Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blue Bananas

You might have seen Jake and the Banana Boyz already

but is once enough for a performance of this caliber?

But don't think you've seen this yet. This is Jake and Jimmy during the commercial break.

In the web exclusive they talk about the Banana Boyz, and acting, and oh yeah make a couple of promos between the giggles.

UPDATE: Here is Jake's interview with Jimmy.

Speaking of Breadcrumbs

Have you notice there seems to be a trend in tweets

Yes Neyteri. We are mated before Eywa. It is done. I see you.
Friday, November 19, 2010

Guess what they call this gun? R2-D2 with a hard-on. Not a joke. Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nothing makes me happier than dollar taco night. Well maybe Harrison Ford and blue light-up frisbees. Monday, November 15, 2010

Cinema Wisdom: Every romantic comedy has a running scene. When you screw up, you HAVE to run to get your love back!! Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cars break down, its hard to get a taxi. So you have to steal a motorcycle or a horse and ride to your loved one. And profess your love. Sunday, November 14, 2010
(a nod to the scene in LaOD (and Jake not in London?) )

My nipples get hard when I see the TRON trailer. I want a suit with blue lights. And a deadly frisby. Saturday, November 13, 2010

Maybe this explains his love of exclamation marks. Ha!

Something else of interest.

Rolling Stone did a piece about the music compilation for The Gulf, Gasoline Rainbow, that Austin heading up with his co-star. It's good buzz for the project but there is something that jumped off of the page.

The name of the record label.

Roark Records

It is not uncommon for people to create small independent labels especially for special projects. And the name of this little label points straight to Austin.

Why? Howard Roark is the protagonist of The Fountainhead. It is also a book that Austin was so into that he turned into a book club selection that he said with everyone through Southern Gothic.

And it says a lot about Austin that he would name a label Roark Records (and not for the alliteration quality like his partner in fundraising might think)

Howard Roark

Roark choose to struggle in obscurity rather than compromise his artistic and personal vision. He is the example of free will — the theory that an individual has the power, by virtue of the choices he makes, to control the outcome of his own life. He the a first hander an individual who relies on his own thinking, who does not place the beliefs of others before the functioning of his own mind. He served as a champion for Rand's life philosophy based on selfishness ("the commitment, in action, to one's self, i.e., one's own values; a persistent quest to achieve — and the refusal to betray — one's values for any reason") which she called Objectivism.

Howard keeps his integrity the whole time and ends up living happily ever after.
He seemed to have the hardest life all in the book but ended up the happiest of all of them.

So what is Austin trying to say about the man behind the music?


Jersey Tom said...

PG said

look at Austin in that filming Twit pic and I hope that was just on a "rough" day because he looks gaunt in that thing. Jake looks like he's 37-40 yrs old now. And I see the toll that their sacrifice has taken on them.

I agree that is not a great picture of Austin PG. But that close up is beautiful. How I would love to taste those lips. Plus he has the warmest brown puppy dogs eyes I have ever seen. His skin is perfect. The nose oh well everything can't be perfect. It gives him character. Again those lips my God are beautiful. Somebody get me a fan:-)

Jersey Tom said...

The fourth picture down on Thursday's post is one of the best pics of Jake I have seen in a long time. How could anyone ever stay mad at somebody with a face like that. His eyes are magic and I could get lost in them:-)

destiny said...

The rap bit on Fallon was funny, but man, I really don't like Fallon as a talk show host. I ended up watching the whole show too last night as I was curious to see Scott Caan and the musical guest.

Thanks for chiming in PG on the conversation yesterday, sometimes I fell like I'm just talking to myself, especially if Tom isn't around to join in. I know you're not that interested, and can't blame you.

Boy did you depress me with thoughts of Jake being contractually bound to not come out though, because of Reese. I could see Reese expecting something like that.

Special K said...

Updated: the post to include Jake's interview with Jimmy Fallon.

Jake was in a great mood. Another mention of Primanti Bros sandwich. The Sasquatch who was the one who really wanted it in his story for Jimmy Kimmel must have convinced how good it is.

And that was no accidental brush of Jake's butt against the guy in the audience during his dancing, he backed that thing up on him.

fb said...

Alice Waters:

'We're trying to put an edible garden in every school in America'. Too right. Thanks Jake for being such a great friend of the Edible Schoolyards.

Jersey Tom said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Jake marries in the next few years. If he thinks it will save his career he most definetly will do it.

Not believing Ted said...

prairiegirl said...

This latest round of lying with the Taylor Swift business and Austin putting up with Sophia and her "partner" quote in the Miami Living periodical is past my tolerance level.

While I have the floor, might I go ahead and add that Sophia calling Austin her "partner" and going on again about Austin waiting around for 5 1/2 years for her to open up again to love (that's my rewording) and sacrificing his all for her, while he is in a relationship with Jake is absolutely appalling

I find it hard to believe that someone would create this kind of lie. Maybe Sophia and Austin really are partners. Everyone on this blog believes Ted Casablana. Has anyone maybe thought he has created a fantasy that has helped make him a very famous man. I am not a troll just someone who finds it hard to believe the whole Toothy Tile-Grey Goose saga. Sorry but far fetched.

