Thursday, January 3, 2013

Up the Creek

 What do these ladies have in common?

 They're all ladies of the Creek.  They all have little girls within a  few years of age, and all of them have similar sensible approaches to raising them, mostly out of the spotlight.

And oh.. Jake is close friends with two of them.  

And what does Jake have in common with all of these ladies of The Creek?   Don't think it's a James Van der Beek fan club chapter.

Now doesn't it make more sense for Michelle or Busy to make the introductions instead of  Josh.  

And London - Yes Let's keep hoping for that picture of  someone and his Significant Other clean shaven, but could these help a little till then?



Overused said...

but could these help a little till then?

You're going to wear out those pics one day

the real m said...

Nope. Won't ever happen. I can look at those pictures a 1000 more times and they will still bring a smile to my face.

prairiegirl said...

I never, ever tire of the Laker pictures.

And the sushi picture? Why, that one is not quite even a year old. Alot of tread still left in that little gem.

Got the Brooklyn stroll picture taken just this past Fall too. Special has a new repertoire with which to accent and supplement the timeless and classic Laker pictures.

Another "suitor" for Jake said...

Hi, I'm Luke! ‏@vanhudge

Jake Gyllenhaal needs to not go out with Austin Nichols and go out with me instead

9:18 PM - 3 Jan 13 ·

Jersey Tom said...

Words football fans will soon hear in Kansas City.

Times yours

Gotta put the players in a better position.

I will ake full responibilty for that.

And my very favorite. "Gotta do a better job" :-)

See ya Andy!!!!!

Jersey Tom said...

take full responibility

Twitter said...

Hadeed ‏@essencedivided

@runparorun Miranda has been cheating up a storm, apparently. Also, Jake G is gay, Katie Holmes is his beard and Austin Nichols (I had to
1:12 PM - 4 Jan 13

Hadeed ‏@essencedivided

@runparorun Wikipedia this guy and he's not attractive and was on One Tree Hill I mean I've had more success than that) is his long term bf.
1:13 PM - 4 Jan 13

Hadeed ‏@essencedivided

@runparorun I have learnt a lot today basically.

@runparorun poor Orlando and his career tbh. I still have trouble believing it because I saw the Oprah ep with all the Brokeback stars in

@runparorun which Jake told her he had to come to terms with the homophobic sentiments he shared before tackling the film but now I'm like
1:20 PM - 4 Jan 13 · Details

@runparorun wow that was a perfect coverup. And that's what all the talk in Tinseltown leads me to believe altho would Reese srsly date a
1:21 PM - 4 Jan 13 · Details

@runparorun gay guy for two years?!!
1:22 PM - 4 Jan 13 ·

Twitter said...

No name willie. ‏@sourcewilliam

Jakey G/Austin Nichols/Katie Holmes/TSwift :: All-American Girl and Golden Boy The Original Source of the Blind
9:55 AM - 4 Jan 13

Special K said...

The Jake and Austin story has gotten some legs. It's still going.

And now Jezebel is jumping on the Jake wagon is a slightly different way.

Mario Batali Has a Serious Bro Crush on Jake Gyllenhaal

Did you know that today is National Spaghetti Day? Neither did my grandmother, and she's been making spaghetti since Giuseppe Garibaldi reunified Italy and promised spaghetti and meatballs for everyone. To celebrate National Spaghetti Day, Mario Batali had actor and amateur cook Jake Gyllenhaal on ABC's The Chew to cook some spaghetti and regale the audience with tales of ribaldry from the cinematheque. It was all very delightful. Mario then asked Jake, bro to bro, what he cooks when he's looking for bounteous compliments from his dinner guests. And, you guys, Jake said, "I think it all depends on what's fresh," which turns out to be best phrase for getting into Mario Batali's chef pants because he immediately grasped Jake Gyllenhaal's sinewy body and asked, "How could you love this dude any more?"


133 Comments on All-American Girl and Golden Boy said...

Sample of comments from Blind Gossip:

January 2, 2013 at 10:22 am

All-American Actress: Katie Holmes
Golden Boy Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal
Significant Other: Austin Nichols
Golden Boy’s Ex-Girlfriend: Taylor Swift

January 2, 2013 at 10:24 am

Actress- Katie Holmes (All American – Girl Next Door – Literally in Dawson’s Creek)
Actor -Jake Gyllenhall (same city – making news with Katie – possibly Golden Boy for all the globes and nominations for Brokeback?
S.O. – Austin Nicholls (‘Best Friends’ for a long time – acts but not an actress)
Ex – Taylor Swift (never ever getting back together)

January 2, 2013 at 12:20 pm Log in to Reply

There was a report, in Grazia of all places, that Katie and Jake were hooking up. Katie is the quintessential All-American girl who had an age-inappropriate (I suppose, 16 years isn’t TOO far) husband, Tom Cruise. It’s been widely speculated that Jake and Austin are a thing and Jake’s girlfriend who would “never ever get back together” with him is Taylor.

