Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Home Watch

If you didn't get a chance to see it in the theater or were just waiting until it came out on DVD, next week will be your first chance to see EoW on DVD.

EoW will be release on DVD/Blu-Ray next Tuesday Jan 22nd in the US.

Along with the movie Universal put together a two-disc set that includes the Blu-ray, a DVD copy of the film and an insert with codes to redeem iTunes-compatible and UltraViolet digital copies.

There is commentary from Writer/Director David Ayer, the film's who shares his knowledge on all things L.A. (born and raised), and provides extensive background on the cast, shooting on location and formulating the script.

He  also reveals that the various cameras allow viewers to experience the action from several vantage points, including those of the officers, gang members and innocent bystanders.

And what's a DVD without some deleted scenes. They include some of which were clearly cut to keep the film at an appropriate length.  Reviews of the DVD say there are a lot of good moments in this deleted reel, and some of the material with the supporting cast might just as easily been kept in the film.

 And finally, all those internet featurettes/shorts that came out in promoting the movie are included on the disc as well and  brief interviews from the cast and crew.

Yup that's right, two.. January twenty -two


prairiegirl said...

Just remember, a portion of the money spent on those 20 disc EOW sets will go towards supporting the Gyllenhaal/Nichols Closet Fund, probably helping to pay for fake twitter followers and as well as for hostile lurkers to sit monitoring OMG 24/7.

Just sayin'.

sass said...

I am v.v.v.v. happy to read the news about the EOW DVD coming out next week, good news all ‘round.
Prairie Girl, I read about the your good work buddy. Moving on. Good friends are God's gifts to all of us all.... more valuable than Gold.
I don’t actually a lot of time to go through anyone’s machinations... I still love them both, but many wonderful talented people are out and proud...Sharing a pic with y'all if I you don‘t mind later..I won‘t for now. I rarely get here fast enough to post, I read and think and read again. Presently following /stalking pics of Frank Ocean and his beautiful love Willy-Cartierr.(sp)...miss chatting here...I am so slow, hell Frank and Willy may be fini already:lol
Love to all,


prairiegirl said...

LOL, you crack me up, Sass. Great to see you, I know, we don't see you hardly anymore. I bet Frank Ocean still has his beautiful love. Don't be such a stranger, please feel free to come around more often

prairiegirl said...

As for 01:33 up there, "Gseundheit" to you. A shame you're feeling so under the weather.

Ahhhh but it is going to be a grand day. Not sure why I woke up early but I did. Maybe because I know it's going to be a hectic day at work today. Crazy times.

prairiegirl said...

Very, very scary to read more and more revelations from the fallout over Lance Armstrong's career demise. What is scary is to read now quotes from people/staff who knew all along what was going on but helped to hide the secrets. A former assistant talks about the staff's part in the selling of a lie to the general public and some cruelties witnessed. Cruelties made in order to keep the lies under wraps. Not sure what kind of cruelties is being referenced, could be something like hurt feelings and the simple emotional mistreatment of people.

Gives me bad chills on all kinds of levels.

Jersey Tom said...

Lance Armstrong sued people and won lots of money because they accused him of doping. He was a mean son of a bitch.

Jersey Tom said...

Lance Armstrong is the epitome of what a bully is.

PG on her cell on her lunch break said...

So I wonder if a lawsuit can be reneged and deemed null if it turns out there wasn't a valid case? Wonder how that works.

Jersey Tom said...

The people he sued will counter sue. Armstrong will be broke when its over.

Jersey Tom said...

The people he sued will counter sue. Armstrong will be broke when its over.

sass said...

...I totally agree about good ole Lance, he sure WAS Not what he seemed. I'm happy Jake didn't portray him in a film. I read the book he wrote about his Cancer journey, and read elsewhere, that Jake or Mark Whalberg wanted the role, but it never happened.
If those are the facts, they both dodged a big bad bullet.
my fav pic of Frank and Willy


...brightened my day when I saw it yesterday. Wonderful that they are happy, out and about together and able to instagram/Tumblr themselves.:)

prairiegirl said...

Aw, that's a nice picture of your two guys there, Sass. I'm afraid I don't know anything about Frank Ocean and his music. But I know those are nice pictures. And is that a, uh..a bit of a lean going on there? lol

I remember back in the day when Jake leaned on his Goose out in public. Remember that? **sigh**

Well, I think it will happen again someday. Not real soon, but sometime. In who knows how many years, if they're still together. Cross your fingers and light a candle every night for them.