Friday, February 1, 2013

APB Dallas

First week of shooting on PARKLAND. Here's a little tease. - AUS10

It looks like Austin might be the next of the pair to play a cop.

Will he play a patrolman in the motorcade that escorts JFK and Jackie on that fateful ride from Love Field to Dealey Plaza?

Could he be the motorcycle cop who's open radio recorded the sound of the shots?  Or the one close behind the President's car?

We shall see.

Now for off duty and off screen...could there crossing the thin blue line with someone who was just "on" the LAPD?

 A little good cop bad cop?  Or keep your hands where I can see them?  A gun show? (ala - Red River ? )

Or maybe a little protective custody?


Ya lost me said...
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prairiegirl said...

Instead of harassing a targeted individual, perhaps PR ought to spend more time scouring the Internet for those sparkling little slip ups that the boys will have.

Because there will be slip ups.

There could have even been a slip up already last night, ya know?

;) said...
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prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Good moooooorning! It is a great day, isn't it? It's Saturday! No work!! And I can linger in a relaxed mode for as long as desired. Oh but for a deep appreciation for the simplest pleasures, huh? LOL.

I just want to tell you guys something. Kind of a blanket statement. They have got Jake absolutely everywhere so far this weekend. That guy is like the morning dew, he's falling over the entire country all at once.

Now why would that be? To confuse and befuddle? To try and cover up that one lone sighting which is the real truthful one?

All i can say is I hope it's a pancake morning. Let there be pancakes!

prairiegirl said...

(Had to redo my comment)
What happened up above at first comment overnight occurs when this certain individual stakes out at OMG. Not only to personally harass and attempt to intimidate. (Although they don't know Special very well, do they)

Notice how, like I said a couple of days ago, they almost always do this at the top of the post. First comment! This is probably because they get Blogger alerts in their email when a new post has been put up. Otherwise, who else is up in the middle of the evening to visit OMG when no one else is on here to chat with?

Now you have to ask yourself, why is someone getting Blogger alerts for OMG? In today's technology, it is nothing for me to just check my android phone or IPad to see if Special is posted.

This is someone who is most likely being paid to monitor.

Just like someone is paid to monitor certain twitter accounts, hmm?? And if by chance the certain twitter account holder just happens to lock their twitter account, you know what might happen? They just might immediately be requested by a poor soul to grant an opened gate so that the poor soul can Follow that account and be able to continue seeing their tweets.

Hmm. now I wonder, wonder (who wrote the book of love....No, no, no, no, no!!). why that would happen? Could it be that if that twitter account holder happens to find a leak, a slip up, the poor soul wants to be able to get first crack at seeing that sparkling little slip which would be retweeted. Why? Why is that so important? Would it be so that they can send wheels in motion to react.

That's it, isn't it? See, I've figured it out.

And don't tell me I don't know exactly what I'm talking about because I could tell these people a couple of little stories about twitter stalking.

Jersey Tom said...

Not following you at all PG. Lay it out there so us common folks can understand:-) Me no tweet:-(

prairiegirl said...

lol. Okay, in a nutshell, here's what happened.

Because someone next door blabbed all over the world what my personal twitter account name was, it was no longer secret. At one point, I thought I would try locking up my account. That means that unless you were already "Following" me (that's Friended in Facebook and LiveJournal talk), you could no longer see my tweets. You can't see squat - can't see who I'm following, can't see who is following me, etc.

As soon as I locked my account, here came a request from some offbeat account to be given access to be a follower so that they could continue to see my tweets. Really? I hardly have any Followers. What's so important that some person who I hadn't even conversed with before on Twitter and didn't know from Adam, needed instantly to see my tweets?

I still have that request in a Printscreen, but I can't find it right now in my email otherwise I would share with you guys. I'll look for it though.

That's how I knew. They blew it when they asked so quickly. I had barely locked the account up (no notification to anyone except to my Followers and that was after I had locked the account so they were the only ones who saw the notice.

Everything in the general media outlets is able to be controlled to a great extent by these guys' management. What cannot be controlled is what may leak on Twitter or Facebook. They can't always stop that stuff. And so by catching a couple of oh, say - a couple of Alabama sightings, management can start having paid tweeters begin placing Jake elsewhere with a few or a glut of misleading, false tweets. Have a few of those retweeted several times and you can bury the real sightings. Confuse his whereabouts.

That's how it works. I've watched it enough times.

prairiegirl said...

Happy Groundhog Day!!!!!

BTW, I love that cop car in Austin's whosaywhatsay picture. Get a load of that. Love it. Where do you reckon they found that car? That's awesome. And the men on the set probably stood all around it, admiring and oohing and aahing.

Jersey Tom said...

I have often wondered who threatened me when I made some comments on one of Jake and Austin's facebook page. Could have been anyone I guess. From PR' GB' OTH or JIS. Glad I called my nephew on that one.

Jersey Tom said...

Or maybe just a troll or one of Jake's self appointed guardian angels:-)

Jersey Tom said...
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destiny said...

I would be very surprised if PR was so obsessed they'd post in the middle of the night. More likely a troll who lives in a different time zone or keeps odd hours. I seem to recall that some of the nastier, trolling members of places like GB and DC fell into that category.

