Thursday, November 4, 2010

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UPDATE: Jake looking sharp while going solo to LaOD premiere to open the 2010 AFI Fest.

Jake might not be dressed as casually dressed as he was yesterday at the doctors office for tonight's premiere

or as formal as he was for his last.

But no doubt it will be just right for tonight.

LaOD's World Premiere is the kick off event of the 2010 AFI Film Festival at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood which begins tonight and runs through November 11th.

Another snippet from Jake's interview with Esquire UK

Esq: At Columbia University you studied Eastern religions and philosophy - which figure, as you're one of the few movies stars who practises the old fashion relaxation techniques.

JG: Ease comes from preparation. Whenever I haven't been prepared well enough, or haven't understood the character as much, there's been a sense of unease. There is freedom on the other side of discipline. Look at Danny Kay. Danny Kaye did nothing but bring joy into people's lives. I don't think anybody can do what Kaye did. Look at Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, all of those actors who create the space for ease, however they need to do it.

Esq: Where are you most at ease?

JG: I think comedy. And I feel smart enough to be able to improv certain things. I do work a certain way, I like to move quickly. My acting comes from there. That's why I loved working with Robert Downey Jr. [on Zodiac]. He and I had this similar kind of working. His energy is a bit more frenetic than mine but in terms of the work, we meshed.

And speaking of Jake movies here's the first look at Jake as Colter in his upcoming movie with Duncan Jones, Source Code.


Methodical Muser said...

Jake Gyllenhaal Pals Delighted by Taylor Swift "Romance"

So what happen to the “Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Swift: Nothing Serious” retreat that was published in PEOPLE on 10/27/10 just a few days after the NY apple pickin’ charade? Let’s be clear. It’s all about fame and money. Once their handlers saw how hostile the reaction was online, they tried to minimize the damage, within days of the rollout, thinking it might impact record and box office receipts. But, since Swifty was able to sale 1 million records the first week anyway, that’s emboldened the money changers to go ahead with their original plan. Who cares if the “relationship” script is as flimsy as the product these two have been selling for years. Jake’s year of freedom was coming to a close and it was time to enslave himself, once again, to the Hollywood myth-making machine. I wouldn’t be surprised if the original Reeke contract had a stipulation requiring Jake to hook up with another fauxmance within a year of the “official” breakup. Reesey wouldn’t want to risk Jakeypoo tarnishing her all-American image by doing something silly like living an honorable life, based on scruples and individual integrity. Got to keep those contract lawyers in business, don’t we?

Jake Gyllenhaal’s romance with country music cutie Taylor Swift is unlikely to get serious — sources say.

The pair — who spent time together in New York this past weekend — are keeping their relationship casual, People magazine reports.
“Taylor is very serious about her career,” blabbed one insider.
“For her, it’s all about the career right now. She’s not really interested in getting heavily involved with anyone.

“She and Jake are cute together. But I don’t think there’s anything to it. Everyone’s talking about it. They hung out. But that’s it. I don’t think they’re a couple.
“If she does have a serious relationship, it’s probably going to be with someone who’s not in the industry or someone who’s not a household name.

“With Jake, she probably figures, why not be seen together and keep everyone guessing.”

destiny said...

For some people, money changes everything.

Special K said...

What do you think LaOD did as their promotional items they send in the press kit for the movie? You can't give Viagra away. So what do you do? Any ideas?

Something else that is interesting is the Pfizer has yet to comment about the movie. You know they had to sign off on the script, since the company and their most successful drug such a big part of them movie. It will be interesting to see what they think of it.

LBP said...

Pfizer has yet to comment about the movie.

Uh, yeah they have. Do try to keep up, luv.

Jersey Tom said...

Would Jake have the b*alls to take Talyor to the premiere tonight? He never did walk the red carpet with Reese. Did he?

We will always have Leadville. I thank you everyday PG.

Taylor is in Toronto said...

Sorry Tom, that's one thing you can't add to your "I hate Jake's choices" list

Special K said...

Oops well my bad. Hey nobody's perfect.