Lost on the internet said...

Not believing Ted said...

This is what I find funny. Here and at WFT2, even at the Awful Truth, there are always people ridiculing everything Ted says. It's "fan fiction," "He's making every single thing up," blah, blah. But oddly enough these smart people who know better than anyone else and could never be fooled, somehow find their way to the Awful Truth and read Ted and they find their way here and read the posts, and they find their way to WFT2. Really strange. I guess they must get lost while surfing the web and accidentally come upon these silly gossip sites on their way to the sites discussing the newest Mideast peace plan :)

Very Odd said...

I find it odd that a girl would refer to her boyfriend as my partner.

LOL said...

Lost on the internet said...

Stop generalising. You very well know that there are lots of long-term WFT readers/posters who believe that Jake is TT, but call Ted out on his BT lies.

More than plausible said...

I am not a troll just someone who finds it hard to believe the whole Toothy Tile-Grey Goose saga. Sorry but far fetched.

Hardly far-fetched. I've been following this saga since 2005. It's true alright.

I wouldn't be surprised if Jake marries in the next few years. If he thinks it will save his career he most definetly will do it.

Now, that prospect would definitely surprise me. If anything, I think Jake is more confident than ever that he made the right decision not to go the Travolta or Jackman route. Talk about retrograde.

I could see Jake taking a break from Hollywood more than walking down the aisle with a shame marriage. Just doesn't sound like him. And, the way Witherspoon ran away from Jake as fast as her teeny tiny feet could carry her last November, tells me she was worried about Jake's erratic behavior and wanted to distance herself as quickly as possible. Never mind her dreams of cultivating another tabloid fauxmance with Robert Pattinson. If RW felt she had some iron clan contract that enslaved Jake forever, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have been so concerned about what he might do next.

I recognize people are mad about this whole Swift crappola stuff, but didn't Ted just indicate in December of last year that Toothy and his man are doin' just fine....and how "in love Mr. and Mr. Toothy Tile" are?. Ted even wrote about how Toothy's straight friends call what he has with Grey Goose "the real thing." We also saw how Jake reminded us in late May that Austin is bearding, and Prairie Girl found old Grey Goose by his man's side in Leadville this past August. Like Special has just pointed out in today's post, Austin continues to make statements that connect back to Jake. When Ted made his remark the other day that BT is not the reason for Toothy's closeted ways, I thought that was a positive statement. Let's not forget, G2 has a bearding contract that he has to fulfill so T2 couldn't do anything right now, even if he wanted to.

BT believer said...

there are lots of long-term WFT readers/posters who believe that Jake is TT, but call Ted out on his BT lies.

There are many who believe there is a Family Tile. And even if only one person agreed with Ted, that still doesn't mean that a baby doesn't exist. Just that the idea is hard to believe. Ted could have corrected the record long ago like he did when he first thought the boys were going to do the adoption thing instead of the surrogancy. Yet, he continues to not shy away from his assertion.

Recently, even Luis Guzman posted a tweet to Austin where he called him a Daddy. If you choose not to believe that's your prerogrative. But, calling Ted a liar and harassing or calling others delusional who have formulated their own independent judgment tells me that some are outraged at even the thought. Voicing an opinion is one thing, berating others for disagreeing is another.

Btw: I'm not saying that you are one of those who attack BT believers. Just that the practice exists here and at WFT2.

It's embarrassing Ted not illegal, stop the bs said...

More plausible SK is that ted is full of shit.
You again cherry-picked Uncle Ted's BS. How about TT and screwing around with female strippers? If you believed what you just posted you have to believe everything.

Reese just got bored and BTW she isn't dating Jim Toth either, he has a real GF.

There are no contracts, Mr. and Mrs Soapy hang out together because they want to, not have to.

Jake wants to get married and have kids and when I mean married I mean to a woman, he looks to Maggie and Peter as role models not his crazy parents.

Jake isn't taken a break from HW, he likes the $$$$ too much.

Ted has been getting TT "info" from fangirls sonce April '06, including the BT shit, the fangirls have saved e-mails from him and his interns and they let him know when prompting him to do another BS BI.

LOL said...

Calling Ted a lier is voicing an opinion. It is not attacking other posters.

It's just that some people's beliefs are so inextricably linked to Ted, that it is taken as a personal attack. :)

Special K said...

Newsweek had an interview with Ed Zwick about LaOD and the sex factor.

Here's a couple of questions.

The sex in Love and Other Drugs actually does feel real: it elevates the film from a standard romantic comedy to a movie for adults. Hathaway falls in love with a pharmaceutical rep played by Jake Gyllenhaal, and their pillow talk is part of their relationship. We asked Zwick to talk about sex, and how to shoot a sex scene.

Did you and the actors sit down and talk about sex?

We talked about what turned us on and what turned us off. We watched some movies together. On one end of the spectrum was Rock Hudson and Doris Day in Pillow Talk, the other end was Michael Winterbottom's 9 Songs. I think we looked at something by Audiard, The Beat That Skipped My Heart, Last Tango in Paris, Sex and Lucia, some Almodóvar. The Europeans have traditionally been much more casual about sex than we are. How funny that we wouldn't consider sex part of a love story. In my experience, it's a rather central part of anybody's love.


