Monday, February 18, 2013

Getting Presidential

And not just in their wallets.

Jake's campaign for them

Austin has too

Austin was up to play a guy named Lincoln

Jake's friends with Bill and the family from the summers on the Vineyard

Austin's done his best JFK

While Jake looked a bit JFK Jr.

And both have made the trip and visited 1600 Penn

Can't get more Presidential than that.

Happy President's Day!


Jessica Faulkinbury said...

Hello there. Hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather was great here. NOW it is getting colder with chance of rain, maybe snow. The snow part we will see HAHA.

@PG. The weather the past few week have been Great in LA area. They have been in the 80s. I am four hours out. In the desert and they were warmer than we were. haha. So, there was no need to bundle up in the right area.

Nice spotlight. What a good head on her shoulders. Good luck in the future.

sass said...

Hi everyone and fellow poster.

The weather here is the opposite of LA. Two days ago myWeather Bug noted the temp @ 20 degrees going down to?
I absolutely loved the Frank Ocean Out post...Course I would have to discover him a few months, in the Summer, hone in around Grammy time, just in time for "The Difficult Brown" as he is known on DListed, and him to have it out. What a mess.
Anyways hope it's over...and hope Ocean lets CB be.

I miss Jake so's almost as if he's disappeared...forever. I know that he has not, but I wish I could see more of him...Movies and TV will have to suffice I suppose.
He's cut us off for good maybe for a while.

Sharing a copy of the original Frank post...beautifully written.

He's experienced the depths of hate after the CB episode so much I don't know how he is surviving...I would have difficulty.

Frank Tumblr post

A Soccer player came out this past weekend then retired at 25 to experience his life as a free individual.

I almost want to smack most religious black people; I've lost my connection to religion...It can't be the mess that it is...not as they experience much hatred and anger and f*ked up attitudes.
back soon