LBP maybe you can share with OMG Pfizer's comment, would love to read it.

Special K said...

Jake going solo tonight, and hangs with Ed on the red carpet.

LaOD premiere - IHJ

Jake looks really good I am going to add some pictures to update today's post. Love the suit with the dark shirt and dark tie.

And earlier today Jake his Ipad, and bagging something. ; )

Jake Dr's office 11/4

keep up SK said...

Jake always goes solo to these things SK. Tayloe=r is in Toronto promoting her album, girl can't be in 2 places at once!

And why wouldn't he be with Ed on the Red carpet? Anne and the rest of the cast sem to be MIA.

Keeping up said...

Special K: Pfizer has yet to comment about the movie.
Uh, yeah they have. Do try to keep up, luv.

Wrong again, darlin'. If YOU had kept up, you would know that Special K is correct. Pfizer has not officially even seen the film, only the trailer. Check out Wall Street Online article by CHRISTOPHER JOHN FARLEY October 24, 2010


Pfizer Inc. is less than thrilled by what it's seen so far about "Love & Other Drugs," a movie portrayal of a drug-industry sales rep.
Director Ed Zwick with Jake Gyllenhaal, who stars in the film 'Love & Other Drugs,' a romantic comedy out in late November. In the romantic comedy, which opens Nov. 24, Jake Gyllenhaal goes to great lengths to sell pharmaceuticals, including sleeping with a medical office receptionist, stealing a competitor's samples and lining up dates for doctors. His career gets a boost when he begins to sell Viagra, Pfizer's famous blue pill. The movie, directed by Ed Zwick ("Glory," TV's "Thirtysomething"), is based on a memoir by Jamie Reidy called "Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman."

Mr. Zwick said the love story in the movie is invented, but that the setting is based on fact. The filmmaker said he consulted doctors and pharmaceutical salespeople to get the details right. "Love & Other Drugs" takes place in the 1990s, around the time that the Food and Drug Administration both approved Viagra and relaxed policies on advertising to consumers. "Suddenly the amount of money spent in drug advertising, and the amount made in sales, skyrocketed," Mr. Zwick said. In the film, sales reps discuss pushing products for unapproved, or off-label, uses. In 2009, Pfizer pleaded guilty to improperly marketing its products and agreed to pay a $2.3 billion penalty. "Some of those abuses are detailed in the movie," Mr. Zwick said.

A Pfizer spokesperson said that the company hadn't viewed "Love & Other Drugs" and therefore couldn't comment on its content.

"That said, we do not condone the sales practices portrayed in the movie trailer," the spokesperson said. "They do not conform to our policies and procedures, which hold our employees to high ethical standards."

Keeping up said...

Jake always goes solo to these things SK.

Wrong again. Jake went to "The Day After Tomorrow" premiere with his beard and his boyfriend. That's a two for one.

LBP said...

Wrong again, darlin'. If YOU had kept up, you would know that Special K is correct. Pfizer has not officially even seen the film, only the trailer.

That's not what Special stated. She stated that Pfizer had yet to comment. I told her they did. And look, they did make a comment. So thank you for saving Special the trouble of having to google some info.

Keeping up said...

That's not what Special stated. She remarked that Pfizer had yet to comment about the movie. Which they have not. And you, my dear, didn't even supply a source even though you were absolutely certain Special was wrong. Hypocrite much.

Btw: Do you work for Fox News?

the real m said...

Saw today's medical pics. Jake had that serious pinched forehead he gets when he first exited, then smiled and relaxed when he saw paps. It may mean nothing. I just hope he is OK.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Hate to be a cynic now, but I can't even buy Jake's smile right now.

Funny how he glares & avoids the paps in his Cousin It mask alllllll summer long,

Now that he has a movie and a fake sandbox playdate with TayTay to promote, here comes the smile.

I don't buy anything Jake's selling anymore. I go with the pinched look. That sounds much more like it.

prairiegirl said...

I see double sandbox date possibilities here:


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destiny said...

Sandbox date, lol.

Interesting avatar PG.