January 3, 2013 at 12:46 pm

I had to Google Mr. Nichols. He’s darn good looking for sure. Is an “American” actor. I will keep my eyes peeled for him now.

January 3, 2013 at 4:27 pm Log in to Reply

Golden Boy is more of a reference to an Award..either an Oscar or a Golden Globe..Jake G. has been nominated for an Oscar for Brokeback and nominated for a Golden Globe for Love and Other Drugs.

Also..Jake rode horses in Brokeback..and there’s a line from The Outsiders that says “Stay gold, Ponyboy”. Jake was in The Prince of Persia and everyone knows that royalty has gold..and so on.

Jake G. (aka Toothy Tile) and Austin Nichols (Grey Goose) have been together for years. Ted Casablanca, formerly of E! Online did stories on Toothy Tile for years. He has since left E! and there will be no more blinds coming from him.

January 2, 2013 at 11:28 am

The boyfriend is Austin something from One Tree Hill.

January 2, 2013 at 1:03 pm

All-American Actress: Katie Holmes
Golden Boy Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal
Significant Other: Austin Nichols (??? – there’s even a blog about them!)
Golden Boy’s Ex-Girlfriend: Taylor Swift

prairiegirl said...

When I found that blind on FB via Open Facebook Search, I thought that was the direct source. But the tweet from @sourcewilliam revealed that the Blind came from this site - Blind Gossip, which I now know is quite a hotspot.

So it's not like this blind came from some underground, ham radio site. This was a pretty major webpage which gets a lot of traffic. And that now explains to me why I'm seeing Jake and Austin having a bit of a resurgence, a resurrection of sorts on Twitter, of all places.

This is the first revival of Jaustin since the Laker pictures. You guys need to take a look at the comments on that site and Austin is an overwhelming choice as the SO.

And here sometimes it seems as though there's just a small group of us on OMG who pay attention to Jake and Austin.

Au contraire.

Special K said...

It isn't just the gossip of Katie and Jake but it's also the Taylor Swift factor. Here parading around with Harry from One Direction has pushed her over the beard cliff so to speak.

It's just not a minority of Jakefans talking about her bearding with Jake but now massive amounts of Directioners talking about her bearding with Harry and therefore increases all the comparisons with Jake and more people are figuring out Jake is gay.

prairiegirl said...

Neat find, Special! lol. I remember when Mario grabbed at him. Jake was a little defensive.

Interesting that Jezebel posts that after the show was on forever ago. It's all in the timing, isn't it?

I have no doubt there are going to be repercussions from this. No telling what's going to happen now or what we'll see in the future. His people cannot be happy over what's been put up on that Blind Gossip site nor some of the tweets appearing with Jake and Austin's names linked together. Here those two guys, CAA and WME have worked so hard all these years to destroy all Toothy talk, all the sexuality rumors, they've buried Austin on a Jake Gyllenhaal Google Search........only to have a major hole blown through the stern from this one blind item. Man oh man.

It is a big deal, you guys. We haven't seen Jaustin linked together like this since - like I said, since I bet those Laker pictures.

prairiegirl said...

It's just not a minority of Jakefans talking about her bearding with Jake but now massive amounts of Directioners talking about her bearding with Harry and therefore increases all the comparisons with Jake and more people are figuring out Jake is gay.

Excellent point, Special. You're right.

It's another example of some celebs thinking they're untouchable, that they can do no wrong. But I think Austin and Jake totally overplayed their hand this time. They couldn't just fade into the background. Oh no, Jake had to do that JayZ concert in his Yankee cap and I bet he was only there 10 or 15 minutes and he was out of there.

And Austin just had to do that Franz Klammer snowy mountain video to show that he was most likely in Utah or Colorado.

But they overplayed their hand and that one gas station tweet revealed what they really had done.

Ol' Tay overplayed her hand by just having to have a go at Harry Styles. Way too much, way too soon.

Girlfriend blew it. They all just don't know how to lie low. They don't know when to quit and just live their lives.