Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Very good Gylls

Looks like Jake is out in Park City for Sundance.

Why is venturing out to Utah this year? 

Mom's movie  Very Good Girls.

It was just this last summer that Jake was visiting Mom on the set of the movie
and now at her directorial debut with Godmom Jamie Lee.

Of course this isn't the first time he was at Sundance for a Good Girl.

Now wouldn't  this would be the occasion for Jake to bring back his Sundance hat?


prairiegirl said...

Wow. I don't even know what to say after seeing these new pictures of Jake tonight.

I'm just incredibly sad is all I can say right now.

Okay well....huge day tomorrow. Everyone have a good day tomorrow. Sweet dreams.

??? said...

Wow. I don't even know what to say after seeing these new pictures of Jake tonight.

I'm just incredibly sad is all I can say right now



personal opinion said...

I was taken aback by the guy's appearance as well. Jake simply looks awful. There is a flatness and arid/wearisome quality to his bearing. Both the texture and color of his skin is sallow and his overall expression is closed off, fleshy in a unappealing kind of way.

Hiding behind that beard made it seem like the facial hair was the primary cause for the uninspired appearance, but Jake really does look 10-15 years older than he should.

When you think how great he looked in Berlin, something has certainly been at work over the past year. The closet is one explanation, but I'm even beginning to think it's something more. If...and I said if... he is raising children in the closet that might explain this transformation. It is not slight. And anyone who tries to suggest that it is, is turning a blind eye to what is happening before our eyes. In my opinion, the change is indisputable.

natural process said...

Or maybe he's just... aging. Ohhh that we could all look as young as we did in our 20s eh?

prairiegirl said...

Oh come on, we all age, yes. Don't be smart. There is no need for smart aleck ness. If you have to immediately resort to that tactic, you immediately give away a defense of what is known to be true.

The pic with mom is nice, it's always awesome to see a guy with his mom. Somewhere someone said that was Jamie Lee he is sitting with in the theatre seat pic. That is pretty cool too.

But I am just saddened at what the closet has done to Jake. He just looks hardened, that's the only word I can think of.

The closet and the lifestyle it has caused him to lead has drained the open spirit out of a beautiful boy who used to glow from the inside out.

prairiegirl said...

And if you thought Jake's beard was terrifying at times, get a load of the pictures on Just Jared of Peter Sarsgaard.

Ha ha, autocorrect is underlining Peter's name in red on my IPad. That's kinda funny.

I'd do a link but I've got to get going. Have a good day, everyone!

Special K said...

The haircut they gave Jake for Prisoners does him no favors. Looking at the pictures of him on set with his mom this summer you can see how more youthful and sexy he looks.

Another thing is that more often than not when we see Jake on the red carpet he does have a bit of bronzer on for color and for the high def cameras. He doesn't here and in the dead of winter he's looking a bit washed out.

Jessica Faulkinbury said...

@PG Hey there, I cant believe it been 5yrs. I think I was on my way home from work when Heath passed. I know I found out by watching the news. Was shocked. He was getting great talk about playing the Joker. Which, IMO, he was great at.

I don't like the look Jake has either but a lot of things come into play. One, smoking. We all know that is not good. Two, Heath death. Might have been missing his friend. Three, running himself ragged from NY,film set, to Sundance. Lack of getting a good night sleep. Finally, Clothes, Lighting, ect. Just some things to think about. :D

Claire said...

But, thirty-two years old is young. Jake is aging, but aging not gracefully. I wonder what he would look like if he actually had to work for a living? Something's off. For sure.

Jake isn't the only person who has experienced death by the time they are in the 30s. Yet, they don't look haggard and worn out like Jake does. The closet can do some pretty harsh things to your spirit and I think Jake is reflecting that at 32. Kids? Well if he has some, that would speed up the aging process as well. Hiding, hiding, hiding is neither healthy nor calming.

There have been many tweets where people have described Jake as running away from them, not wanting to be seen, refusing to have his pic taken, give an autograph, or even him being outright rude to others. Sounds to me like someone who is withdrawn and wanting to be left alone.

The thing is though that's not how Jake used to be. He seems moody and brooding now--- in a down-in-the-dumps sort of way. Asking, "What's the deal," is more than appropriate.

Special K said...

It's nice that Jake is supporting his mom and it's nice a picture of them together. You can see that Jake loves his mamma. I do have to chuckle how he is sitting between Jamie Lee and his mom during the screen. You wonder if they poked his sides to keep him from fidgeting. : )

CDAN blind fan said...

He doesn't look well, and he doesn't look 32. He looks like someone under a lot of stress and possibly depressed.

There's a blind over at CDAN today (#2) that might be about Peter and Maggie splitting up. As usual, whenever there is a blind there about one of the Gyllenhaals, one of the same three commenters (I would post their blogger names but I don't want to flatter them) chime in with obfuscation. And whenever they do, it's a tip off to me that the blind is probably true - otherwise why would PR give a shit.

Where said...

As usual, whenever there is a blind there about one of the Gyllenhaals, one of the same three commenters (I would post their blogger names but I don't want to flatter them) chime in with obfuscation.

Just read that blind. I don't see the obfuscation you claim. Can you point it out?

prairiegirl said...

I have notified our illustrious blog administrator of the spam spillage in Aisle 13.

Maybe it would be wise to start a website on how to read rules. As in no posting Anonymous.

prairiegirl said...

And no, no one's visiting your blog.

Jersey Tom said...

I think Jake looks ok. He has aged. He always had a boyish look but those days are gone. The greatest actors in Hollywood are not the most attractive. Daniel Day Lewis is no hunk and he is about to win his third Oscar.

the real m said...

Jake looked dorky for much of his teenage years. Then he got handsome. Now someone nailed it. Haggard. That is the word for it. His.hair looks thin, his features uneven. He does not look healthy. Maybe all those doctor visits were not routine. Who knows. But he does not look 32. He looks 42.

It was nice to see him with his mom and to see how proud of her he looked.

prairiegirl said...

Thank you, m.

If I wanted to hang around a blog to admire and talk about stellar, serious acting only, I would be hanging around a Steven Beschemi blog.

Seems as though I recall words spoken around here the other day regarding Austin's butt and lips. So no, I don't think some of us ladies here are totally about inhaling the serious, Oscar seeking acting fumes of Jake and Austin.

Just trying to be real.

Jersey Tom said...

Not sure how my comments were taken. They weren't meant to criticize or disagree with anyone.