Thursday, February 21, 2013

Got to Redneckonize

What does this beauty queen

 and Jake have in common?

And it's not the dimples.

 Or that they love their  mama.

Both are filming in rural Georgia.

That's right Ms. Honey Boo Boo and Jake are only about an hour  apart, and don't think Honey Boo Boo is afraid to come up where Jake is.

  In fact in Honey Boo Boo and her family went up to Conyers to go ice skating during their Christmas episode.

While Jake's pal Adam might not be a fan of Mama June and company Jake and Honey Boo Boo might have something in common.

Now what would make Jake wanna holla?



prairiegirl said...

While I have finally unburied my car, it remains to be seen yet if I'm going to make the attempt to get into work. Word is that the highways on the Kansas side are not in good shape so I am awaiting a future witness to relay the state of my path.

Man, that was not fun!!! lol. Not fun. The scraper guy came through again last night but the thing is, what he did was pile the snow that he cleared with his blade, against the cars that were in the carports. Which is where my car was this week, in the carport - barricaded by snow.

Alot of people are still here in the complex, not many are stirring.

Official word has come. No going in again today. Woohoo!!!

Oh, but we are going to pay for this big time. It's going to be a nightmare when we do start back up.

Twitter said...

Alexandra ‏@aaalgal

One time in the airport me and Anna saw jake gyllenhaal's twiiiin but he was Amish and had like 6 kids 😔

8:14 p.m. - Feb 20, 2013 · Details

prairiegirl said...

^^^ Interesting, isn't it? When you first look at that tweet, you kind of chuckle and think 'Of course not, but that's kind of funny.'

But it caught my eye right away because until Jake shaved for his role in Prisoners, one of the words used to describe him in tweets was Amish looking, I kid you not. That's how out of control his beard was at times.

I would not be surprised at all if this girl really had seen Jake. And the brood. I know we say sometimes that there's no way Jake and/or Austin are going to walk side by side on a public side walk with their kids but who knows in this case. Maybe the nanny(ies) was along as well and they were going to split up once on the plane, I don't know how they do it.

We're not going to know until maybe there's a book on their lives someday 25 yrs from now. Maybe we'll never know how they did it.

But I don't dismiss stuff like this when I see it. Not anymore.

Jersey Tom said...

Snow, what snow. I love Florids.

Jersey Tom said...


Jersey Tom said...

Way to go Tebow:-)

prairiegirl said...

lol. What snow? You're missing out, Tom.

LOLLLL! Who am I kidding?

I even waited too long to get some snow for snow ice cream. The truth is really, I'm low on milk which I need for my cereal, not snow ice cream. lol

The Cavalry is out there still, scraping and pushing and blowin' snow everywhere. Great job done by our crew, it just took awhile. We should be good to go back to work tomorrow. It's going to be a nightmare!!!! 2 days worth of traffic backed up. It's going to be weird, everyone working on a Saturday. Aw well, at least we'll all be in it together.

prairiegirl said...

Oscar weekend is here! All the campaigning, all the pre-sell, it's done.

And don't tell me Hugh Jackman wasn't campaigning for an Oscar. Boy, that guy wants it baaaad, doesn't he? That's what that Hollywood Reporter article was all about, wasn't it?

I don't think I'll ever watch another Hugh Jackman movie again nor look at that guy the same.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

^^^ LOL. I know, my field of available actors just keeps narrowing. Pretty soon I won't have anyone to watch except retired or dead actors on old sitcoms. LOL, such is my choice in life.

Much as it pains me, I don't know that I'm going to watch Austin's Ray Donovan. If his twitter account nonsense activity continues the way it is, I will be convinced it is because of Ray Donovan, and not so much really to do with Jake. And if that is the case, then I won't support by watching it.

But I am looking forward to Oscar night. Don't you reckon Anne H. will win best actress since she's won at almost all the other award shows? Although Jessica Chastain has won a few, hasn't she? And I'm looking forward to the Les Mis performance. I've never seen that nor heard any of the music. I think some of the cast is supposed to perform so that'll be interesting to see.

And Argo not being nominated at all. Ben Affleck has won everywhere else. How bad does it look that he was not nominated now for an Oscar? Wow. I don't know who the host is supposed to be. Too bad they don't have the Golden Globe co-hostesses, they were a riot.

Special K said...

Argo was nominated for Best Picture PG, but Ben was not nominated for Best Director which is why there is all the talk about Argo. It will stand out as the biggest slight of the Academy of the year.

And snow? We are getting are third weekend snowstorm in a row Saturday night and all day Sunday. But they can't pinpoint how much we will get because if the temp changes are degree or two it will could make a difference in inches. But they are looking around 6 inches for us. and then more snow at the end of next week.

Where is Spring?

prairiegirl said...

Ohhh! Thanks for the correction, Special! Yeah, it does look bad now that Ben wasn't nominated for Best Director after he's won everywhere else.

destiny said...

Glad you survived the storm without any trouble PG, other than a milk shortage.

This is the third Saturday in a row that they've threatened we're going to get snow. I'm guessing that since I have brunch plans with Roma tomorrow that this one will hit.

destiny said...

I just saw Argo. I liked it except for the souped-up, semi-fictional ending, but I don't quite see what all the fuss is about. I suspect it's the Hollywood angle of the story, I think voters like films that are about Hollywood, no matter if it is kind of a stretch to call it that kind of film.