Saturday, October 9, 2010

Missed it by that much?

So Austin tweeted:

New Obsession. The Leadville 100. Anybody want to train with me?
Friday, September 03, 2010

Many took this as a little breadcrumb he threw out there about Jake and Leadville, and maybe a little hint about being there.

But did we find the breadcrumb and miss the anvil?

Prairie Girl was on the hunt for shoes and socks today (inspired by Austin's interesting twit pic)and saw this picture from Leadville again.

Most of the focus was if that Jake (Stand Up 2 Cancer hat) and Peter (fedora) but PG looked over the shoulder and saw someone else. The Twitter from Texas?

Now a little background, Austin had been Detroit the week before filming LOL in Detroit. On OTH they want him to look young, so nothing more scruff.

But for LOL he plays a teacher, he going to need to look older than the late teen/early 20 somethings in the movie playing high school kids, could that be explanation for the fuller beard and mustache? He finished filming on in Detroit on Thursday. This picture was taken on Friday.

The strong jaw, the ear, and the long arms, all look like the Texas Tweeter.

While they both have beards; is this the beardless picture of Jake and Austin of the summer?

Speaking of Austin, TX, that is Austin City Limits is in full swing in and one tweet has a mention of certain fella being there.
Might be more breadcrumbs than anvils, but then again .....


Jersey Tom said...

My comment earlier about Jake and Austin being together much more that we know was apparantly correct and I knew nothing about this photo then. Just got a message from PG telling me about this. Well I'll be Jakey and Austin with beards and without beards. This one will really rile up the troops SK and PG. That is Austin.

OMG said...

OMG! It sure looks like him.

Sophia the Tweeter said...

So thats the Gay dudes Sophia was tweeting about.

prairiegirl said...

The Eagle has Landed.

prairiegirl said...

Ohhhhh yesssss......this is going to rock some people's worlds.

And on such a quiet Saturday afternoon, too.

Let me tell you guys, when I saw this, it just totally blew my little brain. I was so busy looking at Jake's shoes (LOLLLL - because I was on this idea that maybe that latrine twit pic of Austin's is either Jake's legs or his) and I had that picture blown up until it filled my whole screen, and I happened to scroll up.....

And there he was. Staring right at me.

See, at a distance, in normal size, that guy doesn't stand out really. Or else we were all so busy looking at Jake and trying to tell if that was really Peter, that the guy to Jake's left just didn't catch my eye. Plus, look at the scruff. But now we know how quickly Austin can grow scruff that dense because of Surfrider.

But when you zoom this picture out? That is without a doubt, no holds barred, slap a $20 on the table Austin. With Jake. At Leadville.

prairiegirl said...

LOL - and so I was pacing around and I'd come back and look at the picture again. Yep, still looks like him. Pace around again, pull my hair. Come back - yep, still looks like Austin! I've got to call Special.


And then I couldn't even talk right to her. She kept telling me she couldn't understand what I was trying to say.


Then I thought I was seeing things. It was a dream. It was an illusion. I was just wrong.

Oh no. I've looked at this picture now probably 50 times.

And it's still Austin. Without a doubt.

This is BIG, you guys. Do you realize how big this is.

ted said...

Dear Ted:
What is going on with Parrish Maguire? We had a few updates this summer, but any word if he has he changed his closeted tune? Or is he laying low, doing what his handlers want?

Dear Do What Your Told:
We feel bad for Parrish; he really is a mini Toothy Tile. He's running with his crew on the down-low (unless you live in Hollywood, then his sexuality isn't exactly a secret), still insisting that this is just an "experimental phase."

Dear Ted:
I love all of the Blind Vice articles, but I was thinking, why don't you "out" them all. It would get you a ton of publicity and then everyone would know the truth. And will you ever reveal Toothy Tile's identity.

Dear No Way:
I would never out someone, celeb or not.

Bitch Back

destiny said...

Wow, that is soooo Austin. A whole page of gold stars for you!

Great catch PG. I never really looked at the Leadville photos; I was on vacation and forgot to really look at them once I got back home and had a big screen to see them on.

the real m said...

