Sunday, November 7, 2010

Out Spotlight

Today's Out Spotlight is an organization that is continuing to reach out to the public an support a message of educating, acceptance and inclusion. Today's Out Spotlight is the American Library Association. (ALA)

In what started as grassroots acknowledgment in 1971, the ALA began honoring hallmark works in GLBT publishing. The Gay Book Award, as it was known then, became an official American Library Association award in 1986, the next year, its name was changed to the Gay and Lesbian Book Award. "Beginning in 1990, the Book Award expanded into two categories: nonfiction and literature. In 1994, the name changed once more to the Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Book Award. In 1999, when the Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Task Force became the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Round Table, the name changed yet again to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Book Award. In 2002, the name changed to the Stonewall Book Award-Barbara Gittings Literature Award and the Stonewall Book Award-Israel Fishman Non-Fiction Award."

The award reflects the growth of the GLBT publishing industry. In the first few years there were only a handful of books from which to choose from, but by 1995 there were over 800 titles eligible for that year's award.

This year, after 40 years of the Stonewall Book Awards, the ALA expanded the award to add a Children & Young Adult Literature Award. The first children & young adult award will be announced on January 10, 2011, when other ALA book awards including the prestigious John Newbery and Randolph Caldecott medals for children's literature will be announced.

Roberta Stevens, the president of the American Library Association, said in a statement that children’s books that include the experiences of gays and lesbians “are critical tools in teaching tolerance, acceptance and the importance of diversity.”

The American Library Association said there was a growing demand for high-quality children’s books that reflect the experiences of gays and lesbians, citing a national statistic that an estimated 14 million children have a gay or lesbian parent. The most current U.S. Census data shows that one-third of female partner households and one-fifth of male partner households contain children.

Books that win awards from the association are closely watched by librarians, teachers and parents, and are typically distributed widely in bookstores, schools and libraries after receiving a prize.

Books with gay and lesbian themes often place high on the association's yearly report of works most criticized and threatened with removal by parents and educators. "And Tango Makes Three," Justin Richardson's and Peter Parnell's acclaimed picture story about two male penguins who become parents, topped the list from 2007 to 2009.

"Ours is a very inclusive profession and we represent a wide variety of viewpoints," says association president Roberta Stevens, who noted that the decision to add the Stonewall prize was made well before the recent wave of suicides by teens believed to be victims of anti-gay bullying. "Millions of children in this country are being raised by gay or lesbian parents. There are young people who are gay and sometimes they feel very alone. This is a real opportunity for youths who may be feeling alone to read about other like themselves."

And an aside:

Congratulations to Austin, on completing his first half marathon, and not being eaten by gators.

First Half Marathon. No Gators ate me. Incredible experience. - AUS10

No word if he mooned anyone.


tweet said...

samontv: World Exclusive; Jake Gyllenhaal wears a purple glow in the dark 'silly band' in the shape of a stegosaurus.
about 1 hour ago via web

No surprise said...

Of course he is. He's been wearing a purple band since OMG folks pointed out that he probably was wearing it in solidarity with GLAAD's 10/20 anti-bullying "wear purple" request. Predictable. He will probably never take it off now in the hopes that no one would ever suspect that he might be against the harassment and terrorizing of gay teens. Heaven forbid.

band said...

What happened to the pink one he wore the other day when he was a the medical building?

REALLY?? said...

OH MY GOD! Such anger 4:42! Really? Over something STUPID as to what he wore on his wrist.

The pink one broke 4:46, that's why he's wearing the purple one. It was the top of the news this morning.

prairiegirl said...

Yes, 16:56, believe it or not, 16:42 is not being unreasonable in their opinion, in fact they may be spot on.

Just about anything Jake does and has done for the pap cameras since the beginning of Reeke has everything to do with his public image. The same goes for his boyfriend since Sophin began, although not on as high of an octane level. Their public image is now pre-packaged and has been authorized by Jake's people and endorsed by those closest around them. It's an image that can be found at a deeply closeted HW community near you.

Kind of like Rice a Roni and Hamburger Helper.

It's not STUPID, it's a sad reality.

