Saturday, January 5, 2013

Living for the City

Jake looked like he was ready to brave the cold of the big bad North(east) layered up and decked out in a Parka and Timberland Duck boots.

But why would he need the boots in the city?  While warm, the sidewalks and streets look like he could have just worn another pair of his utility footwear and been fine.

The caption says that Jake was leaving Soul Cycle.  Really?
Because these are my questions:

Who puts big chunky boots back on to go out on relatively dry pavement?

If you're that bundled up - where the heck are your gloves?

And after working out wouldn't you be too warm to be that bundled up?

And where is your gym bag?  Because there is no way you are pulling clothes on over sweat workout gear.
And why such a random set of pics?  Have we seen him snapped right outside of Soul Cycle before?

This look and those boots especially would work better somewhere let's say ...where there was snow,  maybe outside the city.

Maybe Jake was outside of the city,  but wanted to make sure that it didn't look like he just arrived, but rather that it looked like he had been back in the city for several days.


he's right there said...

but rather that it looked like he had been back in the city for several days.

He hasn't been anywhere outside the city for several days or longer. A friend has been running into him almost daily either on the train or in Union Sq. since Tuesday. Serendipitous.

Jersey Tom said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. Dinner was great. Prime rib Medium. Yum. Lucky to have good friends.

Just spotted said...

He hasn't been anywhere outside the city for several days or longer

LOLLLLLLLL! Somebody's desperate. The old "they were there tactic". With a friend of a friend of a friend. Hey, I have nephew who lives in Westchester County who just happened to call me to say Jake has been on vacay for several days up there.

See how that works?

prairiegirl said...

You know, I have belonged to several clubs and attended aerobic classes for many years. When I've finished working out, I don't want to get back into my work clothes or a pair of jeans. And you don't see others coming out in jeans and boots either unless there's a ton of snow on the ground.

No, you put on a pr of track pants. I just find it pretty odd that he is dressed this way when he's supposed to have come out of a high intensity class.

Jake may have been called down real quick to do this photo op after the gas station tweet OR he may have done this photo op several days ago just before heading out of town.

prairiegirl said...

lol. My Snuggle Bear avatar is a shoutout to Jake, who seems to have an active addiction to Downy softness with the fuzzy orange collar jacket, the cashmere sweater and tops, the velour jacket, and now the fur trimmed hooded igloo coat. And now fleece-lined boots?

That claim up there about the friend of a...reminds me exactly of Preview Opening night when we had a discussion on the blog about Enty Lawyer's post on Jake leaving nearly immediately after exiting the theater. And someone came on here, trying to tell us they were there that night and proceeded to give a play by play of Jake's actions after coming outside.

I find it interesting to point out that this past several days there has not been the status quo train and sidewalk bumping into tweets. And when was the last Just Jared post we've had on Jake?

Oh it was indeed entertaining to see this reaction today. You knew something was going to be coming and this may only be a carrot stick before the dip and chip.

prairiegirl said...

I look forward to watching Austin's appearance on The Mob Doctor. Set the ol' DVR for it and as for Jake, well....I'm just going to enjoy this new igloo coat and the shiny new boots. Boys, you enjoy your down time, would ya?

Methodical Muser said...

Maybe we will get the whole enchilada this time PG and someone will conveniently video tape the address of his so-called West Village bachelor pad like they did when we spoon fed a video tape of someone we were lead to believe was Jake riding his motorcycle right up to a displayed address of 7411 Woodrow Wilson Drive in the Hollywood Hills.

the real m said...

Well I can see why Mob Doctor is not being renewed. Austin was fine but the script is pretty lame and most of the acting is even lamer. I hope his new Ray Donovan show is a lot better.

Whoa, Turn This Car Around said...

From FB:

Bayless Parsley

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal at The Tavern during the Texans game. Said, "Yo, Jake, we're going all the way! Houston Texans!" as he exited. He pretended he wasn't Jake Gyllenhaal. But he was. #WattCoat
5 hours ago

The Tavern - Austin TX

Look here, not over there said...

So Jake was seen in Austin, TX today. That explains all the NY photos yesterday and Just Jared's post this afternoon.

Crazy fox said...

He wore the same boots at JZ/Coldplay concert.

Crazy fox said...

No I was wrong he wasn't.

prairiegirl said...

I'm sorry that he can't seem to go out for a simple glance at a ball game w/o being seen. In this sense, I feel bad. But look at all that energy spent with Austin doing the video, the igloo coat on the NYC street released pictures to place Jake in NYC (and Jared Eng of Just Jared did just what he was supposed to do, send the sound waves that Jake is holing up in NYC right now), and still buoyed by the distracting Twitter sideshow of all the Katie Holmes chatter....and it all just comes to light with this one, single FB post. That was a wild little goose chase, that was.

Jersey Tom said...

That is definitely a weird way for Jake to be dressed. It is not that cold in the East and we have had only coverings of snow a couple times. You can see the people in the background are certainly not dressed like Jake. He looks like he is dressed for the Artic.