How does the saying go.Sometimes you cant see the forest for the trees. A little time and space puts a new perspective on things.

We went to see The Social Network today. Great movie. For what could have been a dull subject, Fincher created a really interesting, well directed movie. All the actors were good but the lead was terrific. I wondered if he had to do 50 takes each like Jake as his lines were very complicated. Its not a movie that needs to be seen on a big screen, but the reviews were so positive, I wanted to see it now rather than wait for DVD.

They showed a preview for LAOD and I saw that on a big screen. Jake looks so handsome with a clean shaven face. I so wish he had shaved for the New Yorker interview. Between his longish hair and that heavy beard, his best features were hidden. Even his eyes got lost in the jungle.

Not so crazyTed said...

Soulmates! Yes soulmates do things together and make all the big decisions together.

prairiegirl said...

Isn't that how some things are discovered, though? Like Special told me once, sometimes you're even on a totally wrong theory (and the original theory was off on this Leadville trip) but that's okay. It's like throwing a bunch of darts at a target on the wall. Eventually or by accident, you nail that bullseye.

Sometimes you're looking for one thing, like Special just said in her post today, but you end up discovering something else. That's what happens when you study these pictures. Sometimes, you come across something like this.

I'm just beside myself - not because of finding it, well yeah, that - but because it's Of The Guys!!

There they are. Together.

This is our first real, honest picture of the guys, just them together(well, ol' Peter's there, but he's off to the side, lol).

Jersey Tom said...

Remember guys Adam Levine doesn't want us thinking Jake is Gay:-)

destiny said...

LOL Tom.

grilled CHEESUS! said...

Do you know what I've always lived about Austin's hair? When it gets a little long and/or shaggy it starts curling up. Especially the ends behind his ears. That red circle man has no curl to his hair.

Do you think it must have been a painful operation for Austin to have had his earlobes detached from the side of his head. Because, again, if red circle man is Austin, he's undergone the earlobe detachment op.

It's really quite surprising that after all these years of inspecting Austin pics with a fine tooth comb you wouldn't have picked up on those two things I mentioned. I imagine if you want to believe something bad enough you'll see Austin in anything. There's an oil stain in my garage that resembles him. Do you want to stop by and take pics for the blog? Never know.

Special K said...

Some times it can be the random things that lead us to new discoveries. And looking at things in new ways and with new eyes. Great work PG.

Another thing that could throw you off about Austin, the curls on the a little break and the hair is a little long cover the tops of his ears. Austin's hair can be straightened, the curl can be relaxed.

My sister in law, gets her curly hair chemically straightened it's like a reverse perm. Of course, I wish for one little bit of curl in my poker straight hair. You never want what you have.

the real m said...

I still have some unwatched OTHs and played the 2nd episode just a bit ago. Lots of shots of Austin from the same angle as that picture. A match.

prairiegirl said...

Austin's hair can be straightened, the curl can be relaxed.

It not only can be straightened or "straight", we've seen it for ourselves. There are pictures of Austin with flat hair.

As in 'he looks like he had a bucket of water dumped on his head" flat. I'll go find one.

There's no argument here. There is no doubt to cast on this. You blow this picture up, go ahead. Blow it up big like I did so it fills your whole screen.

That. Is. Austin. Sure as I am sitting here with my iced caramel coffee from Wendy's. My 99Cent doublestack. My 99 cent baked potato with no calorie ICB spray all over it.

lol. Gotta save calories somewhere, I always say.

I would've been back sooner but I had a 40% coupon from Borders and I must've been in there at least an hour. I haven't been in a Borders forever. I was alllll over that store.

flickr said...

Here is the original pic in high quality & size link

Well... said...

After seeing the HQ pic...I really don't think that's Austin...

Zari said...

^^I agree, the ear is totally not his, the face looks a little like him

lol said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Special K said...

If you click on the first picture I post it is the exact same picture from the flicker account because that's where I got the picture from, so there wouldn't be a difference.

And I see that Jack has just read the post. And now it's time for you to say goodbye. Goodbye Jack.

