Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hang on to your Giblets Austy

If this is what happens to domestic turkey in the hands of BrookeDavis(TM), well Wild Turkey you should just run for cover.

Sure there must a very handy real cook you know who knows just what to do to make your timer pop.

Tonight on the Crazy Tree

Broke, oops Brooke, having no cash (she sold it all! all! all to help the lowly investors of COB) to cater Thanksgiving decides to cook and after making a a burnt offering of the turkey, BrookeDavis, JuJu Bee nee JBra nee Boy in a Bubble, Julian end up heading out to the Real Housewife of Tree Hill and Jr Jerry McGuire's house to have a meal that won't kill them. Oh and everyone else is there too, somehow no one else has any family despite half of them growing up in Tree Hill and everyone ends up there. Great Scott!

JuJu Bee and BrookeDavis(TM) sit as the kids table, not because JuJu is cute in all his childlike quirkiness, or for BrookeDavis(TM) childish behavior, nope not that as all. It's because it is Double BigMama Drama Day , with Brooke's BigBadMama getting sprung from the pokey for the day and OldMotherBaker hoping it's BYOBox of wine, who end up doing time on TV trays.

There's turkey, there's what everyone is thankful for, there's wine, oh look BrookeDavis(TM) being ungrateful, Milli wants Mouth, Bikini Quinn becomes insightful, The Model and Musician fight over stuffing and it doesn't mean Chaste, general mishegas, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria! oh and backyard family football for those slo-mo special moments. Oh Schwahny!!!

Get a woody for Two Wheel Tuesday!


shirtless actors said...

Austin Nichols

destiny said...

The Queer of All Media--lol.

Jersey Tom said...

Congrats to the Phillies Doc Halladay the 2010 unamimous Cy Young Award(best pitcher) winner in the National league. Yeah!!!!!

Lincecum Who?

Greinke Who?

Lester Who?

We will be back..........

People Sexiest Man Alive said...

Just left the set of @PeopleMag
Sexiest Man Alive special! Find out who he is tomorrow! http://twitpic.com/37edsy
about 4 hours ago via Twitpic

Hey @peoplemag guessers, I have the final #SexiestManAlive clue: He had his first taste of fame more than a decade ago.Who do u think it is?
about 1 hour ago via web

Maybe it's Jake?

Sexiest man Alive. said...

Jake's first taste of fame goes back much more than 10 years ago. This is something he would die to have though. Fame! Fame! Fame!
It could be him. Those PoP muscles could have sealed the deal and he is such a stud.

My bet said...

James Franco

Special K said...

More new commercials for LaOD.

And some more good reviews about the movie.

This video interview with Ed and Jake with Newsweek had them talking about Ed having him sing through something and commenting that Jake has a great voice, and so does Anne and suggested them to do a musical together.


Jake Anne and Ed together again

Variety Screening NY

Actually Jake was had his first big fame at 19/20. He did have PoP and now there's LaOD and it's all about timing when you looking at the past winners and they had either done a big tent pole movie, or they had a movie opening.

Special K said...

Michelle Monaghan did an interview with Women's Health for their Dec issue.

She said this about Jake.

On co-star Jake Gyllenhaal in 2011’s Source Code : “I learned a lot about health and fitness from him. Every day we were filming in Montreal, we ate at a raw-food restaurant. He also put me on to almond butter.”

I had forgotten that Michelle was a mom as was Vera, they all have young kids, sound like it was a family friendly set.

destiny said...

LAOD is the big wrap around ad (hate them) on JJ today.

Jersey Tom said...

I gotta admit SK I hope it is not him. Rewarding him with something like that after all the deceit this year would be awful. It could be because he has got so much press this year but most of that has to do with bearding and not his acting. If you win for muscles then PoP may have done it. I think it would give Jake the feeling that he has been rewarded for reeke and swyll or what ever the heck they call it and that it is working for him as far as fame. I hate the word famewhore but it could be appropriate.

Jersey Tom said...

If LAOD does not finish in the top three its opening weekend that is awful news for this movie. I had high hopes for it but I got the feeling its not gonna be the big hit i really thought it was.

Anonymous said...
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Special K said...

Just a gentle reminder that we ask that you put a name or nickname on your posts, anonymous posts get deleted on OMG.

destiny said...

Speaking of Harry Potter, stumbled on the NYC premiere last night on my way to another movie. What a madhouse, and my friend who works in the area said people started lining up yesterday morning to get a good spot to see people.