Special K said...

Here's a tiny video of Jake, Natalie and Florence from the FINCA gala.

Jake Natalie and Florence red carpet

I wouldn't be surprise if Jake didn't pop up somewhere on SNL tonight.

Adam Levine said...

Ted even wrote about how Toothy's straight friends call what he has with Grey Goose "the real thing."

One of those straght friends just reamed out the Gay readers of The Advocate about thinking Jake was Gay.

Jake said...

^ Don't be so certain Mr. Levine is a straight shooter.

More than plausible, and not SK said...

You again cherry-picked Uncle Ted's BS. How about TT and screwing around with female strippers?

No cherry picking needed when someone like you chooses to misrepresent and distort what Ted actually wrote. He said that T2 has been hanging around strip clubs and leaving with chicks. He didn't write about Toothy screwing them:

"Desperate Tooth, who hasn't exactly had an easy time of it at the box-office has taken to lurking around out-of-town strips clubs, leaving these sleazy joints with chicks. Wonder what he does when the babes finally get him home? Do they tell Toothy their favorite films from his mostly impressive film repertoire, just to excite him, once they discover he's not exactly rarin' to rip their panties off?"

If you believed what you just posted you have to believe everything.

I don't believe everything I read by anyone including Ted C. so that is a specious argument.

i sure hope he isn't bringing std home to mr. soapy and bt! said...

If TT was actually hanging around strip clubs and leaving with chicks, SOMEONE would have either gossiped or tweeted about it, nada.

And what would be the point of keeping it hush hush if it was all for appearences? Who was he trying to impress? Himself or TT's phantom pals so they could run back to tell Uncle Teddy?

How about that it never happened along with the other BS like asking some bim in a stinky alley to suck his dick. Strippers, random bums, TT is sure a sex addict!

Chica said...

Ted is a lier

Sarah Palin, feminist and tinhat said...
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Wicked Amy Ann Rose said...
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Music Lover said...

Is tonight the SNL with Anne hosting and Florence and the Machine as musical guest?

Special K said...

Yes it is.

?? said...

Why are comments moderated?

Special K said...

Since some people have too much time on their hands again, comments will be moderated for the time being

prairiegirl said...

Didn't mean to help stir up stuff - that's a big reason why I'm staying off as much as I can. Special does not need me raising a stink on here and spoil it for those who want to enjoy LAOD and everything else.

I don't know all the reasons. I don't know all the truths.

But I know when I don't feel right about something. And this time around, I don't "feel it" watching all of these promos this time around and reading all of Jake's mumbo jumbo in all his interviews. Because I don't know this guy at all anymore. I don't know when he's telling the truth or when he's spinning a yarn to cover up something. I watch him on David Letterman and I think, This guy was asking for a handjob in a dirty alley? What would the Letterman audience think if they knew this?

This guy is in a committed relationship and most likely has a child. What would all these people in the audience think if they knew this?

Jake is 40 different people. How many people do I know in my real life who are 40 different people? Such different people? Is this normal? Is it real? This isn't real life, I'm sorry. It's not normal everyday.

And it just makes me very sad to watch him talk so much about someone else's child when he could be and would love to be talking about his own. And it makes me really frustrated to see him beard and be with everyone else but he can't be seen with Austin. THAT'S who I would love to see him with. Jake with Austin. Austin with Jake.

I know it's not possible. I know it's not going to happen in the near future.

Find a picture from Leadville and look what happens: The crap rains down. What joy that day and what misery now. I'm almost sorry I ever discovered Austin in that picture because it's been nothing but bad ever since.

Special K said...

A couple of quick excerpts from today's NY Daily News. And is the Black & White considered a health food? If so, I could get behind heath food movement.

Gyllenhaal still loves returning to New York, if only for his regular black-and-white cookie fix. "I'm a connoisseur," he laughs. "And I love the one at Nussbaum & Wu — that's one of my favorite black-and-white cookies in the city."

"Jake knows all the best health food places, so I'm trying to use his knowledge," Hathaway adds.


Jake turns 30 on Dec. 19, a milestone he's keen to honor. "I was talking to my sister the other day about being 30 and celebrating the life you've had up to this point," he says. "I feel there's a massive sort of sea change coming in myself and I'm psyched."

To commemorate the date, he's taking the family on a trip to the Arctic Circle to scuba-dive with walruses. "The only reason I'm doing it is I wanted to do something that absolutely terrified me — killer whales and walruses and freezing cold water? That seems absolutely terrifying."

NY Daily News

Music Lover said...

Awwww. :)

I thought Anne was great on SNL last night, and Florence was a goddess! I liked Anne playing Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz skit with the Weathervane who wanted an apartment, and the Thanksgiving skit with Penelope. :) I hope she'll play Judy Garland in the biopic I've heard she's going to be doing. She'd be perfect. :)

She looked gorgeous in the bumper cards - every guest usually does, one of my favorite parts of SNL.