Excuses said...

You can view various sizes of pic on Flickr. the one you posted is not the highest quality as the size is smaller

Special K said...

It's the same picture. And I just downloaded it from Flicker again this afternoon.

lol said...

poor SK, caught out again

Excuses said...

I know it's the same pic, but the one you posted is 124.51 kB, and the original photo (the one at the link) is 3,913.48 kB, which is the size of the original photo. Yours is reduced in size and quality.

Special K said...

And let's think about this logically why would I enlarge the picture two more times. Wouldn't that give you a closer look at the person in question?

Excuses said...

You can wallpaper your house with it for all I care - just don't embellish the truth. The higher quality pic clearly shows more details of "Austin", and it is clearly not him. Bye xx

destiny said...

The ear is not detached in the Leadville photo. And the neck is the same, right hair color, the arms, the face, the way the facial hair grows.

destiny said...

I don't get why Jake would go to something like the NYC Ballet and then avoid being photographed. It seems like the perfect thing for getting some publicity, especially with the movie coming out soon.

I saw Naomi at the NYFF last night, for the showing of Meek's Cutoff (Michelle Williams is in it). She was with a gentleman around her age. No sign of Jake.

Speaking of film festivals, no way a film like LAOD would show at the NYFF. It's mostly foreign films, and really big American films, like Social Network and the new Eastwood film.

I didn't know CMJ even had a movie component to it, used to be just music. Guess they're trying to compete with the Austin festival.

No cigar said...

Not the same ear

prairiegirl said...

You can wallpaper your house with it for all I care

Obviously you do care because you just gave Special two kisses. As in x x.

prairiegirl said...

another ear shot

We can volley back and forth all night. Here's an ear shot that looks just like the Leadville pic.

Excuses said...

Aww you discovered my sekrit.

No comment about the ear comparison pee g? Thought so. LOL

prairiegirl said...

I forgot to mention that picture came courtesy of Spooky's journal, courtesy of a post done by vespy. I hope they don't mind if I used it. **worries**

This picture was in May of this year, 2010.

prairiegirl said...

You know, I could have sworn I have made it clear 100 times on here that I don't respond to people calling me by my nickname whom I don't know.......

lol said...

LOL thanks for the other pic pg, which again clearly shows that it is not the same ear. Keep failing pg

prairiegirl said...

Truly an awesome find today. I'm still on Cloud 9.

Do you know I woke up today with at least 4 'skeeter bites? Something just bit me like crazy and they still itch.

Well, time to turn off the ol' midnight oil. Great, great fun & excitement.

prairiegirl said...

LOLLL. No, this one can't wait. This is hilarious.

Austin's Twitter said:
Raisins don't belong in chocolate bars. I'm willing to lose followers over this. less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Wow. What a slap at Sophia. I can't believe he said that.

Austin's got b****, that's all I can say. When I remember his early Twitter days and what he's doing now? It's a 180. I was so wrong way back when. So wrong. Jake's got himself quite a guy. You better hang onto him, Jake. He is a keeper, despite his frequent oral references, lol.

I'm willing to lose followers over this. lol. sheesh.

Methodical Muser said...

Well, well, well. I certainly thought Jake looked awfully happy during that Leadville trip back in August. Relaxed and centered in a way we just don't see much of any more. Now, we know why. Austin was with his man, standing literally by his side. Just as it should be.

I also remember that was the standout weekend when Austin/Sensitive Julian sent out innumerable sweet expressions about unleashed amour and tender moments spent with that certain someone who curls your toes and comforts your soul. Sex, romance and an open reverence about being with the "love of his life," while satisfying all kinds of addictive appetites. Even tossing out a grin-inducing allusion to an open "hug" of a different, more snug fitting kind. In Austin's own words: "The perfect weekend":

• @adamlevine your music is playin in my gym. Got me all pumped up. (Or romanced up) Love you tender
• Probably Eat, Pray, Love. (for the third time) then take a shower. healthy dinner. and curl up on the couch for a little sex and city Aug 22nd
• I will b here 2 comfort you in the hard times. You can lay ur head on my shoulder. You can cry into my chest. i will b your SensitiveJulian
• There has been an incredible show of support for @sensitivejulian already. thank you all. my arms are open to you all for HUGGIES!!!
• Can't wait to have my nails done and unwind tonight with the love of my life. :)
• My perfect weekend. wake up early. yoga. followed by a healthy but delicious brunch. swim in the sea. lay in the sand. read a good book.
• Anybody ever feel like a walk on the beach with a glass of wine. nice sunset. maybe a good cry?