Special K said...

Looks like Austin can give Jake a run for him money in the running dept. Why do I keep picture Austin running from the version of Wally Gator on Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.

Harvey Birdman Bounty Hunter

Litagator to Alligator

Mr. Bumnuts

$2.99 at the Costco

Special K said...

What the ALA is doing is a great thing and it is meeting a need in the community while also reaching out to others.

Must say that I didn't realize there were over 14 million children in the US who have a gay or lesbian parent. And not to mention children and teens who are trying to find out who they are, and understand feelings they are having and trying to figure it all out. Recognizing outstanding GLBT books for kids and teens is meeting a need for so many children and families, and at the same opening up a opportunity to reach others, to teach understanding and acceptance.

destiny said...

I can't believe that number either Special; I almost wonder if it is a mistake. I'd sure love to know how they came up with that number.

destiny said...

I can't believe Tango continues to be so controversial. I was just reading a story in the NYT this morning over the battle over programs to stop bullying, and how people are up in arms over schools wanting to use that book to teach tolerance.

Dewey Decimal said...

Who would've thought that "Please Be Quiet" stereotypical conservative nerdy boring bookworm librarians are actually forward, society-changing open-minded thinkers?!

Worth posting again said...

Amy said...
To whoever is posting in my name (Amy Rose):

I have nothing to do with this blog, other than the fact that the blogmaster generously posted a link to my bunny rabbit's blog. Identity theft is illegal. Stop it NOW.

?? said...

Is that the real "Amy" or another imposter?

Facade said...

Just about anything Jake does and has done for the pap cameras since the beginning of Reeke has everything to do with his public image.

17:14, I think you summed up the past 4 years in a nutshell.

BT said...

Leaving footprints for the pap cameras has everything to do with me getting a public image!

destiny said...

I can't believe the Robsten fans have "hijacked" the Jake and Anne thread on the Awful Truth. I couldn't believe it had over 600 comments, and now I know why. It's the last story posted by Ted, so I guess the Robsten fans are going crazy with no other thread to post on.

LOL said...

destiny you know what you have to do...start a Robsten blog.

Sandwich short of a picnic said...
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Atticus said...
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AWWWW said...
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Atticus said...
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You're all the same said...

You are a boring bunch! Friends and trolls, all of you! Checking to see if you've made any progress here and what do I find? Nothing!

Now listen: here's news for you. Taylor Swift will star in Alan Shankman's upcoming adaptation of the Rock of Ages musical. And you know who's been a candidate to play the other lead? Yes, Jake! Sure, they're hanging out for publicity but Jake is not bearding with Taylor. Google Jake, Taylor and Rock of Ages and you'll see...

And it's actually Peter Sarsgaard that's interested in the Born To Run adaptation.

You're all clueless. But one day you will know just how wrong and unfair and dumb you've been. And it should be enough to make you want to die of embarrassment.

Serious question said...

Pray tell, what would make one die of embarrassment? That Jake is straight?

Why said...

Interesting then that Peter would take both of his brother in laws off to Colorado for a project he wants.

prairiegirl said... Not embarrassed in the least.

prairiegirl said...

Here's news for a few.

Just because a closeted star doesn't carry on a fake relationship for 2 1/2 years, doesn't mean it no longer qualifies for bearding.

I wasn't aware there was a minimum of time that needed to be invested.

Call it whatever one wants. Bearding. Faking. Misleading. Playing the Game. Faking.
Bearding for four weeks.

Bearding is bearding.

Peter Sarsgaard being the one who's actually interested in BTR isn't really the end all for Leadville. That wasn't a point of any argument or embarrassment.

The coup de grace that was Leadville 2010 was the discovery of Austin Nichols there with Jake.

Clueless? Unfair? Dumb? Wanting to die of embarrassment?

Please. Go buy me a box of Puffs.

You're all the same said...

No, Jake is not straight. It's obvious he isn't. As is pretty obvious to me that he's as honest as he can be.

I would say more... but that'd be making it easy for you. And why should I, considering you mistreat everybody including Jake?

Go on fighting now.

prairiegirl said...