Cloud 9 said...

I'm loving the look of Parkland. Great car.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Isn't that a great looking car, Cloud 9?

Look at those tail lights. lol. And I wonder if the steering wheel is real skinny, you know how they used to be?

Look how long that back end is. I'd hate to try and back up, gauging how much room I had.

Cloud 9 said...

Yes, I love the taillights. Looking forward to seeing Parkland!

Jersey Tom said...

I love cars from the 50's and 60's.

I made a big decision this week. I walked away from my life of almost 40 years. I have given a lot of energy to my job but as of right now I am out of energy. The medical field has worn me down. I cannot take the drama one more day. Between working with very sick people and dealing with corporate America I have had it. Not sure what lies ahead but a change is in order. Not sure I am financially ready yet but my health and sanity come first. Wish me luck and hopefully say a little for me.

prairiegirl said...

Wow, wow, thinking of you, Tom. That is a big decision but you know what, you have to listen to your body and your spirit. And when you're fried, there's no end to it in sight, yeah, I agree. Something has to give.

Wishing you all the best and with faith, things will work out for the best. Always a firm believer in that. Thinking of you this morning.

prairiegirl said...

Looking forward to our first glimpse of Austin in character for Parkland. If he's a man of law enforcement, I wanna see!!!

Or Secret Service. Wouldn't that be something.

Still have great, dreamy thoughts about this scenario: Austin as Frank Farmer and Jake as Rich (Rachel in the movie) Marron in a Jaustin remake of The Bodyguard. Combustion!!!! Absolute combustion. Don't even light a match, no need.

Cloud 9 said...

Will do Tom - good luck! Sometimes it is time for a change, or just a refreshing break.

Seaweed said...

My Grandfather had a Ford Galaxie of that vintage and it's so very familiar to me, and yet, with the addition of the police decal and lights it becomes a stark reminder of a place and time that brings a chill to my blood.

There are a number of iconic reminders of this time, and being here in Canada I don't see them so often, so maybe that's why any of the Dallas and Kennedy related imagery hits me harder now.

A couple of years ago I visited Arlington National, and while sitting above the Kennedy graves and looking out across the Memorial Bridge, the Potomac, seeing the Lincoln Memorial, the eerie Washington Monument, and Captiol in the background I wept at the familiarty of this iconic image.... in my memory for so many years. For days back in November 1963 this was one of the go-to camera angles from the news of the day, hour after hour after hour.

I hope Austin has a fine time with this project and that they end up with a stellar production for Parkland!

Seaweed said...

Wishing you all the best Tom, as you embark on your own new and unfettered adventures.

Happiness and Peace of Mind always.

Special K said...

My brother works in Dallas during the week next to Parkland Memorial. He has told me how Dallas is still affected by what happened 50 years ago.

I remember as a kid going to Dealey Plaza. As interesting as it was to me then, I want to go back as an adult and history major.

Special K said...

Exciting new from France.

I don't know how many people were following the legalization of same sex marriage there.

Today the French National Assembly approved the most important article of the bill to legalize same-sex marriage.

The Deputies voted 249-97 in favor of redefining marriage as being an agreement between two people, not just a man and a woman.

Jersey Tom said...

Great news from Paris.

Thanks everyone for wishing me luck.

I had to go to Dallas and see Dealey Plaza. The floor where the book depository was is now a museum. It was so creepy going up to that room. Actually looking out those windows and seeing the set up of the site where Oswald made his shot was surreal for me. It was truly a unbelievable experience. Walking around Dealey Plaza and seeing all the people there after all the years was also hard to believe. That day in November 1963 will always be remembered by those who were alive that day. I am definitely looking forward to Austin's movie. I see him working in the ER.

Special K said...

Tom wishing you the best in this new chapter. Do what makes you happy, that's the most important.

Jersey Tom said...

Thanks SK. Right now what is making me happy is that I will be headed South next Saturday and take advantage of the warm weather in Florida. Need to do some thinking and decide what is next. I know one thing I am not going back to what I was doing Maybe I will stop off and see Jake on the way:-)

PG Maggie is so excited she is going to Florida:-)

Destiny come on down.. Lets eat at that Peruvian restaurant again:-) That was a fun day.

the real m said...

Wow, Tom. That was unexpected. But when the time is right, I think we just know so I am sure you did the right thing. What's the point of doing something that does not make you happy. I am sure you will enjoy your new life going forward.

Glad to see that inappropriate comments are being deleted. No surer way to keep them away.

We are getting ready for Super Bowl here. Food made ahead so no distractions during the game. I made a chicken chipotle soup. Best overnight.

I see on Nikke Fink that Jake will be doing another 10mil budget film. He seems to have found his sweet spot.

Special K said...

Here is the article from Deadline that M mentioned.

Panorama Media To Proffer Jake Gyllenhaal-Starrer 'Mississippi Grind' in Berlin

destiny said...

Wow Tom, that is some news. I wish you all the best in the next chapter of your life.

Wish I could get to Florida now, but I'm still splitting time between NY and Colorado. You better not move to Florida before I get to see you in NYC again.