I saw I Love You Phillip Morris last night. I really liked it, good script, full of twists and surprises, very fuuny, touching at times, unconventional to the end, and some really good acting from Carrey and McGregor.

covering for 9:00 said...

Anonymous said...

Well we know Harry Potter will be number one. Come on. And then it'll be Tangled most likely. And then it could be...I kid you not..."Burlesque." That campfest is intriguing a lot of people and I'm really curious about it.

November 16, 2010 9:00 PM

Tweet said...

iamBenLyons:Once again another ridiculous/borderline unusable interview w/ Jake Gyllenhaal. Watch @ENews tomorrow #TrustMe http://plixi.com/p/57371923

Flirt said...

Are they attracted to one another? Or is Jake attracted to Ben???

Emergency Exit said...

Taylor Swift Fears Being in the Wrong Relationship

the real m said...

Long day for me today so just doing a quick check in. Had to laugh at a comment made on ent lawyers site. He posted the 100,000 private plane story. Not true of course, but one of the comments was a page out of Dlisted's humor. "Ok, this has got to be some publicist working overtime,if I am to believe that GAYke Gyllenhaal has $150k just lying around to have his beard flown over so they can play Barbies and dress up in his hotel room."

To some extent I think LAOD is overdoing the festivals, premieres and sneak previews. The ads are getting tiresome, even to me. It must be hard for them to answer the same questions over and over. But then again its not much different from doing a play, same lines 2 or 3 shows a day. Still, you can see the boredom creeping in.

aus10 said...

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about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I spent the evening with the crew of the USS Gravely. Incredible bunch of Americans. Thank you for your service and good luck out there!
about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I just watched Andy Irons' memorial at Hanalei Bay. I can't think of a greater honor. I miss you buddy!!
about 18 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

ihj said...

New Pics
New York Premiere
After Party

Methodical Muser said...

Uh-oh. Jake may need to change those Parisian holiday plans. Susan Boyle just dethroned Taylor Swift from the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. She’s not a blond, but maybe she can make the sacrifice just this once. I wonder where their first date will be?

Methodical Muser said...
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Methodical Muser said...

Ryan Reynolds is People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, 2010. Sorry Jake. I really thought that motorcyle would have put you over the top.

Un-sexiest Man Alive said...

I really thought that motorcyle would have put you over the top.

"Dating" Taylor Swift reduces his sexiness factor so drastically that even the most bad-ass motorcyle isn't going to help, neither is being naked and having sex "16 or 17 times" in your new movie.

destiny said...

I do not get Ryan Reynolds. There are a lot of people that do nothing for me, but at least I can see the appeal. Not with RR.

ted said...

Is Jake Gyllenhaal Helping Taylor Swift Get Over Her Bad Relationship Phobia?

I have a phobia about being in the wrong relationship. So as soon as I establish that it's not the right one, I don't want to waste their time."

Taylor Swift (kind of) opening up to Allure magazine about her oft-talked about love life

This explains why she kicked the likes of Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner and John Mayer to the curb. But could this mean that Jake Gyllenhaal is the one?!

Doubt it (seriously), but could Jake be responsible for the new outlook on love Tay's blabbing about to mag?

Who knows! 'Cause both halves of the ice-cream-lickin', apple-pickin' duo are staying tight lipped.

(You know, "privacy" and all that. It keeps the tabloids interested, but we're sure that's not their intentions.)

But here's what we do know: If there's one gal who should know love isn't simple, it's Taylor Swift. The country cutie wrote three albums' worth of tunes about the guys who just weren't up to her fairy-tale snuff, after all.

So consider us shocked (Taylor isn't the only one who can be surprised) when Tay 'fessed she's just now realizing relationships aren't always so easy.

"I was filled with advice!" Taylor dishes to the mag. "I'd tell my friends things like, ‘Don't accept that apology! That isn't sincere!' Or, ‘He hung out with his ex-girlfriend? Get rid of him!' But love is never that simple. Now I'm finally getting the idea it's the one thing I don't need to have a strategy for."

How very no-nonsense, Taylor! Like a mini Reese Witherspoon.

We're just hoping Taylor's tell-all approach to making music doesn't change with her new strategy-free search for Prince Charming. But we're thinking it won't:

"Relationships are fascinating and riveting and completely unpredictable. For me, love is everything," Tay says, promising tons more albums packed with lovey-dovey ballads and bitter breakup anthems.

In the case, we can't wait to hear what she's got to bitch about with Jake.

But the question is: Are you buying Jaylor as a power couple yet? Or does it still seem too good to be true?