Monday, January 28, 2013

Movie Math

Today's it's multiplication

If you took Brothers

and combined it

with Prisoners

you could get all these new movie options:

My Own Worst Enemy

To Catch a Thief aka Finding Myself

Prison Brothers

Enemies : A Law Story

The Gyll with the Neck Tattoo I and II

 Crossing the Line: Living both sides of the Law

Six Shooter: The Multiple Personality Law Man

Brothers in Law


Arrested Development


Ogi said...

My Own Worse Enemy

It's Worst.

prairiegirl said...

^^ Do you feel bigger now, 01:08? Because that's the most important concern right now.

**rolls eyes** Took a lot of thought to come up with that gem, didn't it?

Hey, so is that the official poster for An Enemy? That surprises me since he had the beard mess going on in all the pictures I remember seeing.

Just a Thought said...

^^^Oh give it a rest. If you're that sensitive, Anon Blogger, don't post here. Wipe your tears and move on. Otherwise, continue to state your perspective, with some modicum of courtesy, and let people respond to it. If you don't like the responses, it sounds like this may not be the right place for you.

destiny said...

Great titles, love it.

Jessica Faulkinbury said...

@PG. I don't think that is a official poster. I believe someone made it while he was filming in Canada.
You a such a great friend but I tell ya you are all wrong Jake is straight and I have his love child. HAHAHA. Lighting up, When the time is right Jake or Austin will let ppl know the truth. What ever it may be. Straight, Gay or Bi. We enjoy there movies and who they are. Just remember we all have our opinion. I like it here you all are so much fun. :D

Just a Thought said...

You see how you jump to conclusions and overreact. That was not PG. I post here every now and then and the past few days have been one whine fest after another. People somehow are either ignoring your comments or you think they are making fun of you. You are the one who needs to lighten up and not be so sensitive. There are all kinds of opinions about Jake and Austin. State yours and if no one responds, no one responds. Maybe no one agreed with your observations, or no one had anything to say. Simple really. Stop taking everything so personally. Have some fun and enjoy the company here. There are some pretty smart cookies and savvy folks hanging around. Don't discount or underestimate.

Just Saying said...

^^ NO I didn't jump to anything.

I was commenting to Jessica's comment. Are you aware of this?
Maybe you are jumping to conclusions "Just a Thought"?

I lurk here at times, now less than I did years ago. I know all about the blog so you're telling me nothing new. It seems YOU are the "New Comer" to this blog.

Enjoy it and I wish you well, but I will continue to post what's on my mind and try not to offend anyone.

And, for the record, nobody agreed with my observation because (I didn't post any observation / comment) recently.

prairiegirl said...

10:58, that was a nice, diplomatic way to discourage an ill-tended poster. Yeah, I can certainly take several cues. I've never said I'm the most polite person on earth; I have a short fuse, think we all know that. That's me.

Hey jfaulkin, you're not the first to tell me to loosen up. I'll take it from you, I won't take it from others.

I'm going to say a few things as I have said before but maybe need to be reiterated once again.

First of all, 18:28, I don't know who you are, so it's Prairie Girl to you.

Second of all, I am perfectly civil until someone gives an unnecessary smart alack address, caps at people as in yelling, is rude to myself, or persists in arguing for the sake of arguing.

That person on Sunday had their say regarding CallMeMayBi Jake. We all let it roll and read and listened. Then they came several more times, yelling their view with capping. Not okay.

Because this blog is about the relationship of Jake and Austin. And no, regulars don't believe they are/were merely sandbox playmates, a bit more than that. Not everyone believes they're still together, but what drew them here was a belief that there was something there, at least at one time. Which essentially rules out straight Jake.

Power to those who believe he's straight. Go for it. But you know what? You're not going to find a lot of similar views here. There are plenty of other blogs that celebrate straight Jake and everyone knows where they are and what they're called.

OMG is a place where we should be able to freely discuss our belief in Jaustin and stories going on behind the scene without being attacked or called names like we are elsewhere.

So bottom line is: this is our playground. Everyone knows what a lot of us believe and if you don't like the view, there are other places where you can talk with those who feel the same way.

Thirdly, there are those who come here and try all these tactics in order to intimidate a regular poster into quitting and shutting up. See what that first commenter up there did? Their intent is to ridicule and intimidate. That person sits on OMG and they love to do that when the new post comes up. It's clockwork.

So yeah, I can annoy. Irritate. Sorry about that. Sometimes I have bad days. Sometimes I regret a few things I have said and I may take them down.

But I say a lot of good stuff, too. And I strike nerves. And people want to shut that up.

Well, I'm sorry but that's not going to happen. People have to take the bad with the good. And if people don't like what I have to say, that's their problem, not mine. Don't read it.

prairiegirl said...

but I will continue to post what's on my mind and try not to offend anyone.

Thank YOU 12:29. Please say it again. Lighten Up PG girl.

And stop screaming demands and telling posters to go to their rooms.

You babysit dogs not posters.. lol

^^^ Interresting example of not intending to offend.