Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2 x 4's

It is a Home Depot of sort with they way they've been building the past few years.  And like the Home Depot they have various locations.

Building definitely.  They've been getter larger and growing too.

It takes a village they say, but The Haal, The Tall and The Smalls they  have enough for their own village of sorts now.

No wonder there was that big push of the
QuinnJake the Eskimo last week -  he was headed to a little warmer weather in Austin.

And now why would he be back in TX soon after being there around the holidays?

Who wouldn't want a Texas size party, and especially when there are tiny Texans celebrating.

Like it's been said before,  you gotta go big to cover big, and there's nothing bigger or better to Jake than family, or birthdays.


prairiegirl said...

"You Can Be His Girlfriend
[Blind Gossip] He is a really good actor. He has even had some roles that have been nominated for a big award or two. Yet this over-30 quiet guy wants more attention. He is not dating the woman with whom is is hanging around, but he is interested in having a girlfriend. His team has been calling around town trying to find a new one for him. Here are the requirements: She must be thin, pretty, and famous with no scandal in her background. Oh, and she must like facial hair."

Hmm. Alot of people guess Bradley Cooper, too but I don't know that Bradley is known for being hairy. Plus, Bradley just split with Zoe Saldana so I wouldn't think he'd be shopping around already for a new beard.

Jake is widely known right now for his Joaquin Phoenix look. I don't put anything past him and Austin. They and WME must be crapping their pants right now. Those two guys are not coming out for awhile. I don't look for them to come out as long as they both want to act. Jake seems hell bent on doing good ol' boy, action, Butch Cassidy type roles now with bromance being the key draw and as long as those are the kinds of roles he wants to do....

I just don't know though. I really don't think either guy wants pictures out there of them with a beard. Their oldest is 5 years old.

But then, I think this is why Jake is filming movie after movie right now. He's making money, money, money. He has to. They have a ton of mouths to feed.

The cost of raising so many kids is staggering to my mind. Food, clothes, fine schooling, health insurance, nannies, travel. This is why Jake is now working non stop. They have to support this huge brood.

It's also why Jake looks so haggard and like he could give a rat's ass how he looks. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but dammit. It's the truth. The travel, the hiding, the raising of these kids, the shenanigans it has taken for their lifestyle.

I'm sorry but there is no other explanation. No 32 year old single big bread winner chooses to go around looking like he is.

Jake took several years off basically, wandering around doing coffee photo ops. Why? Because the kids were being popped out on the 4 yr plan. Now that they're done with that part having the kids born in LA where the surrogacy laws were better for him and Austin, they moved to NYC. Now comes the time to make the money so they can raise these kids in the lifestyle they are accustomed to. And Austin is making money too but clearly, Jake is the bigger salary maker.

Nope, I would not be surprised if Jake bearded again. Not saying he will, I just wouldn't be surprised. Lying has gotten so much easier for him. That's what happens the more you do it. It gets easier and easier and you find your own barrier fences bending and giving.

And nothing says "Beard Needed" to me more than a Hugh He-Man Jackman on the horizon.

I hope I'm wrong in my thinking.

prairiegirl said...

Oh man, I'm not redoing that. I meant Hugh He-Man Jackman movie.

LOL! **titter** after all that and I screwed it up on the next to last sentence.

Hey, thanks to the contributors at the end of yesterday's thread. Both about the kids and the person bringing over the beard blind. Appreciate your open sharing of thoughts and gifts brought to the table.

Rock on!!

Jersey Tom said...

When I retire I want to spend a lot of my time and energy helping kids who are having a tough time and are feeling alienated. I intend to make it my second career. Dont even want to be paid.

This blog isnt about what anyone is doing in their bedrooms. It is about relationships and honesty. Something sweet about Jake and Austin. Touched me right from the beginning.

prairiegirl said...

LOL. Wow. What in the heck was that.

Piss off and bite me, last 2 comments.

All I can say is I must have hit a glorious nerve.

Jersey Tom said...

Lot of hatred there. Not sure where that comes from. Pretty sad. Thanks for deleting it SK.

prairiegirl said...

And don't you dare try to threaten me or anyone else here with a reference to death.

You know, next door they have a 24-hr crap-on marathon obsessing over myself and this blog going on and encouraged by the administrator. It's not happening over here so get over it. You want to name call and threaten and badmouth, go over there and do it, that's the kind of petri dish best suited for what you've got to say.

I'm not shutting up. I'm not going away. Gonna keep on doing what I'm doing.

Jersey Tom said...

No one has to believe or agree with anything any us say or think. But stuff like that is from the heart of a pretty sick person. Makes you wonder. I doubt if Jake or Austin ever did come on this site that they would be angry. I think they would enjoy it. .

prairiegirl said...

Well, sounds like Mr. Jake is in Cali.

Hannah Meacham ‏@HannahMeacham1
Almost getting in a car accident with Jake Gyllenhaal>>>>😍😁 #hewaspissed

2:07 PM - 10 Jan 13 · Details

^^ This young gal is in California. Her tweets are just hilarious, really got a kick out of a lot of them.

But see how he does that? Stealth. No one saw him leaving anywhere or coming in.

Day off tomorrow, woohoo! Yesss!! Took a nice snooze this afternoon so I'm wide awake right now. Either from that or the big McD sweet tea I've just about finished. lol

Hey, if anyone knows where there's a good site for info on Jared P.and Jensen Ackles, maybe pass it along? Perhaps the Blind Gossip site. I'll have to check it out.