Seaweed said...

Are heads beginning to spin in Troll-Town?

Looks like 2013 is off to an interesting start for Jake and Katie, Swifty and Arry, and poor little Austin who pokes his head up like a meercat, peruses the landscape and ducks back down again.

Hope the boys enjoyed their winter wonderland with the kids.... he said with a grin.

ZOOM said...

If you look better at the pics, you can notice Jake has a backpack.

Taylor Swift is the gift that keeps on giving said...

Looks like Blind Gossip is continuing to expose Jake and Austin to more attention. Look at this comment from Gossip Candy in response to the continuing discussion about All-American Girl and Golden Boy:

Emily Lee
Jan 06, 2013 @ 19:22:06

Austin Nichols and Jake Gyllenhaal have been together since they met on the movie set of The Day After Tomorrow…some 10 years ago. Sophia Bush became Nichols’ on again, off again beard to provide cover when the gay rumors started to get out of control during the time of Brokeback Mountain (2005-06). She, in fact, started out in 2006 being rumored to be dating Jake Gyllenhaal, but then suddenly was associated with Nichols. I believe they attended USC together and were friends so the hook up was an easy one. Later Jake was paired with Reese Witherspoon (who was his beard for a few years until she dumped him at the end of 2009). Notice that when One Tree Hill was cancelled that Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols conveniently broke up too. Basically, she was Nichols’ beard to help hide the rumors that have circulated between him and Jake Gyllenhaal for years. Jake and Austin were even seen in NY together just this past November and were together at the Berlinale Festival in February 2012. And, yes Taylor Swift was Gyllenhaal’s beard in 2010. Just like with Harry Styles, PR is trying to make it seem like there was some world wind romance that skyrocketed then crashed and burned. Swift is one of the most notorious beards in Hollywood.

prairiegirl said...

lol. Wow, we need her over here!!! If you people are lurking in the background, we're recruiting. Step right up and we welcome you with open arms. Honest.

Geez, I would love to talk to these people, where in the heck are they at? We need them!!! We need this added brain power. Just think of the possibilities!

prairiegirl said...

I know, Special, you're probably telling me to shush it. ;D

That one person on Blind Gossip sounded like they had found OMG, didn't they? Remember her little side note? "There's even a blog about them!"

Come onnnnn, please speak up.....


You know, this needs to be exposed and pointed out because this is just ridiculous and there needs to be huge questions asking why.

You guys remember the fake Jake Twitter Account. He/She went hog wild on Twitter all the time, ramping it up whenever Jake was MIA, and tweeting like he/she was really Jake when it really sounded and looked like they were based overseas. Then they got carried away pre-election time, mysteriously right around the time we were talking about the very same account here on OMG and questioning their purpose and twitterverse existence.

And slap! They got their knuckles rapped for tweeting about Romney and the whole hullabaloo was trending on Twitter and made a huge splash all over the internet. The account was suspended and we all thought that was over and done with.


The account started back up, oh, I don't know, I would say the account opened back up about a month, month and 1/2 ago.

He/She still has the Twitter name of @Jake_Gyllenhaal but their new name is Eskimoes & Elves. And so they started off pretty quietly, behaving themselves, keeping a low profile. And their profile says something to the effect of not being the so-named celebrity, Jake Gyllenhaal.

And immediately here came some of his/her loyal band of followers, they were a happy, reunited little group.

prairiegirl said...

And then awhile ago, they slipped in a tweet or two which put out the impression that they were Jake. And his followers talking to him like he was Jake again.

Now when the play was coming to a close, the account revved up their tweeting, even once doing it while Jake should have been performing on stage. And his followers still tweeting at him and talking to him/her like they were really Jake.

And during this post holiday lull, he has gone back into his tweeting flurry. The following account tweeted at him:

1/5/13, 2:36

@Jake_Gyllenhaal What are you doing up at this hour?? :) x

To which he responds:

1/5/13, 2:38

@TiffyLau Genocide

And then this account joins in and says:

1/5/13, 7:20

@Jake_Gyllenhaal @TiffyLau now now , we germans got into trouble for doing that

Nice, huh? Genocide. And later on today, he tweets a picture of Jake with his family and Peter, issuing the words of:

@Jake_Gyllenhaal: Happy Times #Family Happier times

I don't know, but I find it extremely curious that Jake's people issue a strong statement when this same account tweets about supporting Romney and the account gets suspended.

But then it's allowed to come back up and tweets about genocide while at the same time issues tweets at times which sound like he's Jake. And his followers act like he's Jake when they know he's not.

Unbelievable stuff.

prairiegirl said...

Lastly, I would like to point out that everyone here knows I tweet and am an avid fan of Twitter. So I will say that it's impossible not to see this account's tweets nor the accounts tweeting at him/her. You don't have to "follow" it to see this information. It all shows up on a Search of "Jake Gyllenhaal" and you can't help but see it. Part of what makes it very irritating.