Monday, February 4, 2013

Texas Good Looking......

Is this the face of  Texas?   

 When casting for Parkland, they were look for an “authentic Texan face”.
 Think they've got one. Texas approved.

"We did do the hat...." - M. Python

 Parkland started filming mid January and wrap on Feb 13th, just in time for the heart of Texas, or is that a heart in Texas.


Methodical Muser said...

Don't disagree, but no PR pro would condone those specific DMs, much less send them themselves. Those DMs put Austin in a negative light, regardless of his sexual preferences. They're bad for his image, period. We haven't seen them all either. The one we haven't seen from today sounds like it could be the type of message that could land Austin in some legal hot water if that girl wanted to pursue it.

Of course PR would condone and encourage such exchanges if it means scrubbing out the gay. Whether it's someone sleeping with 410 women in one year or Austin hitting on anonymous young girls/women, it's more important to be seen as depraved than heterosexually deprived.

Not Austin said...

I agree that those DMs are not from Austin. They sound like they have been developed by some first year intern who has a little too much imagination, no finesse and too much time on their hands.

Special K said...

New article about Parkland.

Gill Bellows, Austin Nichols Round out Cast of PARKLAND

Have to say - they have good taste in picture picking. LOL

Jersey Tom said...

Austin would not be arrested if the girls he was tweeting didnt exist. Both Austins tweeting acct and those girls accts could be a creation of PR. I can t believe Austin would risk sending those messages to underage girls.

Look at the Notre Dame football player the girl he was involved with on line turned out to be a guy and he knew that guy. It was created so that the football player could get attention and votes for the Heisman Trophy. Everyone thought that created girlfriend had died and the girl never even existed.

Jersey Tom said...

I think they may want to keep the OTH base interested. Not sure but werent those fans of OTH young girls. That is why you cannot take anything on tweeter, facebook or anything on the internet serious a lot of it is not real.

Jersey Tom said...

No one actually knows who is behind a created acct on the internet. Tweeter, Facebook or even blogger ID.

Jersey Tom said...

Austin and Jake were knowingly (proactively even) photographed together 3-4 times in the past year. I just don't think them filming a few states away from one another is going to move PR to literally trash Austin's reputation by sending inappropriate DMs to teenagers so that he appears to like the girls. Nope, don't think so.

Something is worryingly off with Austin. Last year I was worried that Jake was depressed, but now it is Austin I am concerned about.

I would not worry too much. like I said most likely this girl doesnt even exist.