Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's a Smaller World The Day after Tomorrow

Remember this?

Yup,  It's The Day After Tomorrow

Now what do  this

and this

and this

have in common?

Producer Mark Gordon

Jake worked with his friend Mark again on Source Code, with Jake hand picking Duncan for the director's job.  Source Code was such a success for Gordan his production company went on to work on a TV series based on it.

So Jake got his chance to work again with Gordon, and it looks like Austin has again as well.  Gordon is the producer of  Ray Donovan.

Hmmm makes you kind of wonder if Gordon knew who he could get to play Tommy right off the bat.

And speaking of small world, guess who else in on Ray Donovan with Austin?

This guy.

Jonathan Schaech (pronounced Sheck)

And what makes that a small world?

Because Austin was at Jonathan's wedding to Austin's OTH co-star Jana Kramer, that lasted all of a minute.

 It's a smaller world after all isn't it?


prairiegirl said...

Wow, very keen, Special. Excellent. You're so good at finding connections!!

I'm up late because....I don't have to work tomorrow, ha ha!!!!

**RunningWithScissors and #RunningAmuck!!!**

prairiegirl said...
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Jersey Tom said...

Interesting that we have so much anger and hate directed at OMG. Do they hate us or do they worry that our theories will prove correct.

Jersey Tom said...

Ain't nobody got time for that.

prairiegirl said...

There's a lot of worry there.

That's all right, it's not our problem.

Verrrry nice day off today. Did a little of this, a little of that. But now it's over!!!

I find it very entertaining that Austin picks and chooses his tweet outbursts. He gets talkative, he goes quiet. He gets talkative, he goes quiet.

And when he does get talkative, it's usually to place himself somewhere.

When he's quiet, he could be anywhere. Doing anything.

PG's Twitter said...

Austin buddy, where you at?!!!!

Had a great lunch today with my new boss. First script for Ray Donovan is excellent. Who's gonna watch it?

6:56 PM - 11 Jan 13 · Details

Know your trolls said...

Sophie Bennet ‏@sophiebenn89
@AUS10NICHOLS Have you ever seen this blog Although I think some of these people need help, it's pretty hilarious. Haha
7h ago

Sophie Bennet ‏@sophiebenn89
@AUS10NICHOLS Just because I tweeted you, they're talking about me too. Kind of freaky and I respect you for having to deal with such crap.
7h ago

Jersey Tom said...

Funny Austin sure spent a lot of time on this blog few years ago. Yes Sophie he knows about it:-)

Jersey Tom said...

I doubt you will get a response from Austin Sophie. That would be a mistake.

prairiegirl said...


Now obviously that is a fake account.

But anybody could have made that account up, you know? And not necessarily a person from TeamAustin.

Nowwwwwwww I get it.

The same person who made up the fake account mocking my personal twitter account has probably made up that fake @SophieBennett account as well and made them tweet at each other and they're using that account to tweet at Austin. You can make up as many twitter accounts as you want. All you need is a different email address and free email accounts are a dime a dozen out there. It's elementary. Only that troll would have had the time on Christmas Day to set up that @SophieBennett account and that is precisely when that account was set up.

I would bet $ on it. The snitch about OMG to Austin is the giveaway.

lol. What a waste of energy.

Thanks, Know Your Trolls, for that tip off.

prairiegirl said...

Actually I meant mocking my blogger account name. LOL. Too many accounts of this and that. Too many log in's and too many passwords.