Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The S Word

Jake's gone South (Atlanta)

Enjoyed my Cilantro Corn Pancakes and seeing Jake Gyllenhaal today.                Source

And Austin's getting short(y)?   At least nominated

 Wow thanks!! RT : , you were nominated by for a Shorty Award in     AUS10 

So shaved is next, right?

 And Sushi?


prairiegirl said...

the real m said...
Yes, poor Austin can't acknowledge his realtionship with Jake, nor can Jake with Austin. One of the drawbacks of being closeted. If they were straight and they were just friends, it would be no big deal.

Yup. Austin Shout Outs brought up an excellent point yesterday. And no, I can't recall Austin ever directly giving a shoutout to Jake. A plug for his movies or a "Enjoyed having a sushi lunch with @adamlevine and Jake G". He's tweeted at Adam before but no reference to anything specific.

For having been friends with Jake and having worked with him in a movie, it does stick out like a sore thumb, doesn't it? Because Austin is all about following former co-workers on Twitter or giving them a shoutout.

Smart observance.

prairiegirl said...

Looking at that last picture on Special's post, the one from the sushi lunch, you see that fierce look Austin gets as he is walking behind Jake. Even with the sunglasses on, I don't have to see Austin's bare eyes to get the vibe that he is staring down the camera. Just like their biking pictures, Austin has that protective look on him.

I don't think you want to mess with Austin. Now if Austin could only apply some of that toughness to the nimrod (s) who have had access to his twitter account lately and have it acting like a horny, slimy 16 yr. old boy, that would be energy also put to good use.

Cilantro corn pancakes? Blech! I like corn and I like cilantro but I wouldn't care for them in my pancakes.

The Weatherman said...

70% chance for a snowy peak or sunny L.A. GPS tweet from Austin Nichols.

Jersey Tom said...

Austin certainly does look like loyal protective partner in that last pic.

Jersey Tom said...


Some guys just don't think Taylor Swift is a good role model said...

Hard to believe.

prairiegirl said...

Found out today that some of us missed out on a BT birthday. I felt bad! While not 100% sure on the date exactly, we are right around the cusp. Myself, I kind of lose track sometimes. The ones I remember the most are BT1 in October and the last one which was born in August. Oops, no wait - that was probably number 4. The last one was born in November. Geez!!!

And as far as I can see, the clues that M&M and Special together have pointed towards based on a Ted post, the chances of this birth having been twins are high.

5 is an odd number. If Jake and Austin had contracted for 4 surrogacy births (remember, Jake said he wanted 2 or 4. People Magazine 2006. "I want a lot of kids. Two or four. Not six. It's torture after four."), there's not a whole lot you can do if one of the births ends up being twins. With both of these guys being actors and bearding having been involved (especially the beard Reese Witherspoon having been the key beard and probably intended to be the beard to cover all of the births except she cancelled out on the contract), I could totally see them having some kind of contract for all of the births. Thus, you could end up with 5 instead of 4 kids.

The subject of the kids isn't constantly brought up here nor are Special's posts hardly focused on the topic. And it's too bad that the subject is so taboo and despised because sometimes it would be nice to spend a thread openly discussing it.

Forget about everything else for just one day. And talk about what it must be like for Jake and Austin to be fathers. Some of us spend so much time defending our theories and arguing and spitting over the unpleasant side of this situation that never has it even been proposed, been considered to throw everything aside for a day to even contemplate the reality.

So anyway, Happy Birthday BT3. Whether it was two days ago or yesterday or it's today. (psst! it's awfully quiet today **wink**)

Happy Birthday.

prairiegirl said...

Or I should say, Happy Birthday, BT2 and BT3.

I lean towards 2 and 3 because it was that 'pigs in blanket' and the preoccupation with doubles in Ted's post that do it for me.

It really would be incredible if there really are twins.

prairiegirl said...

And guess who has decided to take a little R & R time, starting with a 1/2 day tomorrow and a full day on Friday? Hmmmm????? It's a new year and it's time for some Big V!!!!!!! YeSSSSSS!!! **Kevin McAllister dance**

prairiegirl said...

Ha ha ha, RDJ hilarious in his acceptance speech on the People's Choice Awards. "I'm going to give out love and then I'm going to receive love."

LOLLLL. That was pretty good.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

It's an open board!!!! lol I'm just going to play all night.

I tell you what. To me, Austin and Jake (circa Berlinale) are hands down the hottest couple out there. No question. No contest.

But second to them and not necessarily all that far behind is that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. WOW. They are both in the audience at the Peoples Choice Awards and if the rumors are indeed true about them.....all I can say is COMBUST!!!!! LOL! Dang. That is just totally hot.

I don't know which guy is hotter - Jensen or Jared. Actually, they both kind of remind me of Jake & Austin in a way. Jensen reminds me of Jake and Jared reminds me of Austin because he's kind of tall and lanky. Jensen is just darn pretty, no other way to put it. Jared is...he's got all kinds of stuff going on. He's attractive but he's also got an unruly quality to him.

LOL - these Peoples Choice Awards are full of people that you see every day on Just Jared. Kinda funny.
Okay, signing off. 1/2 day tomorrow, 1/2 day tomorrow!!!

FullMoon said...

I think they have 1-3 kids, and if they have multiple kids it's quite possible that some are adopted. Both surrogacy and adoption are expensive, but surrogacy is surely far more expensive, especially if you are paying for long-term confidentiality from a surrogate on top of all the medical costs of the IVF and pregnancy. (or maybe surrogacy agencies handle the go-between so paying for confidentiality isn't necessary?)

As a Mom, my head spins when I think of anyone having 5 kids under 5 years old. Holy shit! My hands are full with one! Brad / Angelina are worth hundreds of millions and can afford 2 nannies per kid. No way Jake and Austin can do even close to that, plus they have to keep them hidden which costs even MORE money. I mean, where do they all live??

They have plenty of time to have their kids, too. They're men, they can stretch this out for decades if they want.

As for what kind of fathers they are... I bet Austin is a protective, attentive father. Of the two, Jake is a more self-centered and egotistical person, and probably requires more "me time." Plus he works a lot more to bring in the money. My guess is that Austin is the more nurturing parent, and Jake the more playful parent.

On the number of kids, I just never got the hints from Ted that some of you got or saw that leads you to such a high number. Ted said so much crap to mislead over the years--by the end of his run he was essentially saying Toothy and Grey were broken up. And then there were stories of cheating, of strippers, of alley sex... I just assumed Ted lost his informants. Unless some of you have actually communicated with Ted offline to get the "real story" that I'm in the dark about, I can't buy it. I can't take some of what Ted says at literal face value while ignoring things that don't fit or that I don't like.

FullMoon said...

Ack - new blind today on Blind Gossip and top guess is Jake. Looking for a beard.