Sunday, February 24, 2013

Out Spotlight

Today's Out Spotlight is a British film producer best known for producing The King's Speech (2010), for which he won an Academy Award for Best Picture, and the BAFTA awards for Best Film and Best British Film. Today's Out Spotlight is Iain Canning.

Iain Canning,born July 23, 1979, is the executive-producer of the award-winning films Hunger and Control. Hunger, Steve McQueen's debut feature that recreated the final weeks of Irish Republican Bobby Sands, won the Caméra d'Or at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival and the BAFTA Carl Foreman Award. Control, the story of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, also earned a Special Mention Caméra d'Or at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival and won a BAFTA Carl Foreman Award the same year.

He co-founded See-Saw Films with producing partner Emile Sherman in 2008. Canning from England and Sherman from Australia split their offices between Australia and the UK. Since founding See-Saw, Canning produced Tom Hooper's Academy Award winning The King’s Speech, starring Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter and Jim Loach's Oranges and Sunshine starring Emily Watson and Hugo Weaving. "The King's Speech" collected four Academy Awards® including Best Picture, and has won awards including the Audience Prize at Toronto Film Festival 2010, the British Independent Film Award for Best British Film and seven BAFTA awards including Best Film and Outstanding British Film. Sherman and Canning were the recipients of the Darryl F. Zanuck Producer of the Year Award at the 2011 Producer Guild of America Awards.

See-Saw Films has gone on to produce Shame, starring Carey Mulligan and Michael Fassbender, and directed by British filmmaker/artist Steve McQueen. Shame premiered at the Venice Film Festival, where Fassbender also picked up the Best Actor Prize. Shame was in official competition at the Telluride Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, New York Film Festival, San Sebastian Film Festival, Zurich Film Festival and London Film Festival.

See-Saw is also producing Jane Campions “Top Of The Lake”, a six-part television series for BBC2, UKTV Australia and New Zealand and the Sundance Channel, to be distributed by BBC worldwide. Starring Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men), Holly Hunter (The Piano), Peter Mullan (Tyrannosaur) and David Wenham (The Lord Of The Rings), the project is currently filming in New Zealand.

Canning, and Sherman were listed in the "MediaGuardian 100 2011" and "have joined the industry big league" on the strength of, primarily, the success of The King's Speech.

Upon winning his Academy Award last year Canning publicly thanked his boyfriend, Ben, from the podium.

He said: “To our acting royalty, Colin, Geoffrey, Helena, thank you so much for saying yes. To our amazing best of British crew, so amazing to share the stage with you tonight.

And to my parents, and to my boyfriend Ben, you help me everyday do what I do. Thank you.”


prairiegirl said...

I'm so filled with joy for Ang Lee. So happy for him.

Jersey Tom said...

I am also so happy for Ang Lee. For sure the highlite of the show for me.

prairiegirl said...

Safety incident at the Oscars though. Jennifer Lawrence falling on those darn stairs. I'm sure the Academy thinks they're all kinds of elegant but let's look out for the safety of those walking up those stairs in tall heels, slippery soles, long dresses or elderly legs. Come on, Academy, safety first!

Jessica Faulkinbury said...

saw the highlights this am. Glad to see some VERY happy ppl win. Lee, Hathaway. Just to name a few.

@PG so happy to hear you made it threw the snow storm. :D

Even with a flow chart, I still would loose Jake...HAHAHA....

We have sunny. getting up in the the late 60s early 70s. Might be warmer this weekend AND my friend saw a early spring flower. Spring is around the corner.

destiny said...

Women shouldn't wear shoes and dresses that they can't walk in. See it all the time in NYC, with them stumbling around in places like the stairs to the subway.

I thought of Jake while Hudson was singing, and I thought he did a better job too.

So happy to see Ang win. Another highlight for me was seeing Shirley Bassey sing her Bond theme; now that gave me chills.

Cloud 9 said...

Yes, loved the Shirley Bassey song. I thought Jake did a better job also on "And I'm Telling you..." :)

Congrats to Ang Lee and Anne!

Great Spotlight, what a strikingly handsome man.

Cloud 9 said...

Yes, the best Bond themes give you chills - Goldfinger kind of stops you in your tracks. Skyfall I think is like that too. :)

destiny said...

Love those songs too, as well as Live and Let Live.

I can't believe this is the first time a Bond song won; Live and Let Live was the first to even get a nomination.

Jessica Faulkinbury said...

wow, I didnt know that it was the 1st Bond song to win. Good to know. You would think that the women would remember to try to wear something that they can walk in, sit comfy for long time.

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, I liked the Goldfinger song as well. That was great.

I agree, Destiny, those ladies shouldn't wear things that are unsafe to begin with but you know, they're not going to stop it. And that Jennifer Lawrence stumbled and almost fell at the Golden Globes when she was making her way through the tables on her way to go up the stage several months ago. Remember and she had that dress issue, with the skirt tearing or something or other? **smh**

Even with everyone wearing proper shoes and short length of dresses, they should have a railing or else make it a ramp. Anything more than 3 steps should require a railing. People may laugh but that is the guideline we use at work.

Any flight of stairs longer than 3. My super was recently at a ballgame and she was stepping on some bleachers. She tripped and if she hadn't been holding on to a railing, she says she would have fallen on those things and who knows what would have happened.

