Friday, February 15, 2013

Ushering the Past

With the little peek back to Love and Debate yesterday it kicked off the Way Way back machine again all the way back to House of Usher


Austin in a modern retelling of Poe's Fall of the House of Usher.

Don't think Edgar ever pictured it is this way

Or this way

Or that way

But Poe was a gambling man, bet he'd have taken a chance


prairiegirl said...

I've never seen that movie, I don't think I like the looks of it. Well, I don't care for Austin's look in it, let me put it that way. Boy, he sure looks young in those pictures!

I tell you what, I had one of the best nights of sleep I've had in a long time. 8 hours too! lol. I never get 8 hours. I feel awesome! So this is how one should feel after 8 good hours. Like you can move a boulder!

Someone bring me a boulder and I will attempt to move it.
; D

prairiegirl said...

Had a touch of snow last night, what in the heck. 19 degrees. Was all excited to go on a walk this morning and there's that.

Look at the devastating, drop dead gorgeousness that is Josh Duhamel. Fergie is one incredibly lucky gal, that's all I have to say. I wonder why they don't have any kids? Wouldn't you want to give that guy a kid? He looks like he probably likes kids. Maybe they just don't want them, I don't know anything about them.

I first saw Josh Duhamel in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton (Do Not Laugh!! do not laugh. I liked it) and he was pretty good looking in that movie. I also saw him in some movie with oh, what's her name. Katherine Heigel. And he was pretty dreamy in that. He has just gotten better looking over the years.

He reminds me of Austin a bit, the smile and his height.

Speaking of, look at Austin in that bed. He is hanging over that mattress. Maybe his head is a bit down on the pillows, but still. Wow. His feet crack me up.

prairiegirl said...

Ha!!! Think I made a bad pun on that last sentence. A bit of Dr. Scholls humor. BwAHHAAHHH! **titter**

Jersey Tom said...

Saw Zero Dark Thirty last night. Best movie I have seen in a very long time. Chastain was amazing.

Jersey Tom said...

Those feet are digusting PG:-)

Special K said...

It's been a while since I watched House of Usher I'll have to pull it out again.