Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Go Go Gator Go

Congrats again to Mr. Nichols who came in 22 in his age division and 120th overall on Sunday's half marathon. He ran the 13.1 miles in 1:40:59.61 running an average 7:43 mile throughout the course. Impressive. Those gators must have been motivation, or maybe the walkers, nahhh it's the gators.

Speaking of gators, there's an opportunity for Austin to use his writing expertise. The tradition of Lyle Lyle Crocodile, there could be Austin the Alright Alligator.

Remember the story is about the Primms family who move into an old Victorian brownstone, only to find a performing crocodile named Lyle living in the bathtub. At first they are horrified, but they learn to love him and accept him into their family.

And Austin the Alright Alligator? Of course he would the be a water skiing gator who people find out is an alright kind of fella who's big grin and steely eyes are nothing to be afraid of, and who's hat tells them what kind of adventures he up to and his high fivin' tail greets everyone he meets. And teaches about the environment on his trips around the world on his scooter.

He sets out find to adventures and makes friends. Soon he meets up with a June Bug named Jake and they find new adventures wherever they go.

Tonight on the Crazy Tree.

Mouthful of Diamonds (Guess Grills, Grills, Grills was taken) A TONY GONZALEZ OF THE ATLANTA FALCONS APPEARS IN A CAMEO ROLE — Nathan's career as a Junior Jerry McGuire takes a big step forward when he visits Atlanta and runs into Tony Gonzalez of the Atlanta Falcons, The Real Housewife of Tree Hill consoles Jamie about his new braces using hillbilly teeth. The bridal blowout between BrookeDavis(TM) and BigMamaMakeAnother finally comes to a head, and were not talking about Julian's big noggin but maybe more Dynasty Krystal and Alexis. The bartender of bad drinks Chase makes a decision regarding the singer and the model who are fighting over him. And Julian? He's out of the BrookeBubble at least for a little bit and look what happens; he puts everyone in the hotseat in front of the camera, drives a Jeep and whaaaaa??? water balloons!?!? JuJuBee you got some 'splaining to do when you get home but to who? Big Mama or BrookeDavis.


Bird-Brain said...

Trying to impersonate others, or imply things is very trollish behavior, OwlGirl. Or should we say PrairieGirl? :)

prairiegirl said...

Thanks PG, I didn't know I had moved from Babbler to a sheep or alternatively a Stepford wife.
I guess the right to interpret only applies to certain people.

Yes, I wonder why I don't bother trying to argue with people here anymore for most parts. Afterall, it's awesome to be told that you're stupid everytime you do.
But just for the record, it has nothing to do with Jake and Austin and everything with the tone OMG has taken. You know, that same tone the original WFT used to have in the end which was the reason to start OMG to begin with.

And far be it from me to create a hostile environment where those with differing opinions are not free to do so.

I’ve got a blog. I reckon I can post my opinions on it just as well as anywhere else and leave a pristine environment here just for you, Stubborn.

I have no problem with that.

I am not posting as Owl Girl.

B-B said...

I am not posting as Owl Girl.

Sorry then, PrairieGirl. :)

the real m said...

I am so happy to see that Ted says they are still together. And in love. I just love these words. "Does any couple that's in love ever really break up? Nope" Very romantic, really. Thanks Ted for that. And he had the perfect opportunity to ain't Jake as Toothy, but did not because he cant.

Someone either had a case of mistaken identity or their attempt to fake a tweet sighting of Jake backfired as it turns out Jake is in London and Taylor in another state. That's why we discount all tweets.

Also Ted confirms what I mentioned in my email.

the real m said...

One last thing before I make a mad dash for work. Looking at the Heathrow pics, Jake really needs to retire those jeans. I am sure they are quite comfortable and OK for laying around the house, but time for a new pair. Quite a contrast between how Anne looks (clean, pressed, new) and how he looks.

OwlGirl said...

I don't pretend to know the social norms of commenting on ohmygodot, seeing as this is only my third comment here, but WTF? Who am I impersonating? How was that comment trollish? Out with it.

ihj said...

Jake & Anne at Heathrow

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yesterday, Today and To-Morrow said...

If it's only your third comment here, how is it that Ted "finally" answered one of your letters? And that's my final word on it. There have been incidences of and warnings from the blog administrators about people trying to bully and pass themselves off as other posters. I'm sure you read the most recent one. People are entitled to their own opinions and are free to share them however they see fit. And that's all I'm going to say about it.

OwlGirl said...

