either hadn't heard in a long time and one that I'm desperate to have. The Kinks song was an inspired, and different, choice - at the height of Jamie's immersion in his job as a salesman.

Music Lover said...

^^Sorry for any spoilers.

I have to say that right from the first frame, the first line as the story opens, before you even see Jake, I was smiling. He is absolutely wonderful as the stereo store salesman/cad. The first line he says set the entire tone for his character for me.

Yes, it does go into familiar romcom territory at some point, but I like that and it works for me. It's lovely when she finally drops the defense, but then is Jamie having second thoughts. I'd say the solid B+ is right.

And the lovely Jill Clayburgh was luminous in her role, I thought. Josh's role was very funny and charming, except for that one "iffy" scene. But he has a redeeming scene that I loved. :)

Ted isn't the point said...

I knew Jake was gay before I'd ever heard of Toothy Tile or Austin Nichols. With the exception of Kristen Dunst (who he obviously had genuine affection for, perhaps romantic, perhaps not), his "dating" is out of a publicist's playbook.

It's quite beyond me why anyone would think otherwise.

No gay vibe said...

"Ted isn't the point said...
I knew Jake was gay before I'd ever heard of Toothy Tile or Austin Nichols. With the exception of Kristen Dunst (who he obviously had genuine affection for, perhaps romantic, perhaps not), his "dating" is out of a publicist's playbook.

It's quite beyond me why anyone would think otherwise."

I'm not here to argue, how do you know the man is gay? The gay men I know do not get one vibe from him at all.

tr said...

I'm not here because of some blind item. I found your fandom when Jake started in with Reese and from the beginning I posted what I have actually heard and what I've seen. I've never seen anything that made me think Jake was in a serious relationship with a man. And like I said before I see no evidence of a baby. None. I think he screws around with whoever interests him at the moment. Actors (especially the really focused A-listers like Reese) are immature narcissists with millions of dollars and live in slaves. They have people who create characters that they play in real life. Jake and Reese were all about appearances and the vast majority of the public bought it. The Taylor thing is bizarre. Either way it's irrelevant to what is really going on in their lives.

OwlGirl said...

To call Ted a third-rate gossip columnist shows how little you know. Ted's been around for decades, he knows everyone, and he's seen it all. Not to mention he actually lives in west Hollywood, not Vancouver. And unlike Lainey and the others who started their own blogs and run them on a steep profit from advertisers (like in Lainey's case, the thousands she got for the recent LaOD ads) Ted is on a journalist's salary, with and editor/ boss. He's one of the few I'm inclined to trust.

wishy washy said...

lol. 2:05 and their crazy rants got deleted over at WFT2, so they come over here because they know SK won't delete them as long as they make up a name to post under.

SK, why would you give someone "notification" instead of simply deleting the offensive post? Why do you say "from now on."? You invite trolls with your wishy washy attitude and your failure to take control of your own blog.

Special K said...

I left the comment to show the example of what made me make the statement I made about comments being deleted. That was the only reason I left it there.

It is now gone.