Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's all Fun and Games?

A picture of Jake in popped up today as he entered the Santa Monica hotel, Casa del Mar  Saturday the 9th.

Source: IHJ

Now some might say he popped into town for  the Grammy and get some Mumford.  (We do know he wasn't in the horn section.)

But why a hotel if lives in town?

Or maybe a little pre-Valentine break?

But it would be looking a bit sad if he's all alone.
Playing solitaire and Wii tennis. 

Or is there a bit of the Game of Life

with a

Twist(er) going on.

Of course it could be just a lot of backgammon!

They might have to call Ray Donovan.


prairiegirl said...

One single, lonely, very cropped, obviously LA picture. Not posted until yesterday, Wednesday, even, 3 days after the weekend. Was Wal Mart late in getting this picture developed?

I have no doubt Jake and Austin were together this weekend but what I want to know is why so important that Jake be in LA this past weekend? And him staying at a hotel with his little dusty, not even full looking overnight bag is rather amusing. Actually it vividly reminds me of Ol' Tay and Harry Styles walking out of the hotel with shaving kit and set of clothes in hand. Here I am, walking into what is obviously an LA hotel to stay one or two nights because I moved to New York City, I'm a NYC resident, remember? I have no home anymore in LA.

No coffee at Peets? No brunch? No farmers market? I saw a picture of Demi Moore from this past weekend in West HW and she was bundled up to beat the band because I understand the weather in California was rather chilly, as highs in the 50's, lows in the upper 30's. Jake is dressed there like it's 75 degrees, jacket in hand instead of on his person.

I fully expect the rest of this set of pictures to have a delayed release on IHJ today. Of course, if Wal Mart or Fotomat took this long with just this one single, lone picture, could be I'll have to bide my time waiting for the rest of the roll. Come on, PR, I know you're watching. Spit spot, as Mary Poppins would say. Pull some strings with the gal at the photo desk and pay a little tip to get the rest. I want to see Jake's gorgeous, clean shaven mug! ; )

prairiegirl said...

I should say the weather in Southern California, not just Cali in general, lol. Pretty big state to lump into one like that, isn't it?

I do hope there's more to come. Pap pictures of Jake are becoming almost EBay worthy, aren't they? I haven't even checked IHJ for the longest time because there just aren't pap pictures of the guy anymore. When is the last time someone posted New IHJ pictures! on the blog. Remember when we used to see that all the time? Not anymore. Maybe they are there in droves and I've been missing out, lol.

Somebody maybe could fill me in on that one.

prairiegirl said...

Oh my goodness, Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

prairiegirl said...

Anonymous ^^ said...

Hi Loon

Thanks! Absolutely highest paid compliment.

Special K said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Seaweed said...

Happy Valentines Day everyone !

Jersey Tom said...

Happy Valentines's Day everyone.

Methodical Muser said...

All good points, PG. Plus that "Del Mar" pic of Jake looks much more like circa 2011, than anything from 2013. His sideburns and haircut are quite different in the Santa Monica photo, for instance, than how he's been looking recently. Jake looks much younger there too.

And, yes, how convenient to have the name of the hotel just to the right so no one could point out that Jake could have been anywhere. A hotel, in fact, that Jake has been known to stay in during awards season in the past.

To go with your Mary Poppins reference, "A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down." An appropriate phrase for Valentine's Day, which we know from previous years, Jake and Austin enjoy sharing together. And, that is the most important point, after all.

Still, there were a couple of tweets from Jolly Old England this past week which placed Jake there, as well. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't. But, I do recall that back in January 2012 there were several tweets of British sightings of Jake long before he was supposed to have arrived there at the end of the month to film that music video. A woman even said that Jake "lived" nearby. Right after that there were several pics of Jake in NY posted on the Internet and Ted was even asked to run a puff piece of Jake with another mysterious woman that subsequently disappeared into thin air, never to be seen again. Just like that "student" he met on the subway from last November.

I also find it amusing that no one finds it odd that there was absolutely no evidence of Jake arriving at LAX. Nada. Yet the moment someone mentions that Jake was seen in England suddenly we get a blow by blow account of Jake departing from LAX and on a plane heading east. In this time of economic downturn, it's heartening to know that media relations folks are still fully employed. At least, when it comes to Jake's closeted comings and goings.

Jersey Tom said...

Congrats Illinois. Senate votes yes to Gay marriage amendment.

the real m said...

Funny how Jake pops up all over the place when the guys want to hide.

Last day back east today and I am exhausted. Glad to be heading home tomorrow morning and I hope I don't have to make the trip back for a long time.

destiny said...

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.