Friday, January 11, 2013

Wheel(er) Up

Had a great lunch today with my new boss. First script for Ray Donovan is excellent. Who's gonna watch it?- AUS10

So it sounds like Austin is going be on Ray Donovan a bit more than just the pilot. 

Now we know that Tommy Wheeler likes the ladies with a little more candy so to speak.

  So how many times can Tommy get in trouble with transexuals  in the first season or will we see him  make Ray's work life even more complicated and get a boyfriend or a pre -op girlfriend by the end of first season?

Will he do the triple in the trifecta of devil's threesomes on screen? But if it's guy, another guy and a pre-op doesn't that make totally different kind of threesome?

Fun for us... not so fun for Ray. 

And Tommy is an action star so what kind of action will he see him doing Austy?

And if it's Austin you know at some point he's going to lose a shirt, but with the show on Showtime, will he lose more.  Remember Austin got his big break on HBO and don't think this hurt him too much.

So who's gonna watch now?

Oh if there are news reports of seismic activity in Southern California  it isn't tectonic plates shifting, Tooth and Goose are both in CA.  California Dreaming indeed.

Happy Austin Friday!


prairiegirl said...

Hey, so Jon Voight is on Ray Donovan.

Tommy Wheeler

And so is, was that Elliot Gould? Austin getting to work with classics, that's pretty slick.

Jon Voight. Everytime I see him or see his name, I think of Seinfeld. Remember when George Costanza bought a car just because it belonged to Jon Voight. And Jerry told him "So you bought a car because it belonged to Jon Voight?" LOLLLL And when Jerry rode in the car and took a pencil out of the glove compartment and they're marveling at the teethmarks on the pencil because they must be Jon Voight's teethmarks. Then Jerry takes the owners' manual out and it has Jon Voight's name on it except that the John was spelled with an 'h' and he said, "Doesn't Jon Voight spell his name without an h?" LOLLLLL!!! That was just hilarious. It was hilarious. And George was stuck with that car. I laugh every single time. That show was just a treasure. I love it over and over and over.

But doesn't Jon Voight spell his name without an h?

"You don't think...sure! That's Jon Voight's pencil!" George Costanza drove me nuts but I just loved him.

Steaming up my screen said...

What is that last photo from? Who is it in the photo? It's steaming up my screen!

Austin has an odd MO on twitter: he DMs select fangirls and even follows some, which amps up this frenzy of girls tweeting at him all the time "can I get a DM / I love you." His Klout score must be going through the roof. Lots of celebs use twitter to cultivate their fanbase and he's probably just following a playbook but he seems a little old for the fangirl pandering (plus it kind of gives the gay away a la Ricky Martin). Is this his way of trying to bring OTH fangirls with him to Ray Donovan? Seems to me like Ray Donovan will have a different audience but maybe Austin feels he needs to bring viewers somehow.

:-) said...

Tooth and Goose are both in CA.  California Dreaming indeed.

Must be a different Tooth. Jake is in NYC this weekend.

Special K said...

That last picture is from Six Feet Under. Austin was on the show for two episodes and it bought him some (ahem) exposure for bigger roles.

His character and his buddy stumble upon Rachel smoking a joint out on her porch and join her inside to party a little bit more.

prairiegirl said...

Hi 14:56. I don't think that is Austin doing a lot of that DM'ing to high school girls. I have to give the guy some credit, he's not that stupid. I don't know that for sure but I do know that there are apps out there where you can simulate a real DM so I think some of the girls see some of the provocative stuff out there and they want to join in, too so they make up stuff just to make it look like he DM'd them too. I also think someone else from a management position is issuing some of those DM's. Who doesn't think Austin has a lot better things to do than sit around, DMing H.S. girls 24/7.

In fact, if you Google "How to create fake DMs on Twitter", you'll be amazed at what you can find. In fact, I just found a website which is a freelance operation where people post what they need, i.e. "I need 500,000 Twitter followers", and people can bid on taking the job. I see a website right now that is called where it looks like fake tweet conversations can be built. LOL ! Geez. Is anything true and honest anymore?

I have watched his account do very odd things that indicate to me that he doesn't have complete control of his twitter account. I'm not saying what I've noticed because I don't believe in disclosing everything. There's no need in spilling your secrets that could be used in a blog of law someday, lol.

I bet there are knowledgeable people out there who could inform us all about One Direction and all of the shenanigans that goes on with those guys' twitter accounts. A lot of these celebrities have to sign over part control of their Twitter accounts, especially your celebrities who are in the closet.

prairiegirl said...

Must be a different Tooth. Jake is in NYC this weekend.

No, Jake was in California a couple of days ago. It's always possible he is not there today. But it would be providential were you to post a back-up tweet/FB sighting to lend credence to your statement, otherwise it just looks like an opinion.

the real m said...

Ray Donovan is not filmed yet? Did I understand that right? I was looking forward to seeing the show in the near future, not later this year.

prairiegirl said...

I should correctingly say, it looks like an opinion based on opinion.

M, I thought he did film one episode?

Special K said...

Austin was in the pilot for Ray Donovan. That is what he filmed. Showtime picked up the show and now they are going back to shoot season one.