Jersey Tom said...

Looks like someone made a feeble attempt but failed and ran off with its tail between its legs. If you blow up yesterday picture and then compare it to the second picture down on Tuesdays post you will see that the right ear is an exact match. Its Austin. Yeah!

Check in Seaweed. What a find PG made buddy.

prairiegirl said...

Kind of gives me a whole new definition of gym, M&M. Hey, gym could be defined as any kind of room where you get a good workout, I reckon. Nothing wrong with that.

And getting pumped up.

Hey, lots of things can get pumped up, too, I reckon.

You know, one of my favorite brands of frankfurters are Ballpark Plumpers. 'Course, they're called Plumpers, not Pumpers. LOL. Same concept, though. Inflation and firming up. Does anyone else have those? Dubuque makes Ballpark Plumpers and they're frequently on sale around here; a really good deal is when they're 2 for $4.00. A good frankfurter does get plumped up when it gets good & cooked over white-hot coals.

Jersey Tom said...


prairiegirl said...

Man, I woke up and that one mosquite-r bite on the inside of my left ankle was just driving me nuts. I was like a dog scratching it against my sheets, LOL. Summer's last gasp, I guess.

Speaking of LOL's, guess who I dreamed about last night?

Austin!!!! LOLLLL! Oh my dog. Could I tell you what it was about, though? Not now. You know, they say that when you dream, you need to write it down as soon as you wake up, because you'll forget it. And I did remember the basic concept when I woke up initially, but can I now? Not one bit. Dangit. It wasn't anything out of sorts or suggestive; it was something very ordinary but I cannot remember any of it now to save the life of me.

The other thing that I woke up thinking about and pondering was a question to throw out.

This particular picture was the first picture released on the internet. I remember that.

How come IHJ doesn't have it?

I dunno, usually IHJ puts up about any pic of Jake and this event was one of the rarest of shots of Jake that we had over the summer. I just was wondering. Is it because it's his back? But we know Jake was there because there is the photo of Jake with those two fans. And the couple of Jake looking so hot in that black tank top and cargo pants.

So why not this one? Is it because it belongs to that guy, Brandon Fuller, maybe? Maybe he wouldn't sell the rights to it. Maybe this is the only place it appeared, I don't remember. It might be exclusively his which is why it could explain it's out on the internet with Austin in it. With Jake. In August of this year.

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BS said...

This pic along with several others were posted on GB and WDW back in August when they were first taken.

I find it hard to believe that SK or someone else here didn't see them. You must have seen them and examined them at the time but decided not to post them because it's obviously not Austin and you were pissed yet again that they were not in the same state and Jake was hanging with his brother in law.

I remember SK thinking at the time that Jake was in CO only on a Friday and then left because there was no more sigthings, but sigthings were produced and then shown to her of sighting of Jake and Peter.

So I don't buy that you or PG just found them.

IHJ doesn't post pics unless they get some kind of clearence, I guess they didn't bother or they wanted $$$ because they consider IHJ an official site, which it isn't.

Special K said...

I had looked at the picture and had linked to the picture and Brandon's blog back on August 22nd in the comments (It was the Out Spotlight on Randy Price.
Out Spotlight August 22, 2010

I also posted the pictures of Jake at the starting line. One of the reason I didn't post this picture was, because I wasn't sure that it was Jake in the backward hat. (And I suspect that might be the reason why IHJ didn't pick up the picture for their galleries)

But looking at the picture I was looking more at people who Brandon said were Jake and Peter. And honestly I didn't think that Jake and Austin would have a picture of them together or be seen together in such a public place as Leadville 100.

prairiegirl said...

