Friday, January 4, 2013

Whisker Wars

It's Beard vs. Beard

Not that


Because it is looking Austin has upped his game under that helmet

Jake's  going for the natural beard category

Austin's got a little more control

On length you've got to give to Jake

On shape - it's a push

But on white whiskers

While Jake's got that patch that looks like he has a big of eggs left from breakfast or the Skunk Boy version of a beard  Austin has a little more white and more symmetry to his (when it's not Just for Men'd darkened)

Maybe we should just let the Austin Facial Hair Club decide who wins

or the guys could just ditch the beards for good.... and shave too.

 Happy Austin Friday!


Methodical Muser said...

Blind Gossip is a major site and even newcomers easily guessed the identities of the celebrities being described. A few may not h ave known who the male Significant Other was, but a high percentage of the commenters had no problem remembering Austin Nichols. After years of beards, lies and dirty little secrets, (wasted money, wasted time), its like everything has come full circle again.

And, I agree Special about the Directioners. Here Jake was benefiting from Swift's stupid song about never getting back together and then she just had to get her clutches into Harry Styles. Which then just reminded everyone that she's a beard and oh yeah she fake dated Jake Gyllenhaal too. Which, of course, must mean...

Hopeful tb said...

I have to comment the blind: Gyllenhaal means Golden hall in Swedish so Jake is literally a golden boy.

Special K said...

Hi Hopeful! Glad to see you.

And yes you're right. Golden Boy indeed.

prairiegirl said...

Excellent, thank you, Hopeful!

Cloud 9 said...

Clever post. Happy New Year, All! :)

the real m said...

Really cute post. Amazing how the guys are in harmony so often.

Special K said...

Happy Birthday Tom!!!!

Hope you have a great day and year ahead.

Blind Thoughts said...

OH I MUST give my two cents.

Blind Gossip is undoubtedly pointing to Jake and Austin. They don't go to great lengths to disguise their blinds. Their readers tend to be newbies, too - young people who haven't lived through the golden age of Ted Casablanca. So while most of us veterans ;) know Jake and Austin are old news, a lot of people are just hearing about them for the first time on BG. Hence, the uptick in twitter chatter.

BG's blinds are mixed. They do a LOT like this - no insider information really, but blinds that are really just comments / reminders on what is currently in the news that we all know is fabricated based on previous info or blinds. But their traffic is now so big that even rehashed blinds from Ted C will reach a lot of gossip hounds.

They've had a few original / exclusive blinds in the past year that were proven to be spot-on (like calling the Holmes / Cruise divorce right before it went public) but they've been caught in a few bullshit lies, too. Bottom line is it's a anonymous site and so not nearly as trustworthy as Ted C.

I thought it was really funny - did you catch this? When Lainey posted about the Jakey / Katie Holmes rumor, she was able to get a personal denial from Jake's people right away. What, she has them on speed dial and they answer her calls? What is she, on their payroll or something? Thought that was a huge faux paux on her part, a pulling of the curtain, giving her "source" away for all of those exclusives on Jake's love life. Straight from the mouth of Jake's PR to the pixels on Lainey Gossip!

Methodical Muser said...

When Lainey posted about the Jakey / Katie Holmes rumor, she was able to get a personal denial from Jake's people right away. What, she has them on speed dial and they answer her calls? What is she, on their payroll or something?

Absolutely, Lainey is definitely on the Jakey payroll. She has pushed the Jake is hetero for so long, she must be a millionaire by now. Of course, she is also the one who has said that Austin is gay as glitter.

Jersey Tom said...

Thanks SK. Getting ready to head out to one of my favorite restaurants:-) I will tweet if I see Jake or Austin:-)

Methodical Muser said...

Happy Birthday, Tom. Hope you're having a spectacular time and Bon Appetite!

Oxymoron said...

the golden age of Ted Casablanca


the real m said...

Happy Birthday Tom. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Special K said...

A reminder Austin will be on Mob Doctor tonight on FOX at 9pm EST.

Seaweed said...

All this activity surrounding the "Golden Boy" and the Blind Gossip stuff has been enlightening for some new folks. We've been on the case for some time now and it'll still be interesting to see how all this plays out this time 'round.

Great post Special, and always love the images of the guys.

Hope you're enjoying a great night out on your Birthday Tom ! I'll be having a nice big drink in your honour this evening. Cheers !!!

Special K said...

Austin is looking good on Mob Doctor.

destiny said...

Happy birthday Tom!!! Hope it was a good onen