It was my third comment, and this will be my final. This may come as a surprise to y'all, but many, many people email Ted besides you, about many, many topics besides your beloved Toothy. I finally got him to answer one of my emails in a BB, and was a wee bit happy about it. Thanks for the buzzkill.

I had zero interest in being a bully, and wasn't impersonating anybody. I am Gabrielle. And now I will take my ball and go home.

covering for 12 said...

Anonymous said...

destiny said...
I take it Ted has no idea what is going on with TT and GG right now.

Bingo. That's exactly what that "answer" shows. Anyone reading objectively can see that Ted is hedging by answering a question with a question. Do people in love "really" ever break up? Well, I guess they maintain emotional attachments even if they aren't a couple anymore. He clearly doesn't really know.

November 9, 2010 12:08 PM

Special K said...

Owl Girl/Gabrielle, sorry for all the confusion, OMG has been having problems with impostors, and it has made many cautious. I hope you will still come to OMG and participate when you can.

To 12:08 - there are no anonymous postings on OMG. Please use a name of some sort when you post.

To everyone, we might not all see eye to eye, and that's ok. State your opinions and thoughts that's what it's all about. Just give respect to others comments that you would want others to give yours.

12:08 said...

Thanks for the cover, 12:35 - sorry about the Anon.

B-B said...

Thanks Special, and my apologies to Owl-Girl for any misunderstandings. :)

prairiegirl said...

Well, just so it's known around these parts, I don't want to see any accusations of PrairieGirl posting as anyone else because I'm taking a sabbatical and won't be blogging at all. I'm sure many are doing a happy dance at this very moment. These guys are so not worth this.

You'll know it when I return. Until then,

it ain't me.

destiny said...

LOVE your avatar PG!!!!

LOL said...

Straight Jake says: "It's always tricky getting a girl". *cough*

norwegian girl said...

i`m so glad you said what you just said special. i was starting to wonder if this place had started to wiev any new member an enemy...and that would`t been good, as i think this place is an open-minded one.
i think some people here need to calm down. it`s supposed to be a place where we can talk about jake&austin, but i think it`s weird how some peole try to keep other people away from here, or so it seems.
if somebody owns this place except from special, i`m not aware of that. and if noone does, i`m glad, because i love how she handles it. straight ahead, but respectful.
i don`t always recognize "jack". i`m sure he`s a problem...just don`t think the worst to begin with(as it seems like...about always)i understand you get sick of some sometimes...but that often makes me wonder if this also is a very judging place!

norwegian girl said...

i don`t believe for a second every old member here recognize "jack" all the time.
and what a great welcome to a newcomer if you call he or her that! you might know sometimes, but not always. i don`t believe this is a site welcoming any new memeber with judgement?

Methodical Muser said...

Straight Jake says: "It's always tricky getting a girl". *cough*

Aww, Jakey. I know it seems perplexing and risky. But, have you ever tried a butterfly net? Exotic creatures are known to be elusive, you know. Plus, there always hogging the mirror and unwilling to share their body care products.

Then again, it's never been about the getting but the having, hasn't it, Jake?

prairiegirl said...

The problem is, ng, that unfortunately no one can tell anymore. I sure can't.

And there's just a very small, hardcore few of us who are around regularly that have to deal with the trolls. Let me tell you, it's different when you're the one who directly faces these trolls on a regular basis like a few of us.

I've been burnt more times than I can count.

But I take full responsibility for my words today - not pretty. I'm sure I'm the one you're telling to calm down. You know, sometimes it's as simple as clashing personalities, something that's going to happen anywhere.

Note taken. I fully realized it and that's why I'm taking a sabbatical because this isn't fun anymore. I know when to leave it.

But I had to come back and comment to yours. Because it is different when you're on here as frequently as some of us and a bit more involved and interactive. But all respect to you, ng. Thanks for the Calm down, LOLLL!! I need that alot of times.

I'm outta here now and back to my own hectic personal life.

norwegian girl said...

pg, when you say you need to take a break, it`s you`re choice! yes, you was one of those i talked to. i want to be honest.
but you was not the only one.
if you took what i said only directed to you, i`m sorry, because it wasn`t only meant to.
i don`t really understand why you should leave. you have your opinions and i have mine.
i hope you stay. though we don`t agree, we may discuss:)

Special K said...

Dave Navarro (Jane's Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers), is going to guest star on an upcoming episode of OTH.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking Navarro as the wedding singer doing "Hopelessly Devoted to You"? LOL

norwegian girl said...

it`s not a great place anymore when i have to say goodbye to a girl a love here.
well. i have had great memories, so i`ll take them with me:) say to pg i love her, though we don`t agree;) i knew i would leave at a day like this...a day i lost a friend. it`s not worth it. tell pg to stay what she is:) hug

Jersey Tom said...