So I don't buy that you or PG just found them.

That's not what I'm selling. I saw this picture the day it came out on the internet, which was like a Sunday or something like that. I remember because it was over the weekend and I was hacked because I could not figure out why Austin would tweet that he was in L.A. and yet Jake takes off for Colorado for this Leadville thing.

A few of us have looked at this particular photo of Brandon Fuller's tens of times. And I mean tens of times.

But not because of the guy to Jake's left. A few of us were working on a totally different theory about the whole story behind this Leadville weekend.

My comments at 18:46 and 19:20 hint at this but I will easily admit that they don't really clarify that yes, we've seen this picture before lots of times. But I never studied the guy on Jake's left. I was too busy studying Jake's pants and shoes for other reasons.

And yesterday I was looking at pap photos of Jake throughout 2010 in IHJ looking at his shoes because of Austin's latrine twitpic. But IHJ didn't have this particular photo and I wanted to look at Jake's shoes. So I had to go out on the internet and find it again. Once I had this B Fuller pic blown up huge on my screen and I happened to scroll up, that's when I discovered that Austin was the guy to Jake's left.

prairiegirl said...

So this picture was posted on IHJ, BS? Are you sure?

So why would it be taken down? If it was because it's not a clear shot of Jake, then why put it up at all to begin with? And if that's the reason, why is it IHJ doesn't have a couple of the other pictures that are floating around out there?

I'm sorry, but these are questions that need to be asked.

prairiegirl said...

Oops, I'm wrong! I thought you said it was on IHJ.

My bad. You didn't, you said GB and WDW.

Man, that blew my whole argument.


LOL said...

So not Austin...

but said...

This is not Austin at all...Doesn't even look like him in the HQ

prairiegirl said...


Did you guys see Deacon has a little cast on his leg? Poor little guy. Those little crutches. Deja vu for Reese.

And to be totally fair and open, the picture that someone put up of the side-by-side of Austin's up close shots of his ear, it was enough of a contrast to make me go, "oh-oh."

But then I went to Spooky's Journal and Fanpop and scanned several old and recent pictures of Austin, zooming them up close and it's all in the angle shot. Sometimes Austin's ears look real round and lobe-less. Then in pictures when it's more of a straight-on shot, his ear looks more elongated. You can analyze his ears to death and look at a bunch of different pictures and you can see his ears look both ways.

Aww. Poor guy. I'm sorry to analyze someone's ear like that. Hey, my hair is thinner right at my left temple than my right. I have no idea why and it's horrifying. I freaked out when I first noticed it and now I try not to pull my hair back too much. lol.

There; thought it only fair to slap that out on the table.

BS said...

SK, how could you not have known that wasn't Jake? The posture, the slumping stance, the Stand-up cap that he was seen wearing previously, etc. I don't think that IHJ posted any of the pics from that day, not just this one. I think you can even see a bit of his scruffy face.

I assume that they never got permission from the source.

I just don't get it, what is the purpose? Is it because Jake is in NY and was spotted at the Ballet with a date and talking to some girl on the train later and Austin is in L.A.? Was it Ted's latest crap??

prairiegirl said...

And just for the record, after further off the record discussion and photo study, it doesn't seem likely that is Jake's legs in the latrine pic. Could possibly be Austin's.

It's impossible to 100% confirm, but the style of athletic shoe in the latrine pic and on Jakester in this B Fuller Leadville pic is really, really, really close.

They're two different colors but the style looks really similar.

Hey, like I've said, when you throw things up at the wall, sometimes things stick and sometimes they don't. Sometimes you're proven totally wrong but sometimes you're right.

Rome wasn't built in a day and every theory & invention was not achieved on its first try.

prairiegirl said...

What is the purpose of what? We know Jake has been staying in New York, what is the big secret about that?

Jake was seen at the NYC Ballet on Thursday, the 7th. Tweeted in Austin TX on the 8th.

Sure, Jake could be back in NYC already. Who said Austin is in LA? Austin himself? Huh. And have we heard anymore from Austin since his big bus picture? Is there a date stamp on that bus picture, verifying it was taken when he arrived in LA?