I really, really emphasize to you guys to use those railings - that's what they're there for. If you trip and have one hand on a railing, at least you have a grip on something to hopefully prevent you from going down headfirst or falling forward on your face, possibly cracking your jaw or teeth or worse.

And once you develop the habit? You will be amazed at how you depend on those railings and you will freak when you are somewhere else and there's no railing to hold onto. It's not being a baby, it's not being a scaredy cat. It's being sensible and safe. And being safe is the best preventative step to take towards coming home in the same shape as when you left.

: )

Thank you for providing me this opportunity for a Safety Moment!!!!

prairiegirl said...

Snow is coming, snow is coming!! It's started and I was driving home in whiteout conditions. Now I hardly see anything at all out there. We're supposed to get like a foot of snow. That's what we got last week, a foot. I'm sick of snow!!!

Jess, are you rubbing in that West Coast weather again???? lol. It hurts, it hurts. I hope this is winter's last gasp, that's all I have to say. And maybe this time, I'll step outside, get some snow and make a little bowl of snow ice cream.

destiny said...

More snow? Glad I'm not out your way, I'm tired of winter already.

They'll never put in a rail at the Oscars, it'd ruin the "look", not to mention some attendees' view of the stage

germs said...

I really, really emphasize to you guys to use those railings - that's what they're there for. If you trip and have one hand on a railing, at least you have a grip on something to hopefully prevent you from going down headfirst or falling forward on your face, possibly cracking your jaw or teeth or worse.

Railings, like doorknobs, are germ incubators.. Using a railing is great if you're (1) wearing gloves or (2) travel with antibacterial wipes. Just think about how many people sneeze into their hand and then either open a door or use a railing with that same hand. Disgusting!

prairiegirl said...

They'll never put in a rail at the Oscars, it'd ruin the "look", not to mention some attendees' view of the stage

Oh, I know. I'm just saying that's what they should do. If they were concerned at all with the safety of their attendees.

lol. So 19:54, how do you get anywhere during the winter? Do you stand in front of doors and holler "Open Sesame!!!!" Do you pay with cash everywhere? Because you know those keypads are touched by 1k people every day.

Do you go to a full service gas station? Because do you know how many people touch those pumps and there's that credit card keypad again.

How about the refrigerator door in your house? Boy, you must never eat out and pay by credit card because do you know how many people have touched that pen you're using?

Where do you eat at the restaurant? Do you know who was sitting there before you? You know that sometimes our restaurants just use a wet rag to wipe down the tables and then it's Table for Four!

Germs can live on our surfaces for up to a week.

No, the key is to be proactive. You wash your hands. You don't touch your nose, your eyes and your mouth. You sneeze into your sleeve and you exercise and try to stay as fit as you can so as to build up a good immune system.

Stop it already with your 'disgusting.' I just shot your argument all to hell.

prairiegirl said...

Actually, what you would do is you would install the staircase or ramp to the sides of the stage, just not right in the very front. I'm not an engineer but I would then install the railing along the side against the stage, that way it's behind the winner(s) as they're going up towards the stage.

lol. Wow, didn't know the railing idea was such a conversation stirrer. LOLLLLL!! I'm just concerned about the safety of people. Jennifer Lawrence could have hurt herself. Anytime you slip, trip or fall, there's a chance for a broken bone, chipped tooth, concussion. Anytime. It's nothing to treat lightly.

Sorry, this just comes from the great attitude toward safety we are being groomed and instilled with and boy, am I extremely grateful. We all care about each other very much at work and we are told all the time now to look out for each other.

That's why I've had several Safety Moments with our Mr. Jake Gylly. The guy has about given me a coronary several times with the stuff he's done. I just want him to take care.

Jersey Tom said...

Was is wrong with having a gentleman help a lady up the steps. Common sense:-)

007 Songs said...

Hey Destiny, the "Bond 007" song by Paul McCartney was "Live and Let Die". Not "Live and Let Live". I think Goldfinger and Live and Let Die were very big songs.

Jersey Tom said...

Above should say what is wrong with.

Jersey Tom said...

80 in Clearwater Beach today:-)

prairiegirl said...

I choose when to pursue an argument/discussion.

And I"m done with this one.

Production Assistant said...

Women shouldn't wear shoes and dresses that they can't walk in.

Could of, should of, would of. Dream away. The Oscars are the event of the season for these people. They are going to continue to dress up in gowns and heels. And that's just the men. LOL! Don't see why the Academy can't make some structural adjustments. They have the best special effects artists in the room. I'm sure something could be created to reduce potential accidents like last night.

about Ted Casablanca said...

Ted wasn't fired over Jeremy Renner, the slip of Jeremy's name wasn't a slip at all, it was intentional, and a sendoff. It was an F-you to Jeremy Renner who was a friend but turned into an ass and a liar. Ted already knew he was leaving at that point and E already knew he was leaving. His departure happened the same day as E's major web redesign and online content re-structuring because it was a logical, convenient way to go out with the old in with the new. Ted wasn't the only E writer to leave the staff that weekend either.

I don't see how Ted's last post on Toothy and Grey in a tiff over Toothy's cheating were in any different of a vein than Ted's previous posts about the up-and-down couple. Whoever Toothy Tile is, he regularly cheats (sometimes in alleys and sometimes even with women/strippers) and his partner, Grey, knowingly puts up with a lot of cheating. That's in the blind items, not my interpretation. It's all here of course: