Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fit to be Dyed

Austin's had blonde ambitions.

 But which does he work better

The au natural auburn?

Or the  deep dark chocolate rinse?


destiny said...

Thanks Sass for sharing the photo of Frank and Willie, it's really nice.

Also enjoying all the old photos of Austin today.

sass said...

Hi, I can't keep up anymore I lost a post just uploaded, will try again. Sometimes I look at all the love leans smiles exchanged by those two...and know it will come again. And I know it Will be.
More later,

the real m said...

I love the auburn look on Austin. Blonde does not suit him at all.

So happy that the Lance deal never worked out for Jake. Can you imagine if he had made the movie based on so many lies. How embarrassing would that have been.Then again being closeted is a form of lying too. Just more understandable than outright cheating for 7 years. Unbelieveable the gall to pull that off.

Jersey Tom said...

Love the third from the bottom it is my favorite. I agree m Austin looks funny with the blonde hair. He looks very Gay:-)

prairiegirl said...

I kinda like the blond on Austin for a catchy look but brunette will always knock my socks off.

TGIF people! This is my Christmas weekend as my brother, his family and Reece's the Family Dog make the trek up here for our much delayed celebration. Should be a great time and really looking forward to it. FINALLY I'm going to get my purse and calendar that my sister is getting me. LOLLLLL! I am dying for that purse and I forget what calendar it is that I showed her I wouldn't mind having. LOLLL!

I think we are having tamales. YESSSSS! Tamales are saved for special occasions and I think I can taste them already.

First, gotta get through this day. Things are hectic at work, ugh.

london tb said...

I like third from bottom best too.

Argh I'd forgotten the Lance biopic - what a lucky escape!

Why? said...

The whole Lance Armstrong interview is gross to me - made me very uneasy to watch. He strikes me as a pathological liar and a narcissist. I didn't see any remorse from him at all. Kinda psychopathic demeanor, really.

It's so vile how easy it is to lie and manipulate and take shortcuts in some fields, and get away with it. Like Hollywood. Sometimes I wonder why I am a fan of Jake at all. He was born into privilege and Hollywood royalty. Although I do think he is quite talented, there are so many people who are surely just as beautiful and talented but who would never get any of the opportunities he has gotten. And he is a liar. A pathological liar, motivated to stay in the closet and lie about his children (if he has them) out of ego and greed and narcissism.

Why? Why am I here? Why are you here?