And who was Jake's "date" at the ballet? Are you saying it was this girl he was talking to on this train? Could've been a friend. A cousin. A handler. An aunt.

But was it a new girlfriend?? Prospective beard interviewing for the position? Boy, if Jake's got a new girl in his life, I sure would think PR would be all over that, making sure we had a picture.

Jake's new girl post-Reese. Jake's "singlehood" possibly over with? Huh. Wouldn't you think that's US Weekly worthy? worthy?

Why no picture of his date? Why the backpack? Is it for his wallet now that he got the big payday for PoP???

tweeter said...

Sophia Bush said...
About to take @Aus10Nichols 's nephew to school in Texas. Morning car rides with kids are waaaay #MoreFunThanGossip
4 Oct

prairiegirl said...

Well, I've got to go do some writing. Poor Special's got to moderate all of this stuff.

But I find this new angle of argument fascinating.

That we're trying to sell something just to comfort ourselves. That there is a reason for this.

There is no reason! This discovery was made yesterday by total accident. And that is Austin sure as my blogger name is Prairie Girl.

I look at it again this morning and I have absolutely no doubt.

Just as sure as when I looked at that Paris video and Ava reached up to touch that baby's little arm but then quickly pulled her hand back down. I looked at it again the next day and I had no difference in my reaction.

Some people don't think so and that's fine. I'm not saying you have to believe it. This isn't anarchy.

But this is how I saw the video and now this is who I see when I look at this picture. And I've looked at the side by side and I see the NYC tweets.

Doesn't change my mind that I am without a doubt seeing Austin standing next to Jake at Leadville.

LA said...

Austin is in LA. Yesterday he posted a pic of Frank Sinatra Jr who was giving a show in Beverly Hills...

Special K said...

SK, how could you not have known that wasn't Jake? The posture, the slumping stance, the Stand-up cap that he was seen wearing previously, etc. I don't think that IHJ posted any of the pics from that day, not just this one. I think you can even see a bit of his scruffy face.

Well part of it was his size which look more broad that Jake has appeared in most pictures. He looked shorter and what really made me wonder, was that the pants and shoes really didn't seem like him. Not really Jake's style and has he ever been out in pants that look like they have been rolled up in a ball? Look at the other pictures of him from Leadville, he's the only one there with pressed pants.

PG approached me with this, I was working on another post and she contacted me with what she found and we both looked the picture. .

There are tweets of Jake in Austin and New York. Austin is like the LA visitor's bureau twitter of the day this weekend.

Austin tweeted pictures of Frank Sinatra Jr. who was playing in LA last night. Would you ask someone to take pictures of Frank Sinatra Jr. for you? Well... then he is Austin.

But sometimes it takes time to figure find things. Sometimes you don't get answers right away. You pass over things because you weren't even looking for them.

Ask a detective, a historian or an archivist, that's what they do for a living. They make connections to find answers. Some do it with the present and other do it with the past.

It can take time and sometimes things find you to make want you go back and look at things again.

Jersey Tom said...

Does it really matter when they found it or how they found it. It is Jake and Austin at the Leadville 100. I know how excited PG was when she called me yesterday. She had just found it.

sincerely said...

Austin is musch taller than the guy of the pic , just my opinion

Jersey Tom said...

sincerely said...
Austin is musch taller than the guy of the pic , just my opinion

Jake is closer to to camera than Austin. Plus Austin has his head down a bit. It is Austin.

bs said...

The point is PG, no one here bothered to post the tweet of Jake at the Ballet with a date nor the tweet of him talking to the girl on the train.

You know that ain't Austin, you knew it back in August, you can't be that blind. You must ghave seen tons of pics of Jake taken at that angle and figure out it was him.

These recent tweets have set you off along with Uncle ted's latest.

Austin is in L.A. and Jake is in NY, he was never at ACL because there would have been other tweets but there are tonsof tweets of Jake inNY, no way he would go to ACL to see that one lameass group and fly back.

Another look a like.