I am just so happy for Jake's Godfathers. Finally they are not the blame for Jake being Gay. They must be so relieved.

JerseyTom/Rocky Mountain High

I was trying to get Ted confirm that indeed Jake and Austin were in Colorado together. Not sure what to make of his answer except that Jake and Austin aren't working together on the movie Jake wants to make.

LOL said...

"Finally they are not the blame for Jake being Gay."

Get with the program Tom. It was because of BBM that people think he's gay. lol

pr said...

Does he actually have gay Godfathers or was thet just PR for BBM? Has any one actually seen pics or know the names?

the real m said...

Tricky to get a girl? Yes Jake it actually is. First you need to identify 3 or 4 candidates and send feelers out to them. Then if there is interest from one of them, both sides have attorneys who will want to review the bearding contract. Details like start and stop dates, number of "dates", trips to resorts, and photo ops need to be worked out. And of course there the financial terms and confidentiality agreement. After Reeke there are now terms re what can be said about Jake after the break up. A new wrinkle.

Special K said...

"It's always tricky getting a girl".

You know the tough part is not actually wanting what you are supposed to be getting.

I know said...

Yes ng, you got it, this is a rather close-minded place if you're not bat-shit crazy, full of venom you are not welcome, a.k.a you are Jack! I don't believe for a second pg is leaving here to tend to her 'hectic personal life' she just playing the victim and try to have everyone say 'no don't go don't go, besides, she certainly does NOT have a hectic life anyway.

destiny said...


Congrats Tom/Rocky Mountain High.

the real m said...

I started watching some of the interview videos. I don't know exactly when these were filmed but Jake seems pretty tired. Also, his legs are apart, his arms relaxed in the one with Ann before he gets asked about getting numbers. But when he starts to talk about women, he crosses his legs and links his fingers together with his arms more across his body. A more defensive posture.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
GOOGLE said...

Why is it interesting? He's divorced ain't he?


covering for 9:08 said...

Anonymous said...

didn't know, just came across it.
Jake's father got engaged to Kathleen Man April of this year.


just some info I came across
November 10, 2010 9:08 AM

Ted said...

Hey Ted:
I have never written in before but I had to ask you about the Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal "relationship." All the ice cream dates and apple picking honestly make me want to vomit. It seems just a little too convenient. Taylor has a new record and Jake has a movie coming out soon. It does remind me of Swift's old ice cream "dates" with Taylor Lautner. Anyway, what is your opinion: Is this relationship Hollywood fake, or are Jake and Taylor the real deal?

Dear Hold Your Vom:
Awful will be the first to say we were stumped, and a little sick to our tums, when we heard about Jaylor, especially after the short-lived stunt Swifty pulled with everyone's favorite werewolf. Still, doesn't Jakey not wanting to dish about his country honey on the red carpet last weekend make all this licking and picking totally seem real? I know, and I'm straight.

Dear Ted:
You have stated in the past that Toothy Tile knows who he is, reads your column and is quite flattered by his moniker. Now that got me wondering: Knowing all this, do you still personally interview him on the red carpet or for sit-downs? Are you able to keep a straight face, look him in the eye and not call him Toothy? Or are you banned from actually talking to him? We all know Hollywood is all about pretense, but come on, in his everyday life, people must refer to him as Toothy to his face, and every time, he must be thinking of paying you back, no?

Dear Too Much Tooth:
Paying me back? Darling, Tooth is most grateful for any and all publicity I afford him—of this I am certain. You must remember, this is a guy who's totally into kinky, extraordinary sex, which few of his fans know about. And when Mr. Tile gets to see the items we write up about him, he totally gets the biggest vicarious thrill imaginable.

Dear Ted:
With Taylor Swift being all over the news lately with her new album release, it has me wondering: Has she ever cracked under pressure? Does she have her own Blind Vice hidden away somewhere?

Dear Blinded by the Blond:
Taylor will never crack—that's one tough little mother. And yes, of course, she has a Blind all to her own, already, that's a given!

Dear Ted:
Please fill me in on One Tree Hill cast gossip. I love me some One Tree Hill, but they all seem so...I don't know, "clean" and adorable. Have any of them ever been a Blind Vice? And is there any hot stuff happening behind scenes?

Dear You Got It:
There are more Blind Vice alums strutting around that horny set than adopted children in Brad and Angelina's various estates. Jeez, you'd think the show would be better with all that tension being relieved behind the scenes!

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