Thursday, January 31, 2013

Night Shift

They might not be singing the "Music of the Night", but Jake and Hugh have been acting in the night.  Prisoners has been doing some night shooting  this week and have been working after dark.

Now them singing.....Who am I ?  Well they might save that for wrap party karaoke. 


the real m said...

Talk about an idiot! The dog owner I mean. There is karma in this world so it will find him.

Jake and Hugh are both so handsome in those photos. I remember being blown away seeing Hugh perform Oklahoma on stage. Not live - but a filmed performance. A huge stage talent. It's great that Jake has a chance to work with him. Glad to hear the EOW DVD is doing well. Jake is a natural on the small screen- DVD and TV. I think he would boost his fans if he did a stint on a tv series then went back to movies. Similar to George Clooney.

prairiegirl said...

That dog owner is an idiot and knows nothing about dogs. Dogs hump each other, no matter if male or female, I've watched it for I don't know how long. Female dogs even do it to male dogs. And they hump their toys, even had rotten little Jingles mount my leg while I was innocently reclined in a chair, LOL. Jingles, what in the heck are you doing?! I just read where it can be a sign of dominance but that doesn't explain a dog doing it to a toy, lol. It's too early for this.

Saw a pic of the doggie at issue on He has a vet technician for a new Mama so I have no doubt he has found a new, loving home.

prairiegirl said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures of Jake in the post. I liked Hugh's look in that movie he did with Ashley Judd, can't recall the name of it now. And Leopold as well. Then he started doing all the Roarrrr kind of roles and....oh well.

I don't know if I've ever seen that first pic before. I'll never forget the second one, taken after landing at the airport. I think he had been to Cabo with Reese and the kids. Never forget that look in his eyes, just the beginning of the end of open-faced Jake.

prairiegirl said...

That first picture of Hugh J. Is really good, too. He seems to be one of those rare entertainers because he acts and sings as well. I'm glad the musical has come back. There's a lot of material out there if studios want to go that route a few more times.

TGIF. Let's make it through this one! We lose our temp today, she's been with us about 6months. Gonna be sad, I'll miss her. Now there will be 2. And all the overtime I could ever want, lol.

destiny said...

My mom's little dog, a female, humps her toys on occasion so yeah, that Guy is a total idiot. I hope he's never able to get his hands on another animal.

Methodical Muser said...

I just read where it can be a sign of dominance but that doesn't explain a dog doing it to a toy,

You mean, you've never heard of doggie dildos???? LOL! Sorry, but I couldn't resist the naughty visual or the alliteration. ;-)

Jessica Faulkinbury said...

NANANANA it it once again in the 60's here. So nice. *hugs PG*

The dog guy is an @**.

Today, the young man who made up the fake girlfriend said he is cured of being gay. That is right he is no longer gay. mmm I am not sure how that is supposed to work out.

Cant wait to see both Jake and Hugh in this movie. I enjoy both of there work. I would also love to see them on stage. I also agree that Jake would be great on TV. We can only hope. BTW- What show would you like to see him on? I would like to see him on 'Hell on Wheels' or 'The following' or 'Falling Skies'

prairiegirl said...

Errol Flynn in Captain Blood is on Turner. He played such a great hero in some of my favorite movies - Robin Hood, Captain Blood, The Seahawk, Dodge City, Santa Fe Trail. **sigh**

Oh, and he and Olivia. They were so beautiful and elegant together. One of my favorite on screen couples ever.

Jersey Tom said...

I heard the story about the ex 49er Destiny. He hit his ex for some really funny weird reason and his ex filed charges and Kwame Harris the ex NFL football player was outed in court. That is awesome.

Hope Frank Ocean kicks butt at the Grammy s. His coming out has been a very very big deal.