Thursday, February 14, 2013

Back to Love

It's all about the love for Austin

Today is a day of love. I wanna see people makin love in the streets!!!  - Aus10

or is that the streets?

I hereby solemnly swear that if the Celtics win, I will streak through the streets of Venice, to the pier, and perform an naked backflip...

Bidding starts today at 1pm EST. I will be standing on Main Street flexing my tiny biceps for the auction.

Wait isn't that kind of what people would do in the streets ?

But back to love.

Austin even tweets picture about it.

He's had Love and Debate

But you can't forget Jake who had Love &  Other Drugs

But then again how can it not be about love for them.  Look what they've had for all these years.

Who else is expecting a tweet breaking out into "Can't You Feel the Love Tonight" one day.


Seaweed said...
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Seaweed said...

Big Love for the boys always !!!

Love the pictures, there can be no mistaking what is seen, time and time again.

Jersey Tom said...

Together for a lot of years. Austin looks great behind the podium. Maybe he should run for Congress:-)

Special K said...

Austin gets chatty almost giddy on twitter sometimes, and you know what or more specifically who is the reason for that. Jake.

And while we've talked about Jake's smile for Austin and how he beams, Austin's pretty Guy Smiley around his fella.

Just look at that picture from November. Look at that smile Austin's sporting. Wow!