Saturday, February 2, 2013

Code Groundhog

With it being Groundhog Day and Jake having the unique ability to pop up and then pop back underground here there and everywhere you have to recognize Jake's closest movie version of Groundhog Day - Source Code

So what would happen if you combined Groundhog Day and Source Code?

It would a government plan gone awry where a military pilot

 comes back not in the body of this Phil

but this Phil
and where he relives the 8 minutes of Groundhog day over and over again

It's a buddy movie

A road trip movie
An existential journey 

And it's a family movie made into an even furrier family fun.


Jessica Faulkinbury said...

I enjoyed both movies. The just don't make cars like the use to. It was an art form back then. Now, not so much.

Well, it Superbowl day. Who do you want to win? Being from Cali, I will go for 49ers. I really don't care. I really want to see the commercials. LOL

Have a great Sunday everyone. :D

AUS10 said...

A friend sent this and pointed out I was next to Johnny Carson. What an honor.

7:14 AM - 3 Feb 13

AUS10 said...

I forgot to attach the picture. Here it is. Me next to Johnny Carson.

7:56 AM - 3 Feb 13

destiny said...

I can't decide who to root for. Originally I was going to root for San Francisco, but all that mess with some of the players being homophobic and going back on the It Gets Better video.

the real m said...

Hard to believe there are homophobic players in SF. Half the town is gay. I was quite surprised by the comments. I am confident the players will be dealt with promptly.