Monday, January 14, 2013

Wait wait don't tell me

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is that a cheek?

a jawline?

an upper lip?

Is that a shave?

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Now it's just switching that Yankees hat for the Sox.


destiny said...

Sorry about your work buddy PG, it is tough to lose a co-worker who is a good friend.

Seaweed said...

We spend so much time with co-workers, its hard not to form some very strong bonds. I understand your feelings in this PG and wish you well in dealing with the loss and the changes to come.

It's good to see Jake move away from the wolfman appearance.... hope he doesn't have to return to that overdone facial thicket for any other productions in the near future.

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, you guys all can relate, nearly all people can. It was such a blow, still feels like one. There's so many great people we come across and yet it's those we work with whom we spend alllllll day with, 5 days a week. That's a lot of time. And you know how those first several weeks are, everyone's on their best behavior and then gradually, guards are eased and you see all the unpleasant, hear and share the good, you bear all the hacking/sneezing, ugly comments, temper tantrums and the "bad hair days" or "no make-up days" and if you strike up a great working relationship in spite of all that, you just cannot find those kinds of people every day.

And it's the constant "breaking in" of someone new, the leery thoughts of 'are they going to stay? are they going to quit?' "Is this one going to work out?" "As soon as it gets really good, they're just going to leave" that just appear on the horizon like this long, rock-filled road of dread and impatience. It's a ritual that I've gone through countless times, so much like romantic relationships or those with personal friends and yet very different in their own way.

Some people are so much harder to lose than others. This one is one of those. Helps to have all the other constants in one's life, including you guys.

prairiegirl said...

On a pleasant note, I am watching Pride and Prejudiced right now, the BBC version with Colin Firth.

Be still, my heart. This production is just so romantic. So beautiful. Colin Firth splendid in all aspects.

I can watch no other version. Colin Firth IS Mr. Darcy.

Jersey Tom said...

Wow! What a difference. No beard. Jake looks awful with both a beard on his face and a beard on his arm.
I am so happy to see him minus both:-)

Sorry your workmate is leaving PG. Maybe a new friend is about to come into your life.

the real m said...

I look forward to seeing more photos of Jakes newly trimmed face. He looks better already. Must not be a football fan though. Some exciting games over the weekend.

PG, I can so relate to how you feel. Your coworker will surely miss you too. I miss my former work partner every day. We became really close and in the end we talked about everything. It's not the same with email and texts. I'm just glad I got to know him for the year or so we did work together.

Special K said...

Well done Victor Garber.

Actor Victor Garber has revealed he is gay.

Following Jodie Foster’s moving Golden Globes speech over the weekend, Garber confirmed to blogger Greg Hernandez on Monday that he has been with his partner, artist and model Rainer Andreesen, for at least 14 years.


"I don't really talk about it, but everybody knows," Garber, 63, told Hernandez of the blog Greg in Hollywood when asked about his relationship.

The actor, who has been nominated for six Emmy Awards and appears in the Oscar nominated film “Argo,” also said Andressen would be accompanying him at the SAG Awards in Los Angeles on Jan. 27.

Though Garber hasn’t publicly spoken out much about his personal life, he never kept his relationship top secret.

“My companion Rainer Andreesen and I have been together almost 13 years in Greenwich Village,” he said last year in an interview with Canadian magazine Forever Young News. “We both love New York.”

NY Daily News

Jersey Tom said...

Very cool. I was happy Argo got Best Picture at the Golden Globes on Sunday. Also happy for Ben Affleck won won Best Director.

Congrats Anne Hathaway Best supporting Actress and also highly favored to win the Oscar.