Rock of Ages = Rendition on Nickelodeon

And you're what? In the know LOL said...

5:24 Thanks for saving my ass from embarrassment. I truly thought he was str8, but you have totally convinced me that he is not. I have seen the light. Clueless no more.

2/10 said...

I would say more... but that'd be making it easy for you

What like? His cell number & Facebook password. You're just a tease *blushes*

Methodical Muser said...

I would say more... but that'd be making it easy for you. And why should I, considering you mistreat everybody including Jake?

You should always say more, if you have something to say. However, I'm not sure what you mean by everyone's mistreatment. True there are times when posters have become frustrated with Jake's and Austin's current public image. But, they are grown men making choices that people are going to comment on and discuss. Surely, they are mature enough to accept that fact. I don't know why Jake and Austin do all the things that they do, but I have no doubt that they have business as well as personal obligations to fulfill, some of them contractual. Still they are big boys and I'm sure that they can take both the criticism and the love. Comes with the territory.

ella said...

Anne Hathaway doesn't want to hear about Jake Gyllenhaal's fledgling romance with Taylor Swift!

At a Love and Other Drugs press conference in NYC Saturday, Hathaway jokingly bristled when her hunky costar, 29, was asked about Swift, 20.

"Hang on, hang on. I have to say something. I have been Jake's on screen love interest for years," Hathaway, 27, interjected. (She and Gyllenhaal were first paired together in 2005's Brokeback Mountain.) "You keep the conversation to me and only me or otherwise I'm going to get nasty! Thank you."

Gyllenhaal quipped: "Don't get Ella Enchanted pissed off."

"Don't get Ella Enchanted pissed off, and I'm not obedient," the actress added.

Gyllenhaal did speak about their new film's theme and the quest to find true love. "The stakes are always high in love," he said. "It happened premature for these [characters], but when you do love someone you have to think about those things early and hope for the best, whatever that is."

destiny said...

Even if Jake is trying to get Rock of Ages, what he is doing with Taylor is still bearding. I can't recall reading other stories of actors potentially up for other roles running off for a romantic weekend.

Let's take Leo, one of the biggest stars right now. He went to dinner with Blake Lively and a whole group of people, and there was a lot of chatter about how it had to do with them possibly doing a movie together. No stories of how they might be a new couple and he might be stepping out on Bar.

See how that works?

No, more likely Taylor wanted a "boyfriend" while promoting her new record, and Jake agreed to do it because he thought it might lead to a role in the movie, ala Zac and Vanessa.

the real m said...

Well that is interesting about Rock of Ages. I saw this on a blind gossip site a couple of days ago, but even though Jake and Swift was the number 1 guess did not think it fit. "Two Celebrities Create One Great Photo Op
BlindGossip – This rumored couple-of-the-moment isn’t really a couple. They’re actually just spending time together and rehearsing for an upcoming film in which they’re going to be playing a couple. But they are both popular celebrities – and they do look make a good-looking pair – so their time together will make for some really great photo ops. And while there is nothing romantic going on, don’t expect them to let up on the photo ops. They both have projects coming out, she enjoys the publicity, and he won’t say no to anything that diverts from rumors about him being gay (even though he is looking for a new boyfriend right now).
Oh, and would someone please come up with a good nickname for this couple?" But now that I see rumors about Rock of Ages, I guess it is Jake. By the way, my favorite name from the comments for the new couple was "gaylenhaal".

the real m said...

Re the blind gossip item, which I think also got posted or linked on Gawker last week, I did not like it because it implied Jake and Austin were on the outs. If they are, I hope it is temporary, but could account for the sadness in Jake's eyes. Sharing custody of a child in a divorce is hard enough. What happens when both parties and the child are hiding to boot. I do think Ted would tell us if they separated though, so I am not ready to believe that part of it.

Ted says today that Toothy never plans to come out. I guess that is why the new bearding effort. Also that Jake hopes LAOD will make people think he is straight. Too late for that one.

Ted said said...

Awful Truth

long time reader said...

Reading the letter Ted answered everybody here should know who "Rita" is. It's Jack. And Ted knows it.