Friday, January 18, 2013

Sushi Anyone?

Who knew when this sushi lunch happened a year ago today, that it would the beginning of a prolific year of Jake and Austin sightings.

 Not one or two but three times Jake and Austin were snapped.

 And three mentions of them being seen out late grabbing a snack

 The most we've had since 2006/2007
Talk about a California Roll. 

Now, who wants more?


Special K said...

Jake and Austin were photograph or spotted together six times last year. Who expected that when we saw the video and those pictures from their sushi lunch. I am going to be greedy and say ....more please.

Jersey Tom said...

That lunch was obviously a goodbye lunch when Jake and Austin were moving to NYC.

Jersey Tom said...
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Seaweed said...

And I'm going to add my wishes for more sightings, and more photos of the boys together as well.

It's not being greedy as much as its showing the Love!

prairiegirl said...

Why said (yesterday):
Why? Why am I here? Why are you here?

I think because in each of our own ways, at our own level/degree, we all still care about them. I think if a subject is so repulsive or boring or distasteful or "ridiculous", eventually you are going to wander off and seek other interests. You are not going to keep hanging around a blog that carries no interest for you. There are too many options out there to continue to do that.

I think there's still a lot of hope in people, hope for these two guys.

I don't know how much Lance truly "loved" his sport. Is that why he did all of the lying and hurting of friends/acquaintances? For the love of his sport? Or was it for the money and fame that the wins brought him?

When I sit and think about Jake and Austin's lying, sometimes it seems more complicated. Then at other times, it seems plain simple because lying is pretty much lying.

But what is Jake & Austin's for? Is it multi-fold? Is it simply to hide their kids? Because I don't think it was to hide he and Austin over the past year. Now I think they are hiding their relationship again because of that Blind Gossip Item. Not necessarily because of them, but because if the Blind is true and they are still together after all these years, then people are going to start thinking that it very well is probably true about the rumors of a child (children).

And that is what has them jumping hoops again and has Austin's Twitter account reflecting the actions of some kind of pedo-horndog.

Seaweed said...

G'mornin everybody!


prairiegirl said...

Ha ha, good morning, Seaweed. The blog had been dead since yesterday and at the exact same time, all of us got on here. That's pretty funny.

Biggest tragedy last night (besides family dog Reece's having to be kenneled **sniff**), is my nephew's pillow being left behind. We had the replay of where everyone was, who saw it last in the house, who grabbed whose pillows to the car, and in the end, my brother gives his big philosophical statement of "Well, maybe this will teach him to be responsible for bringing his things that he wants to bring". Sounds like a teacher, doesn't it? lol

"Okay, whose pillow is that?" "Well, whose is the green one?" "That one's mine." "Well, where was it last?" "It was on the couch, the beige one." "And whose dark one is that?" "That one is so-and-so's." "Ok, so which pillows did you carry out to the car?"

On and on and on and on and on. Oh my gosh. Then the search back out in the car. Nope, no pillow. Yup, tragedy.

prairiegirl said...

And my niece has an IPad. Her school has loaned them out to her grade level. My nephew was bummed because he missed out by one year on getting one.

Now, I'm all for kids having computers in school but I'm going to have some more questions on this one. Why do they need an IPad? Is it simply because of the weight factor so their backpacks won't be so heavy? The more I think about that, it does seem like a good reason.

But lol, man here I am having saved my money, having to wait several years for mine...shelled out the big $....and Pfffft! a school drops these into the laps of students. Where is the justice in this, I say? Geez.